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A hitmans girlfriend || Mafia au {m.yg} BTS


|COMPLETED| It all started by accidentally bumping into Yellow, and almost getting shot. But- What's with these color names? After awhile you started knowing them better and you may have discovered more than you wanted to. By a messed up meeting her best friend got tangled in~ now she has to try and hide herself... Or maybe not? Will you stick with them and most importantly the one you love the most, or are you gonna find out things that will drive you till the end and make you leave him? - ⚠️VULGAR LANGUAGE, GRAFIC SCENES AND MATURE CONTENT!!? Please correct grammer mistakes in a nice way!

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Gangsta {Chapter 1}

'Pff I hate work!...' I took a shortcut home.

I just moved to Seoul a few weeks ago and started working at an office, I hated it! 'Stupid paperwork!! Damn it!'

As I walk into the alley on my way home, I noticed there was a man following me. "Fuck!..." I started to run.


Out of nowhere, there was a man I ran into. 'OH MY! I'm so sorry!' I stood up and saw him looking at the man how was following me.

'It's ok! And again it's ok that man is not going to lay a finger on you...' As I turned around to look, the man was already gone.

'T-thank you..' I sighed laying my hand on my chest.

'I didn't do anything.' He replies back and gave me a warm smile. 'I'm Yellow by the way. What's your name?' His dimples showed, it was kinda cute.

'I-I am F/N. Nice to meet you.' I said as I shook his hand. 'Well tha-'

A young man walked out of the building to our right side, greeting Yellow. 'Ow Yellow is she our guy?' Yellow slightly frowned and looked at the man that walked up to his side. 'Redddd?....' He gave him a strong pat on the back as he slowly called out what I supposed was the man's name.

'Ow no, haiiii.' He said weirdly. 'Hai?' I said back questioning everything in my head. 'This is Red. A friend of mine.' We greeted each other. 'I think I should get going. See ya yellow, bye Red.' I ran off again. "What was that just now?...."

I opened the door to my apartment. "Empty.. as always." I didn't have a cat or dog... or a roommate for that matter. Just me in a small three-room apartment, bedroom, bathroom and living room/kitchen. 'Work, work and again, work.'

After my work was done I ate some rice with vegetables, took a shower and went to bed.

A Few days later.

'Pff!' I was jogging after work and went around the block.

I took a look at my watch and saw that it was time to go back. When I jogged into the alley I thought of Yellow and Red.

As I ran past the corner I felt to the floor, again.

'Auwh!' I saw about to curse when I heard a familiar voice. 'Wow! F-F/N?'

Slowly I looked up with pinched eyes. 'Ahh... Yellow...' he gave me his hand to help me up. 'Are you jogging?' He asked me as I stroked the dirt off my pants.

'Y-yea...' I looked at my knee and noticed that it was bleeding. 'Ahw fuck.' I hissed under my breath. 'Ow, I'm really sorry about that! Ummm ahhh come with me I will patch you up.' He laid his hand on my shoulder.

'It's ok.' I waved my hands in protest.

'No please, it's my fault so I want to help out!' I awkwardly smiled at him. 'O-okay than..' He smiled brightly making his dimples show again.

'I have some friends over so please don't mind them.' I nodded and looked as he opened the door for me.

'F/N? What are you doing here?' Red said while his eyes filled with joy. 'Red hey, um well I bumped into Yellow again.' I chuckled as he laughed a little. Showing his cute boxy smile. 'Yeaaa~ please sit down. I'm going to get some bandages.' Yellow looked over at the couch and then headed into his kitchen.

There were three guys in the room with me. Red, a guy that looked Red's age and one how looks younger than them.

The guy that looked as young as Red stood up and offered me something to drink. 'F/N was it right?' I nodded a little shy. 'Want something to drink?' He smiled at me.

'Hum maybe some water?' I smiled back at the rather short guy in comparison with Red and Yellow. He was probably the shortest out of all of them.

He stood up happily. 'Ok I'll be right back.' He walked into the kitchen. 'Ow... My name is Pink by the way.' He smiled as he leaned back into the room. 'Nice name.' He nodded and smiled.

Then the younger one spoke. 'Hey, I'm Gray.' His rather low voice caught my attention. 'Nice to meet you, Gray.'

'It's nice meeting you too.' He smiled a little, almost as if he looked like a bunny for e second.

After a while, Pink and Yellow walked back into the room. 'Thanks.' I said as Pink gave me a glass of water. 'Soooo... what's up with the names?' I asked. Until I froze out of fear.


'That's nothing for you to worry about.'

I flinched as I felt a gun getting pressed against the back of my head.

My body just cut everything off. I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my throat as the man's deep voice sent cold shivers down my spine making my shoulders tense up even more.

The room fell silent.

'O-o-ok!...' I said fast as I looked at Yellow how got pale for a moment. 'Black. What are you doing?' Black ignored yellow's question.

'Who is she and what is she doing here?' He sounded annoyed and not surprised at the same time, even tired you could say.

'She is a friend so put your gun down. This is the girl I told you about, the one who ran into me?' A spark of relief went through me when I felt the gun disappear from the back of my head. I felt my cheeks burn up heavily as I was glad I was still alive.

'What is she doing here?' He said in a cold monotone way. 'We bumped into each other. Again.' Yellow scratched his head.

'Yellow made here fall and now her knee is bleeding.' Pink interrupted. 'Y-yeah..' I said silent, as I looked behind me to find a very good looking man standing behind me with a gun in his hand. The gun he had placed against the back of my head just seconds ago.

'F/N I guess?' He said a little rude. 'Uhu.' I hummed. 'I'm Black.' He said while I nodded nervously.

'So?...' Gray said slow. 'Can she know why we all have colors as names?' Everyone looked at Black and Yellow, especially me.

Yellow nodded his head "no". 'Sorry, not yet...'

"Not yet?" I thought to myself.

'Ow ok I will wait than... I-I guess.' my mind was going crazy, what is this!?

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