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Uncovering the Real Eponine-Part 2

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Uncovering the Real Eponine: Part 2

Eponine's POV

It has been a few days since the tree incident, I somehow managed to avoid Dilan and Marius. They have left me alone for the most part, the exceptions being at meals or just wondering throughout the house. Today, I was with my best friends from school. We were just finishing up with tea in the garden, chatting about the birthday party Esmee and Campbell were throwing in my honor, when Juliette Rosseau, daughter to a very wealthy Politian, said, "So Ponine, I take it you are loving your new guests. When do we get to meet them to take them off your hands?" Her forest green eyes sparkled with mischief. While I knew this was a dangerous sign, the Politian Maslin Rosseau had married Irish beauty, Lady Kaia Fitzgerald. So even though she was born in France, she got most of her Irish traits from the red hair that graced her head to the trouble-making behavior that she always managed to start in.

I looked at her and said, "Juliette, they would be all yours if it was not for the fact that my parents probably would miss them both all to much. I would happily give their constant presence to you, if it did not upset them." Though I secretly thought that I would miss Dilan, and the thought of my friend kissing him or even just shaking his hand made me see green.

Juliette looked at me and then asked our other two friends, Aimée Dupont and Renée Moreau, "What do you think girls? Is little Mademoiselle Axelle telling us the truth about that she really does not want the fine gentlemen that are currently living with her? I personally do not believe a single word she is spouting."

Aimée Dupont, the girl that rarely spoke to anyone other then us. It was not because she was shy or anything like that. She rarely has any need to talk to anyone else. Her mother, Galatee Freman, remarried after Aimée's father, Colonel Gerard Dupont, passed away serving his country when Aimée was only eight years old. Galatee married again, when Aimée was twelve, to Leroy Bonnevie. Leroy brought along his sons', Noel and Nevil, that annoyed her to no end. So she learned to hold her tongue unless it was taught her that it was proper to social standings. Her sky blue eyes hidden behind a pair of reading glasses as she held a new book that she was reading and she used one of her hands to occasionally push a strand of her blonde hair out of her eyes. She looked up at Juliette and said, "Well Juliette, if these boys are anything like Noel and Nevil, then I understand why she would want them to at least leave her alone for time by herself. Though les jumelles Tormentors are not as bad as they were when we were twelve, I can also stand them both when they are not attached to the hip and plotting something. So the only logical solution would be for us to meet them."

"I agree with Aimée, Juliette. I mean they maybe the most handsome men on the face of the planet, but they could be real arrogant bastards. Plus, I mean after what 'Ponine went through as a child, can you really blame her for being skeptical of men?" Renée pointed out to Juliette. Renée Moreau, the only one of us that had not been raised in France. She was sent to France for Finishing School from Spain, though her father, Mason Moreau, was a native to France. He had met Natalia Hernández after his first voyage as a merchant, he fell in love with her and then married her after only knowing her for a few days. He moved to Spain to be with his wife. Then a year later, they were blessed with little Renée Rosa Moreau-Hernández. She definitely had the Spaniards beauty, her slightly darker complexion, her dark chocolate eyes, and long black hair made many men fawn over her. Though the only way any guy could get her to pay attention is if she could draw him. Then she was off and onto her next subject. Though Gavroche seemed to be the only guy able to hold her attention longer then it takes to draw him.

We are totally different people. Most of them came from families of wealth and high social status, as in born into that placement, where as I only got into that from adoption. The reason we all even started to be friends was due to the fact that we had to share a room together. After being trapped in a closet because of a prank Juliette was trying to pull of went wrong we became best friends. At school they called us, "Les Quatre coeurs d'or de Madame Brigitte Finishing School."

Juliette thought about it for a moment and said, "Well when you put it that way, I can see why 'Ponine would be hesitant towards any man she may or may not fancy." I waited because I knew what was next, "However, her father should not put a stop to her finding the man she is to marry one day."

I stiffened as I heard her real meaning behind that phrase, I said through clenched teeth, "THAT RAT BASTARD IS NOT MY FATHER!..."

Enjolras POV

I was walking through the garden with Marius again, not even three days had past since we were here last. Captivated by the sound of Eponine's voice and then her way of showing gratitude. We had no idea that Eponine and her friends were there. We heard them talking about the party for Eponine's birthday, then chatting about Marius and I. Marius whispered, "See Dilan! This is what I was trying to tell you about! She does not want us around, she would rather us go with her friends then stay in her home!" I shushed him when I heard one of her friends speak of her father. Why did they bring Monsieur Axelle into this? He always appeared to have adored her.

All of a sudden I her say in a tone of voice that even Marius and I have never heard her speak with, "THAT RAT BASTARD IS NOT MY FATHER! Fabron Thenardier MAY have helped in the process of giving me and my siblings life, but as far as ANYONE is concerned! Campbell and Esmee Axelle are my parents! That piece of Scum can rot in hell for all I care!" So that explained it! I knew Campbell could not give his wife children, so they adopted the three of them. Though why she always seems so guarded, I cannot imagine why. I mean she does seem to be rather hostile over this, I am beginning to become curious over this puzzle called Eponine. Though I should be focusing on obtaining my degrees and start trying to find a new way for France and her people.

I heard them all grow silent, so I told Marius, "Okay Marius, let us continue on our walk. We should continue with this discussion on our views of equality." Marius nodded and we walked through the open area of the garden where Eponine and her friends could be seen, but at least far enough away to not alert then that we had been able to hear them. So Marius and I just smiled at them as they saw us having a discussion on our walk. I will crack the mystery of Mademoiselle Eponine, if it is the last thing I ever do! This I vowed!

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