Chapter 9


-chapter 9-

rated for language / adult themes

Sakura sat with slight worry etching her face as she watched Mako sit on the floor with his toys. About a week ago Sasuke had inquired as to why Mako had not peeped up yet, being a few months over a year old. At first she waved off his comment like it was nothing, informing him that toddlers all developed at different rates, but watching Mako look so intently down at his toys, she wondered if it was ever going to happen. She'd been prodding him and helping him try and pronounce simple words like mama or dada, but he only cocked his head at her with a silly little grin and continued to play on.

She crawled onto the floor carefully with her large pregnant belly, and stared at Mako with more determination in her eyes. "Mako, sweetie." He lifted his sparkling green eyes off his stuffed cat at stared at her lovingly with a partly toothy smile. "Say mama!" He merely blinked and continued to stare at her. "Ma? I know you can say ma!" With a sigh, she fully laid on her back on peered up at the ceiling. "I know you have vocal folds, Mako, you use them to wake me up every morning!"

"Mmmm!" He cheered to himself happily as he presented his toys to his mother, not knowing what exactly she wanted from him but he knew playing cute would distract her.

"Just say ma and I'll be happy!"

"Eheh!" He resorted to the age old tactic of giggling like a madman, which always made his mother laugh along with him. Which she did, turning over on her side so she faced him and that's when he saw it... Her fingers! His eyes widened and he desperately wanted to get away, and since he was too lazy to show his mother he could walk on his own little legs, and accepted defeat. Her fingers found their way to his sides and began to tickle him. Screeching loudly in both hysterics and complete agony, wrapping his little fingers around her much larger ones to try and rip them away from his extremely ticklish sides, but it seemed like they were glued on the spot - she was just too strong!

"Say it, saayyy eeeett!"

Mako continued to double over in a fit of unruly giggles, his legs darting in the air to try and kick away her arms but she was too damn persistent and he had the strength that wasn't even comparable to his mothers.

As the two laughed harder than they should have been, they never once noticed he figure leaning in the archway of the house with a bag at his feet. He watched them with slightly amused, prideful, loving eyes, taking in the scene with a warm heart. Whenever he was put onto a week long mission he felt slightly relieved that he would have a toy thrown at his face or baby food flung at him from a great distance, but as the missions progressed, he'd grown disgustingly homesick.

So when he walked in and witnessed the love of his life and his dear son he didn't want to disrupt the scene before him, so instead he leaned against the archway into the den and watched them.

When Mako let out a long, loud sigh, he fell back to lay on his back, trying to regain his breath after his mothers attack. Sakura sighed as well and snuggled up beside her son with her droopy eyelids saw the darkened figure in the doorway. With her kunoichi and motherly instincts being the first things to come forward, she bounded up to her feet, despite her large pregnant belly, and was ready to attack but when she caught a glance of those deep obsidian eyes, she groaned.

"You scared me!" She whined as she leaned back into the couch, burying her obviously embarrassed face into her palms. "You could have sent me into labor right there!"

"Sorry." He smirked as he crossed his arms, looking down upon his surprised looking son.

Mako's face seemed to brighten up like a lamp when he looked upon his fathers. He darted up faster than the speed of light. He stood on his feet, looking rather undecided. He took a moment to thin before he happily took prideful steps over to his fathers legs, much to his parents astonishment.

"Sakura, did you just-"

"I did!" Sakura darted back up to her feet with a shock filled face, blanched to the color of untarnished paper. "H-he walked! Without help, he just... Did it!"

With a smirk, Sasuke leaned down and picked Mako up from underneath his arms, sitting him on his hip and staring down upon his lit face. "When did you learn that?"

Mako, who was still pretty much in pure bliss at his fathers sudden appearance, blurted something out. "Daddy!"

"WHAT?!" Sakura jumped over to Sasuke's side and stared at Mako with a puzzled expression. "What did you just say!?"

Mako grimaced and pointed at Sasuke with his tiny finger. "Dada!" He cheered loudly, knowing his parents would get a kick out of these two sudden realizations. Just seeing the look on his mothers face but him so happy and so proud of himself he wished he could say more words.

"Saaaassukkeeee!" She cried as she threw her arms around Sasuke neck carefully, giving him a big kiss. "He said his first word! And it was daddy! Can you believe that?! If that doesn't make you think Mako adores you then you're deranged!"

"Hm." Sasuke couldn't start grimacing as he looked down at his son, who was looking more proud than anything. He knew his son had it in him, what Uchiha didn't have it in him? It just made it even better that it had to be daddy, to Sakura's surprise.

"Were you secretly teaching him? I only tried to make him say daddy a few times, but not as much as mama..."

Secretly he did teach Mako on numerous occasions to say daddy, but he'd never tell her that.

"Are you upset?"

"Of course not! I'm just really surprised.."

Sasuke pursed his lips together. "You're going to be upset after this..." She took a step back and looked at him curiously, raising a pink brow at his words. "I've been assigned another long mission..."

"What?! Sasuke! This is too much!" Pressing her hands against his chest, she looked deep into his eyes in hopes that he would deny the mission. But he was always so serious about his work and she knew it. "You just got back! When are you supposed to leave?"

"This evening."

"You know you don't have to accept every single request they put in! Are you even rested enough to go back out?" She could see the hint of guilt on his face and she thought for a millisecond she was over reacting but then she realized that in no way was she over reacting. Was Naruto purposely assigning Sasuke to these missions since they were currently feuding?

"Yes, I'm fine. I wouldn't have accepted if I wasn't."

Grumbling, she rested her head on his shoulder. "What makes it so important that you have to go? Isn't there someone else that can go in your place?"

He shook his head. He was better than everybody on his team, at least he thought, so he took it upon himself to be the strongest in their squad. "I wouldn't go unless it wasn't serious. The Sound is erupting with activity and with the upcoming Chunin exams being held there we can't risk anything."

It would be awful, she had to admit, if any old Orochimaru loyalists staged an attack during the exams. "So does that mean you're scheduled for the exams as well? To protect Naruto?"

"Don't know, it hasn't been released."

"Well.. I suppose if you're alright with going, then I won't object."


Three days later, Sakura felt her little girl begin to act up and her uterus begin to not feel too good. She wouldn't have been so nervous if it weren't for the fact that she still had a month to go with the little one, and as the pains began to grow she knew they weren't the famous fake contractions that she had with Mako. "Something's wrong.."

She tapped her fingers against her thigh for a moment, running through her head what may or may not be happening, and once she knew she should go see the doctor, she scooped Mako up into her arms and paced into the kitchen. Picking up the phone, she twirled the ringlet cord in her fingers, listening to the ringing noise until her mothers voice entered her ears. "Hey mom! I'm fine - well actually, that's what I called you about.. Well I don't know, I called because I need someone to watch Mako while I go there.. No Sasuke was assigned a mission a few days back. Mmhm. Alright, well hurry. Thanks a bunch."

When Mebuki arrived, she arrived in complete hysterics. "Sakura!" She cried as she rushed into the house, inspecting her one and only daughter carefully. "You're only eight months, it's not enough time!"

"Yeah I know. Hopefully I'm just going crazy and they are fake contractions. I had them a lot with Mako so I wouldn't be surprised." As she rubbed the bridge of her nose, she swiped the keys off the kitchen counter. "I'll call you at the hospital if something is up."

"Alright sweetie, make sure you call right away, I can't bear to wait!"

"Okay." She smiled as she paced to the door. "Thanks again for watching him."

When Sakura disappeared behind the door, Mebuki turned to look down at Mako, who was staring at the door with a quizzical look, his index finger pointing where she last was. "Mama?" Mebuki was left in pure shock.

When Sakura arrived at the hospital, Haru ushered her into the obstetricians room and coddled her until the man appeared before them. "Sakura, how are you feeling?"

"Not too good. These are real contractions I'm having, and I'm slightly worried it's because there's something wrong with her.."

"Mhm..." As he took in every word, he slid his hands into a fresh pair of gloves. "Now, have you been timing your contractions?"

"Yes I have. They're about five minutes apart now. I would have came sooner but I needed to see if they were growing closer together, which they have been. They're at around eight minutes." As she explained, she readied herself on the bed with Haru still nervously gripping her arm.

"There shouldn't be anything to worry about if there hasn't been any bleeding...?" She shook her head. "Alright, well, I'm going to check your dilation..." As he did the deed, Haru's eyes opened wide, clearly embarrassed.

When he retracted his hand, he thought for a moment before spilling the news. "Well, you're about four centimeters dilated. I'm going to have the fetal heart rate machine and the ultrasound machine brought in to make sure the baby is fine."

As she covered her lower half of her body back up with her dress, she sighed. "And what if nothing's wrong?"

"Then we'll have to proceed with a vaginal birth, that is if the little one is in a condition where that's possible." He stripped his hands of his gloves and tossed them into the trash. "Either way there's no way of delaying this baby." With that, he turned on his heel and paced out of the room, most likely to fetch those machines he was talking about.

Gripping Sakura's hand within her own, Haru sighed dramatically. "If nothing's wrong with her, there's nothing to worry about!"

"I know, I know.. I'd prefer if she just stayed in there a while longer so she can fully develop but if now's the time... Ugh." She rubbed her face in the palms of her hands. "Sasuke's not even here at the moment, stupid Naruto had him signed up mission after mission! He wont even be here to meet his little girl!"

"Aww, Sakura!" Haru nervously pet Sakura's long tresses. "I'll be here the whole time to hold your hand!"

"Thank you Haru... If you're here to help... Could you grab Naruto for me, if he's not busy?"

Nodding innocently, Haru took to her feet. "Of course!"


He ran as fast as he could, his long white coat billowing behind him as his frightened blue eyes darted every which way of the blank hospital walls. His heart beat faster than it had when he proposed to his wife, and that was a lot, so it was safe to say he was nearing the brink of having a heart attack. When he spotted the first doctor he saw in the hospital hallway, he gripped the mans light blue scrubs with his clenched fist and looked deeply into his eyes.

"Tell me where Sakura Haruno is! They said she was in the obstetri... Whatever it's called!" He barked with authority only found in his voice when people were in danger, and when Haru told him Sakura wanted to see him in her hospital room, he knew it was something serious.

"R-room 31B!" The doctor stuttered nervously, his eyes widened with shock that he was being almost chocked by the Hokage himself. When Naruto let go of his scrubs, he watched him dart down the hallway, not knowing what the hell that was for.

Naruto wrapped his large hand around the brass doorknob of the room labeled 31B and threw the door open, revealing the hospital bed that held his old team mate and oldest friend, Sakura. "Sakura!" He bellowed, just absolutely wanting to pass out from the scene of her being hooked up to all of these machines. "What happened?! What's wrong?!"

She looked at him so sweetly, and when her lips opened, she spoke with just a whisper. "Naruto, come here."

He was a mess. He felt like wailing like a complete baby, but for Sakura, he'd stay strong! He briskly walked over to the side of her hospital bed and looked down upon her with a sympathetic look on his face. "What is it, Sakura?"

"Come closer."

He leaned in, raising his brows.

Suddenly, she sat up and her strong fist gripped his collars with such force he thought he'd be shocked to death. Her face which was so sweet to begin with, contorted into an angry mess, her eyes looking rather threatening - well, at least more than they usually did.

"Why in the HELL did you send Sasuke on ANOTHER MISSION?!" She screeched so loud he thought his ear drums would burst and he began to fear for his life. "Now Sasuke isn't gonna be here to see his daughter be born! You're such a jerk, Naruto!"

"S-Sakura!" He placed his hands on her wrist nervously, gasping for air. "We needed him to go! I wouldn't have sent him if you were nine months pregnant but you're not!"

"Ugh!" She released him and watched guiltily as he stumbled back and fell against the wall. "Sorry, Naruto.. But still! It would be two weeks on an anbu mission, you shouldn't have done that in the first place!"

He shrugged, rubbing the back of his head that bumped against the wall. "He's one of the best on the team and the activity in the Sound is coming to a boil, we needed him to stop it! Tell me what's wrong with you Sakura! I'm really super worried!"

She cuddled back into her blankets, only her sharp emerald green eyes showing. "She's decided to come early. Nothing to worry about, though, we're both fine."

"Isn't it bad if she comes out early?"

"She's thirty six weeks along, so she'll most likely be fine. Just smaller than some babies."

"How long till she comes out?"

"Who can say. She's full of mysteries, this one."

Laboorrrrrrrrrrrr! Little Asami/mystery name is dying to meet their parents, so she wants to come out early! She didn't choose the best time though.

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