What If?

Uncovering the Real Eponine-Part 1

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Eponine s POV

It has been a week since Marius and Dilan said au revoir to their families. Since then, I have not had one moment of peace. I would spend the mornings with Marius as he chattered on and on about useless nonsense, then evenings with Dilan who just would fascinate me with his ideas of how to make France better for all people, though I pretend not to listen. Though even then, it would get annoying to be constantly watched by them.

So this morning, I rose early and donned on my favorite blue and gray dress, with it's long sleeves and high neck collar. My long hair braided down my back, I laced up my old riding boots before rushing down to the kitchen and grabbed an apple, my satchel that carried my journal, and snuck out the door. I made my way to the garden, where an old oak tree stood. I climbed the tree until I was only a few feet above the ground before I leaned against the trunk of the tree and began to eat my apple, just listening to the whisper in the wind as it blows through the leaves. Taking in the scent of the roses and lilacs from the garden, as the birds soar through the sky.

I pulled out my journal and began to write down the words that float around in my head, "And as I was, in the lonely night. The thought of silver eyes, shaken me with delight. The golden curls in my hand, the kind heart of an angel. That speaks of love and equality, his hand housing over all in the cradle. Longing to hear his soothing voice, a lovely notion. Who was to know this feeling inside, the man who sets this all in motion." I finished writing in my journal and returned it to my satchel. I began to stare out into the horizon, even now as I think alone, I feel like I am not at all alone. For even when I close my eyes, I see his cherub face with those mysteriously, captivating eyes of his.

God! How I wish that he was not exactly what the man who sold me away like a piece of old furniture would want me to be with! If only I knew that I would never have to see him again. I shut my eyes and could see him sitting right next to me, talking about a new way to govern the people. How his hands would feel in mine. How I could walk right beside him for all eternity.

Then as I opened my eyes, feeling truly alone for the first time in a week.

I began to sing, "And now I'm all alone again nowhere to turn, no one to go towithout a home without a friend without a face to say hello toAnd now the night is nearNow I can make believe he's here

Sometimes I walk alone at nightWhen everybody else is sleepingI think of him and then I'm happyWith the company I'm keepingThe city goes to bedAnd I can live inside my head."

Enjolras's POV

"Marius, have you seen Eponine today by chance? I did not see either of you at breakfast this morning?" I asked when I spotted my school chum walking down the stairs with a book in his hands. I have found it strange that she has not ran off with an excuse when her mother and father tell her to spend time with either Marius or I. Instead, she goes for a few hours with us listening to us, mostly Marius, blather on and on about love and the moment it will be when he sees his true love. It is nauseating.

"Thankfully, no Dilan. I have not seen so much as a glimpse of our petite poupée de porcelaine this morn. Though it is rather odd that you are asking about her my dear friend. I thought she was with you. Let us seek out the poor mademoiselle. She is probably hiding from us and her parents, to avoid her inevitable fate of spending the day with us." Marius said. We looked all over the house, we began to grow weary of the hunt for Eponine. So we decided to stroll through the gardens in the backyard of the Axelle Manor. Just as we got in outside, Marius asked me, "Dilan, what do you think of the Axelle girl? Eponine?"

I looked at him and said, "She is certainly stubborn. Though when I talk of the poor social and economic depression that we are facing, even though she pretends not to listen, I know that she is listening and actually Thinking about what I have to say. She is obviously attractive, no doubt a great older sister, as you can tell when she is with Azelma and 'Roche, and not to mention a obedient daughter. For she does not even question Esmee or Campbell when they tell her to spend her time with us, when she would probably rather be somewhere else." I thought with a smile, then asked, "What about you, Marius? What do you think of la pivoine?"

But before he can answer, we hear a beautiful sound coming from nearby.

"On my ownPretending he's beside meAll aloneI walk with him till morningWithout himI feel his arms around meAnd when I lose my way I close my eyesAnd he has found me."

We walk a little closer and see the girl that we have been searching for. The beautiful sound of her voice calms me, the sunlight beaming on her face and making her dark hair shine like a halo upon her. Now I know what an angel looks like. Continuing to listen to mon Ange.

"In the rain the pavement shines like silverAll the lights are misty in the riverIn the darkness, the trees are full of starlightAnd all I see is him and me forever and foreverAnd I know it's only in my mindThat I'm talking to myself and not to himAnd although I know that he is blindStill I say, there's a way for us."

My Eponine loves someone else! Whoever it is, I will kill him! Listening in vain to her song.

"I love himBut when the night is overHe is goneThe river's just a riverWithout himThe world around me changesThe trees are bare and everywhereThe streets are full of strangers."

She starts to tear up when she sings this. Who ever this bastard is, he will regret the day he made her cry!

"I love himBut every day I'm learningAll my lifeI've only been pretendingWithout meHis world would go on turningA world that's full of happinessThat I have never known."

She grows quiet, all I can hear is the leaves blowing in the wind. Until she whispers.

"I love himI love himI love himBut only on my own."

She was in her own world with this man that stole her heart. Then all of a sudden, Marius sneezed! I looked at him, though it was too late. He stumbled forward into her sight. Eponine knocked out of her place with a force so strong, that she fell forward and I saw her begin to fall as I made a grab for her.

Marius's POV

One minute, I was talking to Dilan. Then next we are standing by a lilac bush, listening to her sing. Next thing I know, I'm sneezing and in sight of Eponine in a tree. Then I hear her scream, as she falls towards the ground. Dilan rushes to catch her before she hits the hard earth below. He makes it just in time to catch her, saving her from injury.

"Are you okay Eponine?" Dilan asks her. She nods, he sets her down on her feet.

She spots her satchel on the ground, picks it up, and turns to us, yelling, "You no good snoops! The one day I manage to finally get some peace and quiet, some time to myself, and you go ahead and ruin it!" She runs towards the house, without so much as a thank you to Dilan for catching her.

I turn to him and said, "You asked my opinion on what I think of her. Well here it is. While I agree with your assessment, she also is a huge brat with an anger problem." I walk away from Dilan, who was still in a state of shock over what just happened.

French Words used: (using Google translate! Take no offense! Please!)

au revoir: Goodbye

petite poupée de porcelaine: Little Porcelain Doll

la pivoine: The Peony

mon Ange: My Angel

Up Next: Uncovering the Real Eponine-Parts 2 and 3...

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