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Eponine meets Marius and Enjolras

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Eponine meets Enjolras and Marius: Eponine's POV

"Eponine, darling, you look so beautiful. You'll have that Pontmercy boy, Marius, and the Enjolras boy, Dilan, wrapped around your little finger." Said Esmee. I looked in the mirror, it seems like it was just yesterday that the Axelle's just rescued Azelma, Gavroche, and myself, six years defiantly has changed so many things. I no longer looked like a walking skeleton, with sunken brown eyes, and tangled brown curls. Today, Esmee pinned my long brown curls away from my face to show my deep, chocolate eyes and soft pink cheeks. I was wearing a satin spring green dress, that was not a ball gown in any way, though it had my shoulders bare with sleeves that went to my elbows. My shoes were a small heel and matched the light green from my dress. I just finished my schooling at Madame Brigitte Finishing School in Central Paris.

I never could have imagine anything like what has happen since I became a part of the Axelle family. Back when I still lived with the rat bastard, who could barely be called my father and my slowly dying mother. That's right, I knew about her coming down with influenza shortly before being sold to the greatest family in the land. I turned around to Esmee and asked, "Are you certain that they will like me Mother? I mean often times I still feel like a gamin in the middle of child play. Maybe, I..."

"Maybe you should just go downstairs and remember that you are not that person anymore. Darling, you, Azelma, and Gavroche have brought your father and I so much joy these last six years. We couldn't be more proud then if you were a child of my flesh. Just be the charming young woman I know that you can be and everything will be alright. The Pontmercy's are a wonderful family, and you have met Brielle and Lowell Enjolras before and know that their are not necessarally the most non-judgemental of all our friends, but they do have a wonderful son who will one day do great things." replied Esmee, "Now, Azelma and Gavroche are downstairs dressed and ready for dinner, we shall just put one final touch. There. Now you are perfect my dear." Esmee put a locket around my throat and then we heard a knock at the door.

Campbell was standing in the doorway, smiling the kind smile he gave me just six years ago. He turned to his wife and asked her, "Esmee, Darling, where in the world is the Eponine you and I brought home? She cannot possibly be the charming young lady that stands before me, can she?" Laughing at the remark as he gave her a kiss and then walked over to me to give me a quick peck on the cheek, "Ponine, are you ready sweetheart? Our friends will be here soon."

I pull away ask, "If you are such good friends, then how is this the first time I am meeting the Pontmercy's and Dilan Enjolras? Papa, is it because up until now you were embarrassed of us?" I looked at the floor as Campbell pulled me into his arms and hugs me.

"No, my sweet, firey 'Ponine. Your mother and I were never ashamed of you,'Zelma, or Roche. The Baron Pontmercy is rather old and rarely likes to travel unless his grandson, Marius, is with him. Marius and Dilan, have been away at boarding school. And Lowell and Brielle are so ecstatic to be seeing you all again." He said to me.

Just then Azelma came rushing to my door as her blonde curls bounced and she almost tripped on her pink satin and lace dress, with a high neck collar and three quarter length sleeves with a pair of pink heels and said, "Mama, Papa, Roche just told me he spotted their carriages. They just pulled up. Their here!" Then rushed to the staircase to find Gavroche. I stare after my little sister, now at the age of 12, and can barely see that little girl anymore inside the blossoming young woman.

"Come along, Ladies. We can't keep our guest waiting." said Campbell as he let Esmee lace her arm through his. Leading his way out of my room and down the stairs.

Esmee's POV

As we got to the base of the stairs I saw Azelma trying to get Gavroche to stand still. The two blonde children were too much alike, their brown eyes always sparkling with mischief and it wasn't until Eponine got into the picture that you could get them to behave. My enforcer. She was defiantly a miracle worker when it came to her brother and sister. She never even had to say a word, she would just give them this look and they would settle down and behave.

The door opened for the Marquees and his family, followed by the Baron and his grandson. Campbell went forward and said, "Lowell, Brielle, so good to see you again. And Ansel, it has been too long since we last saw each other. Come and meet my family, Ansel I'm sure you remember my wife, Esmee. And these are our children. Our son, Gavroche."

Gavroche stepped forward and said, "Please to meet you, Baron Pontmercy." Then turned back to stand by me.

Campbell said then, "Our daughter, Azelma." She came forward and curtsied and said hello, "And finally, our oldest daughter, Eponine."

She stepped forward and curtsied saying, "Hello Monsieur Pontmercy, It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

Then Ansel said to us, "Well Campbell, Esmee, I would like to introduce my grandson, Marius. He just graduated from St. Lucas Academy for Boys with high honors in the top ten percentile of his class."

Marius stepped forward and bowed and said, "It is a honor to meet you all. I look forward to spending time here this summer getting to know you all."

I looked at Eponine and although she looked at Marius, her eyes were locked on to set of blue eyes.

Eponine's POV

I was fine with meeting Marius. He was nice enough, his brown hair was styled a little funny, he had so many freckles that you could get lost trying to count them all, and his caramel brown eyes were defiantly different. He seemed nice enough, someone I could be good friends with. Then I spotted an angel with blonde curly hair and the most mysterious eyes that look silver at one angle in the light, then they look blue in another, and then have a green color in another. He was silently taking in his surroundings until his father pushed him to introduce himself, "Monsieur and Madame Axelle, It is a pleasure to finally meet you and your lovely family. Thank you again for inviting me and Marius to spend the summer here. I'm ever so grateful for allowing us in your home so that we can get use to our surroundings before we head to the University here."

Lowell said, "Dilan here, also just graduated from St. Lucas Academy for Boys with high honors and was the top of his class as well as Valedictorian. He will be attending the University close by for Law and Politics. Ansel, what is Marius studying again? Politics and Education, that is a noble profession I suppose."

Esmee interrupted and said, "Why don't we all venture into the sitting room, until dinner is ready I'm sure you all are very tired from your trip. If you like Eponine can show the boys to their rooms to freshen up before dinner. Go ahead Ponine." She ushered me towards the boys.

I turn to them and said with a smile, "This way Monsieur's." As I head towards the staircase, seeing them carry their suitcases, knowing that their trunks would be brought up while we ate. They followed me up the stairs and Marius started in the chatter, I politely nodded until we were out of sight of our relatives and turned to them and said, "Okay listen up gents, I want to make one thing clear if we are to get along this summer. I'm not going to be tolerating you following me around like lost puppy dogs. Of course, our relatives want us to become 'friends' though I know for a fact that they want one of you to be my betrothed before you go to University. So we will, do what is necessary to make them believe that we are spending an appropriate amount of time together that when you leave and we announce that we are just going to be friends that we attempted to more then that. is that understood? Nod if you both understand me." They both nodded and then I turned around and said, "Then the room at the end of the hall to your right is the room you both be staying in. Dinner should be ready soon." I walked downstairs again with a smile on my face humming to myself.

Enjolras's POV

"Well Marius, what do you make of her?" I asked as my eyes followed her as she descended the cherry wood staircase.

Marius looked at me and said, "Well she does have spunk, which I am not familiar with in ladies that are in her stature. Plus, she is not wrong about the intention of at least my grandfather. He wants me to announce my engagement by the end of the summer. Even though, she is quite charming. I don't think I could live with her attitude. I mean I'm sure she is going to surprise us with how she really is, but still." He shrugged and then looked at me and then questioned when we got into our room, "What do you think of her, Dilan?"

I thought about it for a minute, "I'm sure she is a really nice girl, I overheard my father tell my mother that Eponine just finished school and graduated top of her class from the best finishing school in all of Europe. So she is indeed intelligent, and we know that she is not fooled with her parents attempt to try and marry her off. I also think that she is also hiding something from us, like there is a secret that our families are not telling us about the three children that we were introduced to today. Not to mention the fact that she is very beautiful, but appearances are most defiantly deceiving. So we will see, if my opinion changes by the end of the summer." I set down my suitcase on my bed and washed my face and hands with the pitcher of water on our dresser. Then turned to Marius and said, "Well Marius, we better go down and see if dinner is ready yet and then get ready to bid farewell to our families. This is going to be a long summer." We walked out of our room not knowing what the next 3 months would hold for us.

A/N: So what did you all think of it! Did I do Eponine justice? So I'm going to dedicate the next 3 to 5 chapters on the summer that Marius and Enjolras spends at Axelle's home. Do you think Eponine should sneak out of the house in boys clothes to sneak down to the slums and Enjolras follows her with Marius? Or should she be caught in a tree singing? Or something else entirely? Let me know! Also I want to include a couple of friends that Eponine has in the slums of Paris, so leave your name ideas in the reviews or PM me. Remember, I want 19th century French names, also give me a description of them, family, what they do to make money, etc. Hope you all enjoyed the chapter! Remember to Review!


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