What If?


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Eponine's POV

It has been four months since the barricades arised and won. Though the bad news is that the King is still on the throne, the good news is that he has some new advisers. The King had decided after seeing the devastation he finally decided that it was time to listen to the peoples concerns. He made it so the slums became more habitable, that shelters were available for those who were not able to find work right away, kitchens and clinics opened to feed those who needed medical care and to be fed decent meals, new jobs were opening up, schools were made so both boys and girls ended up made to attend. He appointed the leaders of the barricades as his advisers, each from different areas of France, also were available to meet with the people to try and find out ways to make life in France better.

He also made the laws in France fair to all citizens. The police were not allowed to beat those who were not yet declared guilty and if the person in question was found guilty, the government took the persons family and made certain that they were fed and housed decently. Dilan now is one of the King's beloved advisers, while soon after graduating from the University Dr. Fredric Joly was assigned to one of the free clinics inside Paris. Gabriel Courfeyrac and Julien Combeferre became lawyers that defended those who could not afford any representation. Urbain Grantaire, Jehan Prouvaire, and Gregoire Feuilly decided to help the Destrie brothers in employing and educating the men and women that went to work for Karlitis and his brothers. The Destrie's also opened up shops for when the ships could not sail during the winter months. Azelma was now taking a fancy to Blaise and Elene Richard's younger brother, Constantin. Though they have a few years before anything could be talked about. Gavroche also has taken a young girl in under his wing, who he still has refused to tell me her name, but he sneaks out often to check on her.

Marius ended up marrying Cosette a month after the battle, after they returned from their honeymoon to Versailles (which they had to put on hold a week due to her Cosette's father death on the day of their wedding) Marius opened up his own School for those in the city of Paris and was studying to get a Law degree. He consults with Combeferre and Courfeyrac, planning to become a partner in their firm. I couldn't me more happy for my friends.

"Eponine, Darling? Cosette, Alita, Aimee, Renee, Juliette, Anna, Honorine, Emilie-Mimi, Marie-Seraphine, and Adeline are here." Esmee said to me, drawing me out of my thoughts. She looked at me as I stood ready to get into the gown that she had made for one of the biggest days of my life, my wedding day! "Eponine, are you quite alright? This is what you want right? I mean your father and I approve of your choice with Dilan, but are you sure that this is the man you wish to spend the rest of your life with?" She asked.

I turned to face the woman who has been my mother for the past seven years. I look at her and say without hesitation, "Yes Mother, I have never been more certain of anything in my life. Dilan is the one that I cannot picture my life without. I was just thinking back on how all has changed in the past seven years. I went from a child of a thief who sold us, to your daughter who is well respected in the eyes of your friends, to soon the wife of the son of one of your closest friends. Also thinking how where everyone would be if you hadn't adopted Zelma, Roche, and me, how different life would have been for all of us."

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "Even though today is a day to look back at how you got here, you need not worry about what would have happened if you took a different road. Just look at today as a day for every moment that you have chosen the right one. Now, I better go and see to getting the girls ready and help you dress. When your father last looked in on Dilan, the boys looked like they were about ready to tie him to a chair to stop him from pacing trying to find something that he already has." With that she left the room to bring in the girls. Dilan and I had decided that when we first wanted to get married that it was going to be something simple. That was until Esmee and Brielle got their hands on the wedding and decided that it just wouldn't do. Though they had agreed, grudgingly, to hold both the wedding and reception here at the house where Dilan and I first met. I looked as the girls who came into the room admired their dresses. They each had blue ball gowns with 3/4 length sleeves that had a blue rosette and white lace trim along the collar and end of the sleeves. They had blue satin slippers on their feet and in their hair was one red and one white rose.

They helped me into my ivory dress, that had lace along the collar and a square neckline. The dress was layered with satin and had sleeves that ended just above my elbows, but on the inside of my arm flowed to end just above my wrists with lace decorating the ends. Esmee put a silver comb into my hair after braiding it up, she told me that it had belong to her mother, Cosette let me borrow a pearl bracelet that her father gifted her on her wedding day, Azelma gave me a blue handkerchief to wrap around my bouquet, and Alita had hooked the clasp of the silver and ruby necklaces that he had sent last night around my neck. Cosette came up to me and hugged me. I looked at Esmee and she knew to usher the others to the other room to collect their bouquets, while Cosette helped me put on my shoes.

"Cosette?" I asked as she knelt to help me into my ivory slippers.

She looked up and said, "Yes Eponine?"

I didn't know how to ask her this, but I went for it before I lost my courage, "Will you forgive me for how I treated you when we were children? I will never really understand why I felt the way I acted when I was younger was justified, but after you left I knew that I was no more special than you. That you were merely only a child as I was. I just hope you know that I felt that I deserved everything that happened to me before my parents came and adopted my brother, sister, and me. Even to this day, I still feel unworthy of having gotten out quicker than you did." I looked to my hands that were resting on my lap. Before I knew it, Cosette just wrapped her arms around me and hugged me.

"Of course I forgive you Ponine, I knew all along that you had only acted the way you did because you didn't know any better. You were merely a child that did not have the best role-models. And Ponine, just so we're clear, you do deserve to be happy. You do not have to feel like you are unworthy of this much happiness and a family who loves you. I want you to know that you have more than done your fair share of being reprimanded for the past, you helped me find Marius, saved him from being shot at the barricades, and helped make France great again. Now enough of this nonsense, I believe it is time for you to go and marry the love of your life. Come on." Cosette said with a smile, I got up and followed her out.

Esmee handed me my bouquet, which held one red and one white rose, purple lilacs, lilies, and ivy. Wrapping the handkerchief around the base of the flowers, I watched as the girls got in line and found their escort down the aisle. Dilan was already at the altar, now just take a deep breath Ponine. You can do this.

Enjolras POV

I stood at the altar, inside the garden of Axelle Manor, just below the oak tree which I had saved Eponine from falling and hitting the ground the first time I saw the truth of who she really was. I was in a black suit with a red swatch in my pocket and a red rose pinned to the lapel of my coat. The guests were all seated and then I heard the musicians play Bach's Minuet in G Major. I saw little Coleen Fayette, scatter flower petals down the aisle. Followed by Gavroche holding the rings that Eponine and I would exchange after our vows. Then I saw Marius and Cosette come down the aisle first, then followed by Courfeyrac and Alita, Grantaire and Honorine, Joly and Eponine's friend, Emilie-Mimi, Karlitis and his fiance, Aimee, Mayne and Juliette, Curcio and Anna, Javen and Renee, Ignace and Marie-Seraphine, Corbyn and Adeline, and then followed by my best man, Combeferre and Eponine's maid-of-honor, Azelma. When they all had taken their places at the altar, the musicians began in Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Then I saw her. The vision in white, walking down the aisle on her father's arm. My Eponine, the love of my life, finally about to become my wife. I could tell she was smiling behind her veil, which covered her face. Soon the music stopped and Eponine was there before me, the priest asked, "Who gives this woman to this man?"

Campbell replied, "Her mother and I do." With that said he hands her over to me, after kissing her cheek he moves to sit next to his wife. I look at her and really didn't pay much attention until it was time to say our vows. Eponine and I had decided to write our own to tell each other how we felt about each other. The priest looked at me. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and spoke.

"Eponine, The first day that I met you was definitely one I will never forget. It was here that I first was introduced to you, heard you sing, caught you when you fell, and so many other memories that I will never forget. You are the reason that I fight for France to be a better place, You are the reason I push myself to do better, You are my reason for living. With everything you have shared with me about your past, I just want to be the one who you share the present and future with. So my promise to you is this, even when things get tough and everything else seems so wrong and distant, I promise to be right by your side through it all. I promise to love you with all my heart and fight with such a furiousity that nothing will ever come to harm you."

Eponine smiled and looked me in the eyes, then said, "Dilan, the first time I met you, I thought that I was gazing into the face of an angel. After a while of getting to know you, I found myself wondering how you ever came into my life. Just this morning, I was thinking about how far I have come. You know about my past and how it was not the best before I was adopted. You know my every secret, my every thought. You know me better than I know myself sometimes, you are my best friend and the love of my life. Without you, I never can see myself living the life that I am living. So as my promise to you, Wherever you go, I go with you. My love for you will never fade, only grow stronger. I cannot wait to see you face the world to fix it's many problems, and be there right beside you to face it with you. I love you so much." I smiled at her words and squeezed her hand.

The priest asked Gavroche for the rings and we exchanged them, putting on each others hand. Just like everyone who has ever married in years past, we finally announced as Monsieur and Madame Dilan Enjolras and were able to kiss each other, sealing our vows to each other forever. We ran down the aisle and into the ballroom, where Cosette, Azelma, and Esmee whisked Eponine off to get rid of her veil and I was taken to have a drink with my best friends. Soon I was rejoined with my beautiful Ponine and the bridal party. We entered the ballroom again to greet our guests, dance, eat, and enjoy it all.

Time flew by quickly. I had my first dance with Eponine, then she danced with her father as I danced with my mother, The Les Amis gave the toast to us, while Eponine's friends toasted to her loving marriage as well, I threw the garter which was promptly caught by Curcio who looked at Anna and blushed, Eponine threw her bouquet which was aimed at Aimee who looked lovingly at Karlitis, and then finally it was time to say goodbye to our friends and family.

After being showered in rice, Eponine and I made our way to the carriage to head to Versailles for our honeymoon. I looked at her and she asked, "What is it, Dilan?"

I just smiled, took her hand, and said, "I just cannot believe after all the heartache that we went through together, we are finally one and nobody can tear us apart. Thank you for making me the happiest man alive, Madame Eponine Enjolras." I gave her a kiss as we sat back in the carriage and watched as we drove to where we would stay for three weeks. Starting our lives together. Not looking back at the What Ifs of the past.

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