Chapter 6


-chapter 6-

rated for language / adult themes

Sasuke and Sakura had settled on a date that they were certain was soon enough that she wouldn't start showing. Since this would be her second pregnancy she was going to balloon out much quicker than with Mako, and she didn't really want to be wearing a beautiful wedding kimono with a noticeable baby bump. So in two months she and Sasuke would be officially married... With the date set, she had invited Naruto over to break the news. She nervously paced around the living room. She knew Naruto was going to absolutely flip out because his competitive side made him want to beat Sasuke at everything, and their weddings was one of them. She urged Sasuke to take a mission so when Naruto blew up there wouldn't be any fighting between the two.

When some knocks sounded at the door of the house, jitters ran down her spine. "Wish me luck baby, your uncle is going to flip out." She picked Mako up and snuggled him to her chest as she padded over to the door and pulled it open to reveal the blonde. "Hey Naruto."

"Hey Sakura! S'everything okay? You don't usually call me out of the blue." He walked in and hung his robe on the coat hanger before they walked into the den, where Sakura placed Mako onto his blanket. "So what's up?"

She contemplated what she should start with. The good news first or the bad news first... "I called you here because I have a few things to tell you. The first one you're not going to like at all.." She watched as his eyes grew wide with curiosity. "Due to unexpected circumstances, me and Sasuke had to change the date of our wedding.." Seeing as how Naruto and Hinata had already sent out the beautifully made invites, there was no way he could go back. "To August 23rd." She pursed her lips nervously. Naruto and Hinata had settled on September 17th, theirs almost a month ahead of theirs.

Naruto's face was stoic and unchanging, it was quite frightening for a man that had a plethora of facial expressions. Slowly, his blonde brows knitted together as he worked out what she had said in his mind. Being Hokage, Naruto was beginning to become used to having everything his way, and that was scary. "So.. You're saying... Sasuke's gonna get married before me... AGAIN?! AUGH!" He viciously scratched at his head angrily, wailing angrily to himself. "Not again! That freakin' bastard gets whatever he wants!"

"Naruto..." Sakura waved her hands around to try and calm him down but it was a fruitless attempt, Naruto's mood was completely flushed down the drain. "It's for a good reason, though!" He stared at her with an 'as if' face. "Well... I'm pregnant! Again! We have to have the wedding sooner rather than later because I'm going to get quite large this pregnancy and I didn't want people thinking he was only marrying solely for the fact that I was pregnant."

"JEEEEEZZZZ!" He whined again with a long, heartbroken sigh. "Gods, again!? How much sex are you even having?! Mako was born like.. Yesterday!"

Although her fist twitched angrily, she still found some peace within her self to continue talking. "Yeah but Mako wasn't conceived from sex, remember that, Naruto.." She growled as a warning and shook off the negativity. "Anyways, I'm really sorry about that Naruto. Trust me, I really did want you to get married before us, but like you told Sasuke that one time, he wouldn't want another child born out of wedlock. It's either now or never.."

"Aaauughhh... Fiine, I guess it's alriiight.." Naruto puckered out his lips like a sad five year old child and crossed his arms over his chest. "But I guess it's cool you're pregnant again... Who am I kidding, it's awesome! What do you want, Sakura!?"

Grimacing, Sakura absentmindedly placed the palm of her hand on her flat belly and looked up at the ceiling. "Maybe a girl so Sasuke can possibly get a daughter's attention." They both chuckled and Naruto rubbed his hands together sneakily.

"This is good, because if you have a girl, then whatever gender kid I have will have a match! Aw man you've got me all excited! I can't WAIT to have kids!" His eyes dreamily stared off into the distance. "If I have a daughter, I'm going to name her Himiko. Named after that old shaman Queen way back when. It means Princess, which is what she's going to be!"

"Aw, Naruto, that's a beautiful name and meaning!"

"Do you have some names picked out, since y'know, you didn't tell me Mako's name till he came out."

"I have some, yes. But I like to keep them as surprises. I'll tell you the meaning if you're not going to let up on me telling you. The name I have for a girl means morning beauty. There's a few names with that meaning. Then for a boy I'm not going to say because it would be too obvious."

"Interesttiiinnnggg... You going to learn the gender, like, both of you?"

She nodded. "I think so. It was nice for Sasuke to have Mako's gender as a surprise, but I think now he just wants to know when the time comes." As the two sat there, her mind thought of the different future scenarios that have yet to happen. She could imagine Naruto having a little... Naruto! A loud, obnoxious little thing with its mother's hair and its father's eyes.. And of course all of their children would immediately befriend each other, and be on the same team, and be each others allies.. But seeing as how she was already getting stupidly excited over this thought, she calmed herself down because that was way too far down the line to get worked over.


"This place!" Ino screeched as her grip on Sakura's hand tightened, beginning to drag the pinkette into a fancy and expensive looking bridal boutique. "I sense the perfect dress in here!" The three ladies stormed into the shop and were immediately greeted by a middle aged woman who prodded them to wear the stores plastic sandals to keep the place clean. They traded in their own sandals and were shown around, the store sorted by the different types of dresses and color palettes. Sakura was too embarrassed to admit she already memorized the floor plan way back when her and Ino would window shop.

"I'll leave you to it." The shopkeep smiled broadly with a slight bow as she shuffled away silently, leaving them room to rifle through the hanging dresses by themselves.

"Do you have any idea as to what you want, Sakura? I mean there's so many here you can choose from!" Haru gushed, but silently grit her teeth because she desperately wanted to buy all of these dresses.

"I know... I was thinking to just stick with the traditional kimono. I found out from an elderly woman that the Uchiha's have always stuck with tradition. I don't know if I want to break it, you know."

"Yeah, wouldn't want to tick off all those spirits, eh?" The blonde joked dryly, sorting through a random rack of dresses. When she noticed Sakura looked a little jeeved about the spirit comment, she prodded her side with her elbow. "Relax, I bet they would have loved you! It's better that he's marrying you, because he probably would have been wed off to his cousin or something."

"Ino!" She slapped her friends arm, hard enough to mean business but in no way to harm her friend. "The Uchiha clan was large enough to marry into another family that didn't have any blood relations.."

"I know, I know, I'm kidding!" Ino pat her friends shoulder as she hurriedly returned to the dresses, throwing random ones over her forearm as she did so. "Anyways, I heard from Hinata that Naruto was super angry that you and Sasuke changed the wedding date but he never told her why.. As your best friends she thought I'd have an explanation..." She looked over to Sakura and gave her a hurt look. "But I didn't have one! Why don't you tell me things anymore!?"

"I was going to tell you today, so don't whine about it." Sakura drew in a deep breath, her eyes scouting the area, making sure no one of importance was around to hear about this. It was to be a secret to the rest of the village to keep their reputation untarnished. When the area was clear, she leaned in to the two curious women with a sneaky little smile. "It can't be told to anyone else, got it? Not even Shikamaru!" Ino nodded furiously. "Well, I found out about three weeks ago that I'm pregnant again!"

Ino was the first to react. She threw her arms up into the air, sending dresses around in the still air, dramatically like in the movies, her face contorting from curious to theatrically and glamorously happy. As the many plastic wrapped dresses fell into heaps on the marble flooring beneath their feet, Ino jumped up into the air and slowly threw her arms around Sakura, embracing her in a tight, almost deathly hug. "Sakura! Oh my gosh! Ohmyasdfghjkl!" She began talking so quickly neither Sakura or Haru could understand, so they just let her drone on as she knelt down on the floor to get eye level with Sakura's abdomen. "HELLO THERE BABY!"

"I think she's gone nuts..." Haru tapped her fingers to her lips with an inquisitive look on her face, but once she locked eyes with Sakura it was like she entered a magical trance and threw herself onto Sakura as well. "Another baby!" She screeched with a giddy grin spreading across her face and she to knelt down along side the blonde and stared intently at her still flat stomach.

"You're both nuts." She deadpanned as she stood there as the two gawked at nothing. She swore she was going to have a long talk to Shikamaru because leaving Ino in such a state of wanting with not healthy for anybody. "It's not going to show for another two months, so get over it." She smiled and stepped away, watching as their eyes went back to their normal size as they stood up and guiltily scratched their heads.

"Yeah but... Babies are magical, and I want one... So bad.."

"Ino, babies are a lot of work. You barely like to stay in the house and that's pretty much what you have to do for the first long while."

"They're so cute.."

Sakura blinked, stepping over the dresses to a rack she hadn't touched yet. She let her hand hover a moment before pacing to an opposite hangar section. "I'm going to go with traditional."

"With what accent color?!" Immediately snapping out of her trance, Ino was at her side in a second. "Pink, right? To accent your hair?"

"Yeah, most likely." She idly flipped through the dresses until she let out a dramatic sigh. "I'm worried about my dad guys, I'm scared he's not going to give me away." She could not imagine her father wanting to even be in the same place as Sasuke for that amount of time. He'd bear his presence when Sakura dropped Mako off with her mother to go out for a little while... But a wedding that would make them an actual family? Kizashi watching as his daughter married the 'traitor' he still called him? Nuh uh.

"Pfft, your mom will make him walk you down that aisle, there is nothing to worry about. Your mama's fierce."

"He's just so stubborn!"

"Ah, so that's where you get it from?"

"Ugh, I guess - Ah!" She grabbed the metal coat hangar and ripped it from it's pole, holding it in front of her face to view its utter perfection. "This. Is. It!"

The two girls shoved her into a changing room and patiently waited outside on the pristine white couches for her to strut her stuff.

Inside the change room; however, was not happiness. When she fully undressed and caught a glimpse of her body, she grit her teeth together angrily. They weren't as prominent as they once were, but they were stretch marks nonetheless, and she hated them with her entire being. She tried every single stretch mark cream on the market and even had some old woman make a concoction for her but yet they remained, taunting her. They were disgusting and she felt like a zebra. When she told Sasuke of these feelings he reprimanded her and told her she did not look like a zebra. It was even worse when she refused to show the tiniest bit of skin around him, even if it was nowhere near her stretch marks, she rejected it all. He had enough after she brought up the fact that a lot of the girls that tripped over their own feet for just a mere glance from him wouldn't have marks like she did.

She still hated to see it in the mirror but after he got angry with her she learned to zip her mouth. "One second!" She called out to Ino who was becoming impatient, throwing herself into her traditional kimono before looking back in the mirror with a smirk. "Now that's better!" Giving herself a once over in the mirror again, she stepped out to show her friends. Needless to say, they engulfed her in more excited hugs.


Later that day, she found herself with Mako in her arms in front of her parents house. Naruto had dragged Sasuke off to scream at him for changing the wedding dates but she presumed Sasuke would rather deal with Naruto than her parents, so she shrugged it off and knocked on the door. She made sure her ring finger was well hidden by Mako's little blanket.

When the door opened, her mothers cheerful face appeared. "Sakura! Mako!" She cooed loudly and stole him right out from her arms and slithered into the house, kissing Mako an absurd amount of times. "Nice to see you in almost... In almost a month! That's horrifying, Sakura! We're your parents!"

"It's better she came without the Uchiha!" Her dad called out from the kitchen only a single blue eye was what she saw, then a smirk when he noticed Sasuke was absent. It was better this way - all they would do was angrily stare at each other. The look in Sasuke's eyes looked as if he was saying 'sorry for plowing your daughter...not.' She was sorry to say it was better without him by her side.

"Dad..." She began as she leaned against the counter in the kitchen, shooting him a warning glance. "I just came here to chat."

"Hello there, Grandson!" Kizashi's voice turned to a mushy mess when he greeted his grandson, waving a few fingers at the little man who in turn raised a brow at the man then flailed his arm around.

As her parents cooed over her son, Sakura decided not to wait any longer and held her left hand up for them to see her beautiful ring. When they still didn't notice, she cleared her throat impatiently. "Mom? Dad...?"

Her mother looked up to glance at Sakura for a moment, not noticing anything out of the ordinary. "What is it Sakura, I'm trying to spend time with my grandson that I barely get to see."

"Ugh! Look at my ring finger. Ring finger!"

Both of them casually looked up to squint at her finger, her father stubbornly looking back down to Mako. "Oh, we know sweetheart."

"What!? Who the hell told you!? Friggan' Naruto can't keep his mouth shut!"

"What?" Her mother looked sincerely surprised. "No, it wasn't Naruto. You really think a man coming from a severely traditionalist family is going to put a ring on your finger without getting permission from her parents first?"

Her jaw fell wide open. "... Are you kidding me? Sasuke came here... To.. Ask for permission...?" Her mother nodded like it was nothing.

"Your mother wouldn't let me say no, which I really wanted to say." Her father added as he held Mako's tiny little hands in his own.

"You seem surprised, Sakura."

"Well it's just... He never asks for permission, he just does it! He didn't even ask me to marry him, he just put the ring on my finger!" Everything she knew about him was wrong, leaving her amazed. Sasuke seemed like too big of an ego man to suck it up and confront her father. "H-how did it all go down?! Was there fighting?"

"Not much fighting... Just a lot of death stares between the two." Her mothers eyes looked off into the distance as she recalled the memory. "Come to think of it, he didn't actually ask for permission... He announced it..." She felt a little better knowing there was still some Sasuke in there. "But nonetheless, he still came to us about it and of course we gave him permission."

"Alright, well, this is great! I was so worried you weren't going to walk me down the aisle!"

"Doesn't mean he isn't going to try and embarrass Sasuke your entire wedding day, so don't feel relieved yet."

Sakura pursed her lips together as she stared at her father, who had a devilish look in his eyes.

Waving that off to the side, she went onto the next topic. "Well aside from the news you already know, I have some more!" Her parents returned to Mako who was cooing cutely at them for the attention he loved. No worries - she knew this was an attention grabber. "I'm going to have another baby!"

"What!? Oh by the Gods, congratulations sweetheart!" Her mother smiled greatly while she snuggled Mako harder, looking proudly upon her daughter while her father fumed.

"I didn't raise a danged broodmare for that traitor!" He genuinely looked heartbroken yet angry all at the same time and it confused her greatly. With a whimper, he crossed his arms, stepping down once Mebuki shot him a glance. "I like grandchildren, don't get me wrong, but this is so soon! I can't handle this!"

"Being a single child is hard..." This time she shot him a glance. Her parents only wanted one child, what with their busy lives and all. "I want Mako to grow up with a sibling."

"Would you really trust Uchiha siblings...? Really...? After that massac-"



When she returned home from that oh so lovely visit with her parents, she spotted Sasuke sipping at some hot tea in the kitchen, studying over a report he was given. "Sasuke!" She quickly paced into the kitchen with a dumbfounded look on her face. "Why didn't you tell me you asked my parents for permission?"

He looked up over his report and over to her. "I didn't think it was important." He took a small sip at his tea.

"Well I guess it's not that important, but it just seemed like something that.. It just doesn't seem like something you'd do."

"My mother taught Itachi and I to ask for permission when proposing." He glanced back at his paper, taking another sip. "How was dress shopping?" Sometimes he seemed so uninterested she just didn't want to answer him but she was craving his attention so she stuck around.

"Actually, for your information, it was good. I found myself the perfect dress." She wondered if he would be angry if she told him she went with the traditional way and got herself a wedding kimono, saying that if she didn't want to do that then she shouldn't have. She decided against telling him that. "Do you think your parents would have liked me?" Ever since Ino brought up the spirits topic earlier she couldn't help to be nervous.

Usually talking about his family was a subject she never touched upon, but seeing as how he was going to marry him she thought maybe she should know a little about his parents other than their names and what they looked like. He didn't look like he minded being asked that question, though, as he took a moment to think about it before answering. "My mother would have loved you."

She smiled at the thought. He told her some things about his mother, but never went into explicit detail. She thought perhaps that caused him too much heartache. "I'm taking the lack of mentioning your father means he wouldn't have liked me?"

"He didn't believe in marrying outside of the clan."

"I'm surprised you didn't bring up the whole pink hair thing."

He gave her a half shrug. "That too." Another sip. "If the massacre hadn't happened I have a feeling I could be disowned."

"Oh jeez, it's that bad?" She always imagined just how bad it was being in a strict traditional clan that followed clear rules and followed them to a T, but being disowned for marrying outside of the clan? It sounded a tad harsh.

"He was the head of the Clan, so he would want to set a good example for the rest of the Clansmen."

"Hm." She glanced down to Mako who was tugging at her hair to bide his time, his eyes slowly beginning to droop. "Do you think your mom would have loved Mako?"

She could see that slight twitch upwards on his lips due to fondness and it caused her to smile. "She would have wanted to move in to help us take care of him." She could tell that he wasn't even exaggerating either. It made her remember when Sasuke told her that he used to think she was the best medic nin in the world when she applied a bandage to his face when he was younger - they just seemed so cute and happy.

Sakura was relieved knowing that although they may not be here in the physical world, Mikoto, Fugaku, and Itachi would always still be around watching over him growing up, not to mention Sasuke's ridiculously detail lacking stories to inform Mako of the people that still loved him.

Wow that was a long chapter for no good reason. Well, it was good, but, usually my long chapters are for big events such as weddings, endings to stories, when I take a break, etc. This had no reason to be this long. Haha. I went high-heel shopping with my mom today to buy my graduation heels and it inspired me to write out the wedding scene because I felt all special and pampered and Queen like, so I thought, hey, Sakura needs a dress! Hope you all are happy!

Thanks for the reviews, yet again and without surprise, they all still amaze me!

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