What If?

To The Barricades

A/N: Sorry that it has taken so long for me to upload, but as I said in the last chapter work has just been too hectic right now. Though I keep writing whenever I can to make sure that I have something for when I have a day off. I do want to thank all of you for being so patient these last few weeks. I really appreciate it. Plus, I would like to point out that I am writing this chapter on absolutely no sleep. AKA I worked an overnight again and wanted to post this before you all revolt against me!

Though I want to thank Anna for reviewing my other story which I will mention at the end of this chapter. And also a huge Thank you to all of you who read, review, follow, favorite, etc. this story. I become a better writer because of you guys! So thanks again!

So now is the time for the Barricades to arise! So this chapter is really long and I didn't really know how to break up the chapter! So hope you all enjoy this long awaited chapter! I hope you all are realizing that soon this part of the story will be done soon! Well I guess it's time to say, "TO THE BARRICADES!" LOL!

To the Barricades

Enjolras POV

I woke up before dawn, I had this feeling of dread that something was not going to end up right today. I gathered my courage and got dressed my best black trousers, favorite white shirt, my boots, my red fabric belt, and my red jacket. Grabbing the last box of gunpowder and bullets that I had in my flat before heading to the Cafe. Ready to face my destiny. Praying to God that we make it through so that I could make it home to Eponine. I looked around the Cafe that became the second home to me, wondering what it will look like when the Barricades rose later today. With that last thought, I turned out and headed to the street where the Les Amis planned to meet for LeMarques funeral procession.

Eponine's POV

I had rose early, prepared myself for the worst. Wrapped old blankets around my body to disguise myself and hold multiple back of hardcover books to shield myself from stray bullets. Dawned on my boy clothes, my boots, threadbare trench coat, and my favorite hat with my hair pinned to the top of my head. Just as I was about to sneak out of my room Gavroche came into my room and asked, "You weren't planning on leaving without me now were you dear Eponine?"

I turned and replied, "Roche, you are not going to the Barricades. It is much too dangerous for you to b going there. I'm already going to be too focused on protecting Dilan, Marius, and the others, I do not need to be focused on making sure you get out of there alive as well." I looked at my little brother and he had that look on his face, that look that said, "I'm going whether you like it or not because you really can't stop me."

"Funny to speak of the danger darling sister. If it's so dangerous, pray tell why you are dressed to fight? I don't believe that it's just because you want to be there for Dilan and the others. I also don't think Campbell and Esmee will like to know that their daughter has been dressing up like a boy and heading to the Slums almost on a daily basis. Nor would they like to know that said daughter is planning to go to the barricades where she could be shot and..." Gavroche was about to go on until I quieted him.

"Shh.. Roche! Okay fine! You can come along, but you have to wear something underneath your shirt to prevent bullets from entering you." Gavroche looked like he was about to protest, but I cut him off saying, "No protection, No chance of you coming with me." Gavroche grumbled and put the shield on under his shirt and jacket. We finally left the house by sneaking out my window, down the tree, and out of the yard over the wall. We barely made it to the procession when I saw Dilan waving the red flag, signalling the beginning of the new day for France. I begin to think about how at this moment the life of France will change forever. I noticed that Karlitis and his brothers weren't at the funeral, now I couldn't see how the people would rise.

Next thing I know, the crowd starts to make it's way to where the National Guard was in position to attack. Then a gun went off and I saw a old lady fall down from the force of the shot to her stomach. Then the Les Amis started fighting back. Before I could process what was happening I heard Dilan yell, "TO THE BARRICADES!" Seeing them all run towards the Cafe. Throwing down furniture in haste, gathering their guns, conversing with the Destrie's and their workers.

I stayed in the background, hoping not to be noticed by Dilan, Marius, or any of the other men. Dilan had talked to an older man that I couldn't really make out his face, who volunteered to go to the enemies ranks and spy on them. Dilan and the others gathered at the top of the barricades, guns at the ready for any signs of movement.

Enjolras POV

It was now dark. The streets of Paris silent with only the sound of the rumble of nearing rain clouds. Just then Joly yelled, "It's the volunteer!"

He made his way into the barricade, telling us something about starving us out, and all that. When Gavroche (why on earth was he here? Eponine will literally KILL me if she finds out!) said, "LIAR! My friends this man is not who he says he is. His real name is Inspector Javert, he works for the oppressors. This only goes to show that the Little people of Paris have there uses." He raised his head proudly.

Courfeyrac praised the boy for his sharp eye and vast knowledge of the traitor. We agreed to hold him in the Cafe until the people could decide what to do with this rat. He fought back, punching and kicking his way to try and get free. I finally knocked the Fils de Grace out cold, having Grantaire tie him up. Returning out to the barricade when we heard movement surrounding us. Snapping up our weapons we took our positions. The National Guard yelled, "Who goes there?!"

I replied, "French Revolution!" They began to fire on the command. Suddenly, they advanced on us. Though we wounded plenty, as they climbed the rubble one soldier took aim at Marius, until a boy interfered a took the bullet. Marius threatening to blow up the barricade finally made the Guards fall back. The rain started to fall, so Combeferre had the gunpowder moved into the Cafe.

It wasn't until Marius yelled, "Enjolras! Joly! Quick it's 'Ponine! She's hurt pretty badly!" His words made me freeze in fear. Why had she come? Did she not believe in the cause anymore?

I made my way over to her as she reassured Marius that she felt no pain. I knelt beside her, trying not to cry, asking her, "Ponine, why did you come here? Why risk your life for this?"

She replied with a few tears escaping her brown eyes, "I didn't want to say goodbye if today was the last day on earth." I kissed her lips as they turned a light shade of blue, with that last bit of effort she stopped moving. I tried not to cry as Joly and Courfeyrac took her into the Cafe, they set her on the bar counter, as it was the only piece of furniture that we couldn't remove while building the barricades. Setting her down, Joly felt for her pulse and declared that she just passed out from the blood loss and that the bullet was lodged in her right shoulder, that she had made a makeshift armor to wear under her clothes. Which very well have saved her life. He cleaned her wound, after removing the bullet, and put some bandages around her shoulder, then secured her arm to her stomach to prevent from reopening the wound. He declared her safe for now and left to attend to the others who were wounded.

Marius's POV

I looked at Enjolras's face after he found Eponine bleeding on the ground from the bullet that she had taken for my sake. Though I was worried about my dear friend, I thought about how my darling Cosette and how this could be my last chance to tell her how I feel. I quickly wrote a letter and handed it to Gavroche who readily agreed to deliver it, sneaking off into the night. I prayed for the love that might never have a chance to be said out loud, hoping that this was not some fools mission that I had set out on.

Enjolras POV

Between watching Eponine, Directing the men, and keeping watch for anymore attacks, I had spotted a man in a uniform jacket. We took aim and he yelled, "Don't shoot! I'm here as a volunteer!" He told his story of how he took the jacket so that he wouldn't be noticed and shot. Gavroche even spoke up saying that he knew the older man. I told him about the spy Javert and how if he turned on us that we would not hesitate to do the same to him.

Just before handing him the gun he spotted the Guards on the roof, and warned us to get down. Quickly taking aim, he shot once, and the soldier fell from his perch. When the attack had ended, he only asked to kill the spy Javert. Giving him a hand gun and a knife, he took the spy into the alley. Few minutes later, the shot rang through the air and I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Focusing on the men, I told Courfeyrac to watch and Marius to rest. Grantaire softly began to sing an old drinking song that he would sing sometimes during times of hopelessness. We all joined in, then once it was over I went to check on Ponine. She was still passed out though Joly said that she was merely out from pain and would awaken before dawn at the latest. So I sat by her side and held her hand until I slowly drifted into a dreamless state of unconsciousness.

Eponine's POV

I woke up with this throbbing pain shooting throughout my right arm. I was not outside as I had remembered though I was still somewhat in Dilan's arms. He looked free of worry though he did not look at peace as I thought he would have. I whispered to him, "Dilan... Dilan, wake up. What happened?"

Dilan slowly woke up and said, "Ponine, are you finally awake? Thank god my Love! You took a bullet for Marius and got shot in the shoulder. You passed out after I finally made it over to you. Joly said that you merely got hit in the shoulder, though you bled quite a bit, that you would survive. I am so glad to see that you are awake." He kissed me with such passion that I almost forgot about the pain, until I tried to move my arm to grasp him around the neck to pull him closer to me. He then looked at me and asked as his forehead rest against mine, "How are you feeling? Are you in much pain?"

I shook my head and replied, "Just some slight throbbing in my shoulder, though I've had felt worse before. Though there is one thing you can do for me, Dilan."

"And what is that my Ponine? Anything you wish, it shall be done." Dilan said.

I gazed into his eyes and asked, " Go out there, lead the people, fight those bloody bastards, and then come back and take me home."

He rose and kissed my forehead and whispered, "Done." He left the room and made his way to the men out there waiting for him. I finally succumbed to sleep again just moments after he left.

Enjolras POV

I made it back and told Joly that she had woken up, but probably would fall back asleep soon. After assuring Marius, Karlitis, Corbyn, Mayne, Ignace, Curcio, Javen, and the others that Ponine was just fine and told them what she had told me. To fight hard and to go home to our loved ones. They all yelled and agreed, just then Gavroche came and whispered, "The other barricades have already won their part of the battle, though the National Guards tried to trick them into giving up."

Soon the messenger tried to get us to give up. We smiled and I replied, "Vive le France!" The guns went off, both sides tried to get the other to surrender. The Guards pulled out their cannons, though they never got the chance to use them. The people from the other barricades came to aid us and distracted the Soldiers long enough to allow us a chance to climb through the rubble and the people started beating on the guards. Finally, they surrendered. With the crowd cheering I only said, "People of France, you are now on the road to a new life that will allow you to choose what kind of life you wish to have and someday this will be looked back as a symbol of the first step into an equal France. Vive le France!" With that I ran straight for the Cafe and woke Ponine. There was only one thing left that I wanted to do.

"Eponine Aveline Axelle, you know that I love you with all that is in my being. Now that France is in it's first steps to become equal and freedom for all her people. Will you do me the greatest honor of becoming my bride, making me the happiest man in the whole world? I know I'm not good at flowery speeches like most men, but...mmm." Dilan said trying to keep his head as Eponine kissed him with all that she had. Smiling at her he asked, "So I take that as a Yes, right?"

Eponine nodded and said, "Dilan, the night before we came here. I thought about how life would have been if I had never met you. I realized that I did not like what I imagined. So you can take that answer how ever you want it, but just remember I am NEVER letting you go again, where ever you go, I will follow you. For the rest of eternity. That way we never have to ask the "What Ifs." With that he kissed her and took her home to rest and recover. Finally no longer having a dark cloud hanging over their heads.

Stranger in the Crowd's POV

Damn it! She survived! Oh well like father always said, 'If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.' So Eponine Axelle, better watch your back because you won't see the price you are going to cost me if you live, marry, and produce an heir with that Damn Enjolras boy. Just wait and see Darling Ponine. Just wait and see!

A/N: So what did you guys think? And now all that's left is the final chapter of this story! Can you believe it? And any guess to who is trying to kill Eponine? I can't tell you who it is. You will also just have to wait to find out who want Ponine dead, though trust me I will have Ponine and Enjolras married before they attack again. Though I will eventually will write a Sequel called What Now?, to which you will find out all the unanswered questions that I left in this story. So keep a look out for that! Plus I began writing a series called "St. Michele High Presents: The Battle of the Bands" and another one that follows it that involves Eponine and Enjolras in a Musical together. Which is where you guys come on, I need you all to PM your vote on which Musical I should have them do. The choices are on my profile also, but the choices are: Catch Me If You Can, Jekyll & Hyde, Bonnie & Clyde, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, Guys & Dolls, and Rock of Ages. So let me know!

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