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Chapter 1


-Chapter 1-

Rated for language / adult themes

"Ah, Haru, thank you so much." Sakura mumbled through a yawn she struggled to suppress but surfaced anyways while she waved a hand in front of her face with a smile. The smell of her favorite flavor of tea wafted into his nose and she instantly felt rejuvenated. "You really know how to wake me up when I come back from a mission."

She reached over the light colored wooden counter top of the reception desk and clasped her wet palms over the card take-out cup of tea and pulled it close to her wet face, savoring the radiating heat. "It's no problem, I'm still waiting on Mana to come and pick hers up but you know her timing in the rain."

"Not good." Sakura chuckled as she brought her lips to the small slit in the plastic lid and let a trickle of liquid pass by her lips. It felt good to have something warm when you've just rushed through the pelleting freezing rain to get to work on time. "Do you know how many appointments I have today?" As she talked idly to her friend she walked behind the reception desk to sit her dripping umbrella into the almost rusting metal stand. "I've still got paper work from the clinic..." I should trail off because I know she's gonna talk forever about it... "I'm going to get going-"

"Your schedule is fine, three appointments that should be quick, apparently. And you know I'll be up between those appointments to talk about the clinic papers..!" With a wink Haru waved Sakura out of the entry way of the Konoha hospital with a devious smile on her face.

When Sakura started working at the hospital she was anticipating the moment where she could have more 'her' time away from Ino but it seems Ino's type never strays far, her own dear hospital secretary just happened to be good friends with the blonde and pulled her into a friendship quite quickly. But she guessed she brought it upon herself when she informed Haru of the forms she was going to be filling out for the Nao clinic just down the street and around the corner. With another sip of her tea she pressed her side into the door of her own office and welcomed back the stale sterilized smell that she hoped wouldn't bug her anymore but yet it still rang through her head.

After she got settled into her mostly comfy rolling chair behind her desk on the opposite wall of her door and finished about half of her green tea and ginger flavored drink when Haru had escorted her first patient into the room with a deep red blush on his face.

"Wait wait wait, no! I didn't know it was a chick doctor!" The man, once inside Sakura's office, said with stutters decorating his sentence and his blush growing a deeper shade. "I thought this was senior Haruno, not h-his, daughter or whatever!" While he spat out those words Sakura analyzed him: he was fully clad in a dark green ten-year-old-looking bathrobe and house slippers still on his feet. It was quite obvious that he'd done something quite embarrassing - enough for him not to want a female doctor.

"Doctor Haruno is an exquisite doctor, Mr. Kurosawa, arguably the best in all of the lands, I'm sure she'll be able to fix anything you need done."

"I just - I can't!" He pulled the fuzzy fabric closer to his legs. "She's a chick."

"Mr. Kurosawa, if it's any consolation, I've worked with women and men and I've seen almost everything. It's nothing to be embarrassed nor apprehensive about."

"Fine. Fine!" He turned his back towards the open door to the corridor and embarrassingly untied the long drawstring tied in the front of his robe and let it fall open, revealing what it was he needed fixed. "Me and some friends were drinking some Sake and I left early to get to my girl," his voice turned into a barely audible whisper,"it wouldn't work, y'know? Now don't ask me why but I already had these pills on me, not because I was already having problems as it was! But I took a lot of them because I wanted it to work right then and there and... It won't fuckin' go down! It's been hours and I'm so sore!"

It turned out in all of his brain of good ideas he took one too many Sildenafril Citrate pills to help his erectile dysfunction, not knowing what would happen if he did such a thing. She was a professional so she held back on reprimanding him, but smiled at him faintly. "If you'd like, I know Doctor Tachibana is free during the morning, who is a male doctor. I understand why you were not wanting me as your Doctor." She laughed gently and looked away as he young man pulled his robe closed. "Haru, show him to his office?"

"Thanks." The young guy mumbled and was ushered out of the room, waddling his way back down, leaving Sakura with a giggle.

She only just smoothly pulled the tan folder out of the zipper of her petal pink messenger bag when Haru returned with a curiosity stricken face. "So I went to the clinic to get my results for the screening test and psychology test and it turns out I passed with flying colors." Sakura flipped the cover of the folder open to reveal a great deal of papers. "I just have to fill these out and I'm on their list."

Haru paced over and took a seat in the green patient chair with her legs brought up to her chest, her brown eyes scanning over the words on the first sheet. The words 'surrogate mother' stood out almost immediately. "Eh Sakura, I thought you were just going to be an egg donor? Why the 'surrogate mother' papers?"

While waiting for her doctor at the Nao clinic to retrieve her for her testing, it gave Sakura time to think about what it was she was doing. Yes, she knew for sure she was to be an egg donor, something she thought was honorable. She was healthy and young and her eggs were healthy - something many women in Konoha needed when more and more fertility problems were quickly arising. Yet there were a few more women like her, who were on the list of egg donors. With egg donors rising and more fertility problems rising, there was a need for surrogate mothers. Sakura couldn't count the horrible times when a kunoichi would be rushed to the hospital with mind-oggling injuries that would result in problems with the uterus or even a hysterectomy. For those women that couldn't even carry a child there was no need to get a donated egg, Sakura thought.

She's young, excellent eating habits, in the peak of her fitness - there was no better time. Her eyes scanned over to the ticking clock on the wall that read she still had eleven minutes until her appointment she she bounded out of the room and toward the Hokage office. I have to ask Lady Tsunade! She'd kill me if she urgently needed me and I was too heavily pregnant to assist her. When she stopped right in front of the Hokage's door, she tapped lightly until she heard a 'come in' from within.

"Ah Sakura, what brings you in today? I thought you had an appointment pretty soon at the clinic.."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about Lady Tsunade. After some thought, I've decided I don't want to just be an egg donor, I'd like to be a surrogate mother, for those kunoichi who cannot carry their own."

"Sakura-!" Tsunade's face looked like a mix between shock and pleasantry. "That's a wonderful conclusion to come to!"

Sakura smiled and took a step back toward the door. "I was just making sure you'd be alright with it, I wouldn't want to do it if it meant the hospital would be without a specially trained doctor or you without a specially trained field doctor."

"It's your life, Sakura, you need to get that." Tsunade laughed heartily. "It's been five years since the war, crime rates and overall battles have dropped. Not to mention our relationships with the other countries have been stronger than ever and ninja alike are recognizing it. I'm sure if we need a field doctor or a replacement at the hospital it wont cause me grief to get that done for the duration of your surrogacy. I can't tell you how much surrogates are needed, especially to women who don't have close friends or family that would carry for them." Her eyes flicked over to her small desk-top clock. "Time for you to get going, you have three minutes!"

"Ah! Okay, thank you so much Lady Tsunade!"

"Hello, Sakura?" Haru waved a small hand in front of her face with a raised brow in her attempt to regain her friends attention. "Surrogate mother papers? Why do you have them?"

Snapped out of her reverie, Sakura gave her a faint smile and looked down at the papers with blossoming pride in her chest. Knowing Tsunade was joyful at her last minute revelation told her she was doing the best thing possible. "Sorry - I was just caught off guard with all these papers!" She chuckled almost to herself as she spread the papers out among her desks width. "I have so many patients that come to me looking for ways to 'fix' their uterus either because they lost it through a hysterectomy or any other medical misshapen and it breaks my heart knowing they want a family but cannot have one. Yet here I am, just working at a hospital without even having a man in my life with eggs and a uterus that all work. I want to help them." She ended her sentence with a slight shrug and a guilty looking smile pointed at her friend who's face lit up almost immediately.

"Aw Sakura, you're gonna have a little bun in the oven one day! But what if they need only a surrogate, so they don't even take your egg and you have a baby in your own body that's not even yours." She raised a plucked brown brow and her face turned skeptical. "I don't know if I could carry a baby that's not even going to be related to me in the end!"

"But just knowing that you're giving life to something for someone that is dying to start a family just makes me happy! It wouldn't matter to me if I had to blood relations because it's not like I was going to take part in that child's life in the first place." She glanced back down to the paper and moved away the booklet, revealing legal papers. "I'll be honest, I've already read through the papers three times to make sure I got everything so I just have to sign on the dotted lines through this booklet and fill out my surrogate/egg donor profile."

"Oooh! Let's do the profile together right now."

"Haru you need to go back to work. Come here during lunch break and we'll do that together."

"I put Kazuki in charge of answering calls, stupid idiot needs something to do." She rifled through the papers nosily and plucked out the singular white sheet of paper with a grimace. "Here it is!"

Haru slid the paper in front of Sakura with a single finger and laid a little blue pen beside Sakura's right hand. "Let's get started!"

Some adult themes, eh? :) Review please and it'll tell me you want more! If it was boring it's because I'm just introducing the problems/characters/whatever into the story so please bear with me.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

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