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Insanity - Taekook


In which the insane assassin Kim Taehyung aka V captures the heart of the not so sane gang leader Jeon Jungkook who chases after the cute maniac for a deal

Action / Erotica
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Jungkook’s POV

"Jungkook! Jungkook are you listening?“, I heard through my headset and I quickly reply while evading a gun shot. I hissed annoyed, shooting the gut into his stomach and he cursed, falling down.

“Loud and clear, Hyung what is it?“, I asked him while shooting another enemy who fell down with blood dripping down his chin.

"When are you done with your mission, Kook?”, Hoseok Hyung asked me and I shortly thought about it while striking another shot.

“Dunno, maybe ten, twenty minutes... Why, what’s the matter? Can’t I just finish a mission in peace?“, I asked without emotion in my dark voice.

I’m the leader of a famous group of assassins. The most famous group, Bangtan Sonyeondan or in short BTS. Consisting of RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin and Chim or Jimin and me.

“It’s urgent Kook so don’t get snappy with us”, Yoongi, or his assassin name Suga, snapped from the other connection and I rolled my eyes, finishing the last one.

I got the mission to kill a bunch of Mafia wanna-be’s and since I hated working with others, even with my group, I went to the mission alone. My members accepted that because I sometimes needed to do things like that alone.

It calmed me.

“I’m finished, did the client already give you the money?“, I asked, ignoring the insult from before. I wiped the blood away from my gun, grinning in content when I saw the pretty color on my fingers.

“Yeah, come back as soon as you can, Kook”, Hoseok answered me and cut the connection. I sighed, looking disappointed over to the dead men laying in the dirt.

“You were so much fun bit you’re all dead now”, I said disappointed. A crazy smirk appeared on my face. “Bye Bye you Cuties! Say hello to the devil from me”, I chirped and left the building.

I reached the huge black building from our gang and entered the large house. “I’m here! What’s the emergency!“, I yelled through the house.

Footsteps came closer and Jimin ran towards me, smiling widely when he saw me. He and me had a short fling together but I ended it since he grew too attached to me.

But we were good now since I once threatened to kill him if he ever said something about this short, and really boring time, again.

“Hey Kook, we’re all in Yoongi’s office”, he informed me and I nodded, getting out of my jacket. “I can take it”, he suggested but short glare shut him up. “I’ll just go”, he mumbled and I nodded again.

I slowly followed him, walking into the huge office where my Hyungs already sat around the large desk with Yoongi behind it, his laptop in front of him.

“Finally”, Yoongi said and shortly glanced at me before getting up and shutting the windows to darken the room. I sat down next to Him Hyung who shortly smiled at me before we all focused on the large screen appearing on the white wall.

“We have a new mission, requested of no other one than Choi Minho”, Yoongi started and my attention drifted a bit away.

It was always the same, someone requested us to kill someone he doesn’t like and paid us a huge amount of money. We did it and the mission was finished.

“The reason why you’re all here, is that this isn’t a normal mission”, Yoongi continued and now he had my attention. I looked towards him, my elbow on my knee and my head rested on my fist.

He clicked a button and gasps filled the room. I stared shocked at the screen. “We were requested to get Choi his escaped toy back”, Yoongi said and I stared at the screen. Dang. How was it possible to look this perfect.

“This is Kim Taehyung, precious lover of Choi, the CEO of CHOI Industries. Choi is very possessive over Taehyung and therefore pretty irritated of the loss of his play toy. He wants him back, unharmed and safe, until this week ends. He’ll pay us 600 Million Won if we get him the boy back”, Yoongi said and Jimin gasped, staring at the screen where a picture of our new target was seen.

The boy was breathtaking and I felt the urge to have him. To own him and never share him with anyone.

I leaned closer to the screen, observing the beautiful Angel in front of him. His pouty pink lips, blue alluring eyes and his golden hair... don’t let me start with his gorgeous and delicious looking body.

“It’s not the kind of mission we usually do so I need to ask you if we should accept this...”

“Let’s do it”, I interrupted him, not taking my eyes off of the boy. Maybe I could be able to get a taste of his lips before we’ll deliver him back to his owner...

“You sure?“, Yoongi asked and I nodded, not even glancing at him. “100 percent”, I answered.

I wanted that boy, this innocent, sweet angel. He didn’t seem to be able to protect himself, an easy prey for me.

Oh, how wrong I was...

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