Chapter 8


-chapter 8-

rated for language / adult themes

A/N: To those who asked me to write the honeymoon, I'm really sorry, I'd rather leave that to you guys' imagination, as well as I can't write romantic/lemony stuff anyways so I would have made it disappointing. If you'd like to write the lemon then that would be great haha. With lemon I'm more of a reader than a writer. Sorry in advance!

Just two weeks after their wedding, both Sakura and Sasuke awoke to a special day. September ninth, the day Sakura had been waiting for for a long while now. She was the first to wake up, waking up with an overwhelming sense of love and pride. She smiled giddily and sat up so she was on her knees, then reached over and wrapped her hands around Sasuke's bicep, who was still fast asleep. She viciously shook his arm until he sat up stark straight with his eyes flashing red, looking already until he spotted her guilty looking face, his eyes returning to their dark state.

"Sorry.." She giggled sheepishly as she threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood up enthusiastically. "..But you've gotta wake up!"

Sasuke groaned and rubbed his face with his hands, already seeming to be in a bad mood. "He wont even remember it-"

"But Sasuke, we remember it! One day he is going to ask about his first birthday and we need stories to tell him! I'll feel bad if we don't celebrate his first year on this earth!" She whined playfully as she grabbed some fresh clothes and padded over to the door that opened wide to their en suite bathroom. "I'm just going to take a quick shower, I'll be out in a sec." With that, she disappeared behind the wooden door, leaving him to his own devices.

He toyed the idea of getting just a few more minutes to lounge around in bed since his alarm would go off in fifteen minutes, but decided against it, so he stood up tall beside the bed and stretched his limbs out. He always needed something to wake him up fully in the mornings, so he decided to go and prepare himself some tea. As he left their bedroom, he peered into Mako's nursery to find him already standing in his crib, holding onto the railing with his tiny little hands, staring at him with a blank stare he'd never seen before. They stared intently at each other until Sasuke's brows furrowed a tad, taking a step down the hallway, leaving his son in the room. He knew that pacifier in his mouth would prevent him from crying and he couldn't handle Mako without a morning tea.

He'd only taken a small sip of his freshly prepared tea when Sakura appeared with a blotchy faced Mako in her arms with a blue pacifier stuck in his mouth. "Sasuke, didn't you hear him crying?"

"You can't tend to him every time you hear something come out of his mouth or he'll end up being spoiled and needy."

"But Sasuke, it's his birthday!" She smiled sweetly down to the boy and planted a big kiss on the top of his hair covered head. "He should be dotted upon every second! Plus, it's proven that Uchiha babies are fussy. It's in his blood. There'll be no helping the needy-ness and spoiled-ness."

"I don't want to raise him like that-"

As the last of his words escaped his mouth, a woman with blonde hair whizzed into their house, immediately enveloping Mako into her arms. It was of course Mebuki, who had been gushing about her grandchild's first birthday for ages it seemed like. He didn't want to be caught in this soon to be estrogen filled room once the baby shower topic was brought up, so he held his mug of warm tea in his hand and managed to sneak out before they noticed. He had already been forced to sit through Ino's loud mouth when she had visited and that was something he pledged never to do to himself again.

So he silently made his way up the stairs so he could go take a shower.

Later on in the day, Sakura sat Mako down into his high chair and presented him with a cupcake, beaming brightly as his eyes widened with fascination. "It's for you Mako!" She cheered with a clap of her hands, absolutely glowing with pride in her little boy.

"You expect him to eat that whole thing?" Sasuke finally piped up, taking a step forward to scan the cupcake. He was never one for sweets, he knew Sakura enjoyed them once in a while, but he was going to make it a firm rule that there would be no unhealthy foods in the house. Starting at a young age was not a good thing, at least he thought, when he could already see his sons mouth watering for the sugar filled fatty food. Refusing Sakura of what she wanted was not something he intended to do today; however, that wouldn't stop him from giving his opinion on the matter.

"Well, no.."

"He has two teeth."

"Sasuke, you don't necessarily need teeth to eat cake. It melts in your mouth!"

He'd already expressed to her that he didn't want Mako to end up like Choji in their youth but he trusted her enough that this would be the only unhealthy thing Mako ever ate. Boy, was he wrong.


"I can't believe how amazing this pregnancy is turning out!" Sakura announced as she spread herself out on the couch lavishly, stretching happily as she did so. "No morning sickness, no disgusting cravings, my legs and back aren't sore... So much better than with Mako!"

"Well you know what they say, Sakura, the better the pregnancy the worse the labor! I mean wasn't Mako's birth relatively short?" Her mother questioned as she took a delicate sip of her tea from her comforting warm mug. As winter approached the weather in Konoha began to drop to chilly goosebumps raising temperatures, so Sakura and her mother lit a fire in the living area and deemed it a day to lounge around.

"Yeah, it was pretty easy." Sakura took a long soothing sip of her tea, thinking for a moment. "I think this baby is going to be a real toughie."

From the hallway, Sakura could hear Sasuke groan in frustration from the revelation and she couldn't help but laugh.


The next day to Sasuke's surprise, Sakura appeared at the training field, motioning for him to meet up with her. When he dropped what he was doing, he looked at her with a questionable face. "Where's Mako? And why are you here?"

She waved it off like it was nothing. "He's with my mom, don't worry. I would have thought you remembered or your curiosity would have gotten the better of you.. But it's almost a month passed sixteen weeks, where we can learn the gender..? You left so early this morning I didn't have time to tell you!"

Being so incredulously busy with the little handful Mako it hadn't even entered his mind that she was nearing the date where they could learn the gender. They'd decided a while back that they had enough of the surprises and just wanted to know what this baby was, and upon remembering this, he felt a tad bit excited. How could he forget?!

"So...? I made an appointment for today, that is if you haven't changed your mind about learning the gender." He shook his head. "Great!"

She basically dragged him through the city, saying hi to everybody on her way, and just narrowing hiding Sasuke from a still enraged Naruto. At his and Hinata's wedding Sasuke returning the favor and smacked Naruto upside the head so hard his face slammed into his plate of ooey gooey cake. They haven't seen each other since.

When they entered the office of Sakura's favored ob/gyn, they went straight to business. Sakura carefully laid herself upon the cold chair beside the monitor, Sasuke took his seat at her right side, and the doctor began pressing random buttons. "This will be cold." He told her once she rolled her shirt up to reveal her swell, nodding in response. He placed a wad of jelly onto her belly and began to rub the transducer around in gentle circles, creating a blurred image on the screen. "So, what are you both wanting?"

"Hmm." Sakura tapped her shell pink lips with her index finger as she thought about that question for a moment. "I'd be fine with either, but if I absolutely had to pick I think I'd want a little girl, just to even it out." She rolled her head on the pillow over to look at Sasuke. "I'm guessing you want another son to train?" She and the ob/gyn had a light chuckle as Sasuke shrugged it off, averting his eyes from her radiant face over to the cleared up monitor which clearly displayed a tiny baby face.

The doctor flicked a switch and the relieving sound of a healthy heartbeat sounded throughout the room, followed by Sakura's sigh of relief. "Oh look at their little face! How cute!" Sakura cooed gently as she pointed to the monitor, her heart melting as she took in the image of her little ones tiny nose and lips. "And their fingers...! Look how tiny they are!"

At first Sasuke didn't find it that amazing, since it was something he had basically already seen. It was almost the same image as with Mako, a tiny sleeping little baby with it's fingers near it's face. He'd seen it before.

"Alright, gender time." The doctor announced with a smile as he carefully slid the transducer around to position it at an angle that would reveal it's private parts. "Alright, so here..." He pointed at the screen. "We can't see any 'bits' so, it's safe to say that this is a little girl!"

Knowing that this wasn't the exact same thing as with Mako, Sasuke slightly lightened up. This wasn't just another son to help the Uchiha name continue on, this was a little girl. He knew how to handle Mako pretty well, but would a little girl be a different story? Would she too not like him?

"Yes!" Sakura screeched loudly with a sparkling grin, her eyes big and wavering with surfacing tears. As they showed themselves, she waved her hands around her face frantically to help dry them out but she was never good at concealing her emotions. She finally let them pour down her face as if it were the ocean cascading from her eyes. "A girl!"

"Yes, a girl.. And by the looks of it, she seems to be developing at a healthy rate!"

Frantically trying to wipe away her tears, she looked back to witness Sasuke's somewhat blank, somewhat shocked expression as he eyed the screen with his almost unreadable eyes. "Are you mad it's a girl?" She laughed heartily as she wrapped her dainty fingers around his much larger ones and gave them a gentle squeeze until he looked at her. "A little girl, Sasuke, can you believe that? Daddy's little girl?"

He gave her a slight nod, at a loss for words it seemed, until he opened his mouth. "I'm not mad.." Well, he didn't know what else he could say! He could even say he was a little less scared with Mako because he knew he could at least train with him... But would his daughter even want to be a shinobi? If she wanted to then it was safe to say she'd rather train with her mother because let's face it - he didn't know if he and his daughter would get along. He wouldn't be able to connect with her! Great, both of my children will despise me.

When Sakura got all cleaned up and she and Sasuke left the clinic, she clasped his hand within hers. "What's up with you?"

He knew if he lied to her she'd know. "This kid isn't going to like me either."

She dramatically yanked on his hand. "Don't talk like that Sasuke! Mako loves you and so will she!" He gave her the 'look', which caused her to sigh. "You think Mako doesn't love you because he tends to like to fall asleep in my arms? Or because he likes to throw things at you?" She waited and he kept giving her the 'look.' Another sigh. "You think when you were a baby you were always in your fathers presence? Being dotted on by him every second of the day? You told me yourself you remember your mother more clearly than your father because you were always by her side. He's seen more of me than you because of the missions you've been sent away on, and you wont let me take any patients at the hospital. He knows that I'm going to be rushing to his side whenever he has a need! He's more independent with you and frankly, that's a good thing. Also, for the record, he likes to play with you more than me. So there's that. Don't be so upset, okay? Because we are going to have a daughter!"

He let out a small inaudible sigh and nodded in agreement. That made him feel a little bit better. "I suppose."

"She's going to have you wrapped around her little pinky in no time." She smirked and rubbed her belly with her free hand. "I'm actually a little scared about the future, I don't know how you'd react to the boys flocking around her twenty four seven!" She snickered to herself as his brows furrowed. "Bringing a boy home to meet her parents."

He scoffed. "If she's brave enough."

"Aww, her first boyfriend-"

His brows twitched further. "She wont have time for a boyfriend when she's training to become stronger."

"Haha, you keep telling yourself that. And one day you're going to have to walk her down the aisle..!"

"Like that's ever going to happen."

"Well if you don't walk her down the aisle, then she's probably going to ask Naruto to do it-"


"Okay okay, I'll stop teasing you." She happily got up on her tippy toes and gave him a quick kiss. "Just because I got you so worked up, I'll tell you something. You ready?" He slightly cocked his heads at her words, but raised a curious eyebrow. "The name I have in mind for a little girl means morning beauty. Asami. Asami Uchiha. But of course if she looks like the name you have in mind then so be it!"

He thought about that name for a moment. Another name he'd never heard in his clan, another unique name. It sounded just right too. Asami Uchiha.

It's a girl! #% One of you out of the three that guessed got the name right, since there's another name besides Asami that means Morning Beauty. Sorry again for not doing the honeymoon, it makes me all uncomfortable haha. Be my guest if you want to write it though!

SO. IT'S LATE. But I finished my graduation! I walked across the stage with swagger and partied all night at prom! It would have been up earlier but I was actually quite hungover. A big sorry to everyone! But my Youth Group has officially ended, grad stuff is done, so my schedule will be flowing like normal!

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