Chapter 7


-chapter 7-

rated for language / adult themes

"Aw Sakura, you already look so pretty!"

"I don't know why we had to hire a professional to do this, though. You're great at doing makeup!" Currently Sakura had been forced to sit upon a high chair while a posh woman with a large kit of expensive makeup scurried in, beginning to slap makeup onto her face.

"Because it's your wedding, you need to be pampered by someone who gets paid to do it." Ino announced as she sat upon a large lavish white chair, pulling open a magazine to gaze at it. Her and Haru were dressed in long, beautiful sea foam green kimono's that hugged their figures greatly. Once Sakura spotted them in the bridal store she knew they had to be theirs. She had a total of four bridesmaids, two of which were helping the others with preparations outside, those two being Hinata and Tenten. Without the four of them she swore this wedding would be a disaster.

"It is nice." She idly commented as she could feel the different tips of the cosmetic tools touching her face and applying all sorts of different things from liquids, so sponges, to pens, to a brush. She normally never wore makeup and she never felt the need to - but she felt quite nice being pampered like this.

"Do you have any idea as to what the guys are doing?"

She refrained from shaking her head. "No idea."


"Oi, who the hell knows how to tie this stupid Obi?" Naruto raged furiously as he stared at himself angrily in the large mirror, viciously untying the wrongly tied belt from around his waist before slapping it down to the ground. "I can't do it! I've tried a million times!" He looked over his shoulder to the two men that didn't bother to give him a glance. "Please!"

With the start time readily approaching, the men had just begun to get ready. Sasuke had not wanted any groomsmen but Naruto just assumed the position of Best Man - Sasuke let him take that role because it was the least he could do for being named the Best Man at Naruto's own wedding. Now Sasuke just wasn't sure why Naruto had forced him to have Shikamaru as a groomsmen, he knew most likely because Ino was on Sakura's little female team, but he had barely spoke a word to the man since his arrival back in Konoha, which was a staggering six years. He didn't argue because he knew he wasn't going to get any say in what his wedding turned out to be.

"Naruto, didn't you tie your Obi during your ceremony?" Shikamaru didn't sound like he cared at all but to ease the slight tension building in the room, he'd reply.

"..Eheh, no, I had Hinata do it for me." He grimaced sheepishly but as it faded it turned back into his pleading face. "But seriously, help a Hokage out here."


"I trust they're fine." Haru said from across the room as she ran her fingers through the soft curls in her hair feeling quite pleased with herself. "I mean all they really have to do is show up and get dressed, none of this makeup and hair stuff!"

"I can go check on them if you want." Tenten suggested with a raised brow, looking at the rest of the girls' confirmation. When Sakura nodded, Tenten gave them all a nod. "Alright, I'll be back in a sec." She twirled around and pushed open the silver swing doors and began to stride down the hallway. When she reached the mens door, she politely knocked on the door a few times before opening it up to get a glimpse of what they were doing.

She first saw Shikamaru who was watching Naruto with boredom filling his eyes, yet he seemed quite entertained by the two others in the room. When she took a step in, she saw that Sasuke was not even fully in his wedding gear, and Naruto's clothing was lopsided. She wasn't worried about Naruto, though. "Sasuke!" All three eyes immediately turned towards her, visibly fuming. "Why aren't you fully dressed!? You've only got your hakama and nagajuban! If Sakura knew she'd be so angry!"

"Then don't tell her." He said plainly, looking down upon her. Not that he meant to, at least. "As for what I'm wearing, I have time." All pairs of eyes went to the silver clock above the doorway and he only then realized that no he did not have a lot of time left to lounge around.

"Yeah, well, turns out you don't. Shikamaru, you're the responsible one out of the three of you, make sure they're ready!" And with that, she hurried out of the room and back to the girl to report what she'd witnessed. "Everything was fine!"

"Oh thank the Gods." The other three women let out sighs of relief and went back to the finishing details.

It was safe to say after that wake up call all three men were rushing to get ready. "Oh shiiiiit!" Naruto bounded across the room grabbing pieces of his suit, still trying to get his Obi tied up since Sasuke and Shikamaru found amusement in his begging and embarrassment. "Sasuke, hurrrryyyyy!"

Shikamaru stood idly watching Naruto with a raised brow, waiting to see how long he'd last going in over drive the way he was.

Sasuke was tying his own obi over his montsuki, thinking to himself how in the hell he got stuck in a small room with one of the loudest people he knew. As he pulled his haori on and began to tie his himo, Shikamaru groaned to himself and paced over to Naruto, showing him exactly how to tie an obi. He finally slipped into his white square toed zori sandals and made sure he had his Uchiha crest printed fan on his person.

"Hey, we've only got ten minutes left... But I feel good." Naruto sighed happily as he looked at himself in the mirror, grimacing at the perfectly tied obi around his waste, then gave himself a thumbs-up. "Yeah!"

Shikamaru paced outside to the balcony and lit himself a stress relieving cigarette, looking off into the clouds with a stoic expression on his face, letting his cigarette hang from between his lips as he went off into thought for the rest of the time.


"Oh, Gods!" Kizashi exclaimed once he saw his one and only little girl take a step out of her room with her hair, makeup, wedding kimono, and jewelry all done up. He fought back the few tears that stung his eyes but he was not strong enough against the image of Sakura minutes away from being married off. "..I can't believe this is happening right now...!"

She smiled sweetly and looked down at her kimono, smoothing out the small creases nervously. "Yeah, I know, me neither." She sucked in a long take of air and tried to tell herself to calm down but she was feeling something churning in the pit of her stomach - she couldn't tell whether it was from morning sickness or just pure nervousness. "Do you like my kimono? I mean you must, you have tears in your eyes!"

He pursed his lips together before puckering them out like a fish while his brow twitched, shaking his head profusely. "I-it's the pollen in the air from the flowers everywhere-"

"Yeah right!" She playfully punched his upper arm with a hearty laugh. "You're horrible at lying!"

They heard a 'psst' and they both snapped their heads to the side to see a man in a black formal suit, tapping the watch on his wrist to signal it was time to walk down that aisle. She could feel her kneels buckle down when they opened up the door to the outside where she had planned for their wedding to be, the bright rays of the sun shining onto their faces like it was Heaven's own light. She clutched her fathers arm tightly as her face blanched. "Everyone's going to be looking at me.."

"That's the point isn't it?" Kizashi began nervously as they took their first few steps forward into the blinding light - then all was revealed. Everybody had turned around, many sets of eyes on the bride and her father, all with big smiles and tears brimming at their eyes. She didn't realize why she was so nervous - these were all people she loved and she was certain loved her back. People that had supported her through the years, wiped away her own tears, supported and protected her on the battle field.. These were all people that she had invited because she knew she'd be comfortable in their presence, so as she met eyes with most of the people seated down and watching her, her fear washed away. Especially when she had locked eyes with Rock Lee and he was ferociously patting away the sparkles of tears in his eyes while giving her his best smile - she couldn't help but laugh at that. Or when her mother caught her glance and held Mako up carefully, who stared at her curiously. When she saw her oldest best friend Ino who was bawling her eyes out, needing Haru's assistance to pass her a handkerchief to wipe away the tears. Naruto, who stared at her like how her father stared at her. He looked immensely proud of her although she knew he had these long blueprints about how he had planned out her future. Despite all of that, he stood up their with a pleasant smile and his fingers laced together.

Although these people made her wedding day, there was one person that would tie it all together. A wedding wouldn't be complete without the groom, of course, who stood at the end of the aisle, waiting for her to be at his side. She wanted to look away desperately because she could already feel her cheeks becoming inflamed but she had already looked at everybody as she walked, so he was the last to look at. Sasuke on a daily basis would always look superb in her eyes, not because he was the only man she'd ever been attracted to her in her life, but because he was dressed in formal attire, he looked astonishing. In her youth she admit to always imagining this day and he'd be wearing a striking, well-fitted black suit but she only realized now how wrong she was. His traditional grooms attire was what really brought his look together. He was prideful in his prestigious upbringing and was raised to abide by traditions, and it showed, he look quite comfortable and relaxed in his garments, not to mention the hint of smugness in his face. She couldn't have been happier.


About ten minutes before the ceremony, a man in a black suit had came and grabbed Shikamaru, Naruto, and Sasuke out of their room and threw them outside to prepare for Sakura's entrance. Grumbling, Sasuke adjusted his clothing before turning and realizing he was standing in front of lots of people thanks to his truly. Their backs were facing him, but he knew his place was up in the front beside the priest. He sighed to himself before beginning to make his way down with the two men in tow, Naruto idiotically drawing attention to the three men by waving and hollering at everybody he knew - which, not surprisingly, was everyone seated.

"Shut it, Naruto." He threatened in a low voice, looking over his shoulder with a scowl and mean look in his eyes which he knew wouldn't work but damn - he didn't want these people staring at him! When he stopped beside the priest, he stole a glance at the crowd and he realized it was mostly people he had immense dislike for. Before this moment he'd imagined this moment with immense detail. He walk up there and the crowds faces would wash over with hatred, and he had even expected names to be called and insults toward his clan, but as he stood before them, they continued to chatter among themselves, not giving him a second glance. You could say it left him slightly pleasantly surprised. The only thing that bugged him was that stupid mutt that belonged to the Inuzaka guy taking up a whole seat. If he heard one word from that guy he swear he'd have them thrown out of his wedding...

Suddenly, the main doors were gently opened, revealing darkness. He knew who would be coming out of there and he suddenly grew nervous about everything. Not anything concerning doubts, but he wondered if he was dressed the way she would have wanted it. Or if the placement of the wedding was to her absolute satisfaction...

When she and her father stopped through the darkness and sunlight washed over their faces every single thought that raced through his mind was blown away. He had always thought it was stupid when people would say they were 'left speechless' but when he took in every little breathtaking detail from her feet all the way up, he had nothing to say, not because he was lacking any opinions, but because he was left in such a state that he couldn't elaborate his thoughts the way he would have wanted to. It was as if his vocal cords were cut, his tongue was ripped out and his mouth was sewn shut. She was already so beautiful in his mind but today... Wearing her wedding kimono, she was glowing with pride and tranquility, beauty radiating off her body. He couldn't say he'd ever seen her in such a way and he felt blessed to be the one to share this moment with her. All those years ago he couldn't care less about her life and her happiness yet here they were, on one of the most happiest days of their lives and who would have thunk, it was something they shared together.

When Sakura and her father reached the end of the aisle, he watched as Kizashi kissed the top of her head while his eyes watched Sasuke like a hawk, giving him the ultimate death stare that screamed 'if you ever hurt my daughter again, I will kill you.' Sasuke couldn't help but smirk at that.

When she took her rightful place before him he could really get a good look at her. He never fancied makeup on a woman and he was glad Sakura was never the kind to cake her face in it, but today, it was done in such a way that accented her features and made them stand out among the little things on her dress and in her hair.

When the time came for vows, the priest asked Sakura to begin. He watched lovingly as she nervously licked her lips and with slight twitch of her lips into a smile. She let out a shaky breath before starting. "I promise to be your lover, companion and friend, your partner in parenthood, your ally in conflict, your greatest fan and your toughest adversary. Your comrade in adventure, your student and your teacher, your consolation in disappointment. This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things."

He genuinely smiled. She had done a wonderful job at capturing the essence of their relationship into her vows and he only hoped that she would see it in his own. The only thing he was used to writing were formal reports after his missions, so he had put in a hefty amount of time into getting his vows just the right way. "You know me better than anyone else in this world and somehow you still manage to love me. You have believed in me when no one else would, and you have shown me how to love with passion, purity, and unconditional acceptance. I've broken many promises to you in the past, so all I can say now is I will do my very best to keep you happy and to make sure you never feel unloved or unwanted, and to make sure nobody else in this world makes you feel that way. This is my vow to you."

He only half expected her to burst out into tears with a beautiful smile on her face, apologizing profusely for making a scene, and so, as the priest blathered on, the couple silently stared at each other in complete bliss and harmony.

After the whole speech was given, the priest said the iconic words "you may now kiss the bride." It wasn't just an ordinary kiss like when he had to leave on a mission for a few days, it was a kiss that sealed their marriage, their sacred vows, the final step to becoming man and wife. It was their first kiss as a married couple, their first kiss as Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha. As they pulled away from each other, he noticed she was thinking the same thing as him as more relentless tears streamed down her face. Sakura was enveloped by a horde of women and he himself felt a hand on his shoulder and as he turned he saw Naruto with a weird accepting look on his face.

"I hope you meant what you said." He stated sternly with that Hokage-ish voice, giving Sasuke a serious sideways glance as he turned to look at the crowd of people.

"If I didn't mean it I wouldn't have said it."

Naruto shrugged. "I want what's best for her. Eheh, you did a good job with your vows though, I was half expecting it to be depressing..!' He cackled to himself before prancing off to talk to people int he crowd.

He was greeted next by Mebuki who was holding a content yet bored Mako in her arms, immediately wrapping him into her motherly arms. "Oooohhhh, my son-in-law! Look at you, so handsome in your robes, and Sakura...! She looked absolutely stunning, oh my darling daughter. You're going to treat her right, young man!" He nodded to her words and willingly took Mako into his arms. "Doesn't he look adorable in his little outfit?"

He didn't think his son looked adorable, handsome was a more suitable word for a boy.

Later on, Naruto had secretly asked Sakura if she was going to shove a piece of cake into Sasuke's face and when she shook her head, he asked for permission. She sighed with a guilty smile and allowed him permission to do this, knowing fully well it was going to result in some banter between the two, but she supposed if she wasn't going to do it someone had to.

So when the cake was serving, Naruto sneakily held a paper plate in one hand, then reached it in front of Sasuke's face and smeared it allover, laughing like a maniac in the process. "Sucka!" As Sasuke groaned dangerously and began to wipe the cake off his face, Naruto darted away from the table as fast as lightning away from the volatile man.

Sakura laughed heartily and helped him wipe away the desert with her napkin. "I'm surprised you didn't do anything about it, Sasuke."

He gave her a slight shrug. "He's got a wedding coming up. We'll see then what's so funny." He smirked at the thought of punching Naruto's face into the entire cake at his own wedding. That would be eventful.

Their wedding had turned out to be more entertaining than Sasuke originally thought, but he knew their honeymoon would be much more entertaining.

Wow they're a married couple now! Yay! Sorry to people that thought maybe I approached this whole thing wrong but intimate, romantic things are really hard for me to write. But I hope that you guys will be at least slightly happy with it. The vows... I found Sakura's online because I'm not that creative, I altered it a tad, but Sasuke's I found the opening line and made the rest up based on my view on his character. Sorry if he's OOC! Tell me if he is and I'll try harder to get his personality better!

asdfghjkl I'm crossing the stage on Monday I'm so scared! Also, I'm six feet tall in my high heels! I'll be the tallest girl out of 200 people! jfjghdkg I'm an adult starting monday! Hehe!

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