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Uncovering the Real Eponine-Part 3

A/N: Okay so not much to say! I do want to thank Fanpire101 for suggesting the character Alita! I have so much fun messing with the original characters and creating new ones to make the story how I would have wanted it to be. Honestly though! If you all want my opinion, I still teared up after knowing what to expect from the movie (almost full blown broke down bawling when Eponine and Enjolras died) when I went to see it last night! So let us get to the Chapter!

Uncovering the Real Eponine- Part 3

Eponine's POV

I got up early today, for today was the day I would make my move. I donned on my set of navy britches, white buttoned shirt, navy vest, my old riding boots, and braided my hair to pin it up underneath my hat. I looked through the halls, to check that the coast was clear, when I was sure that I would not get caught, I snuck down the stairwell towards the kitchen.

When I got to there, I stopped to grab the extra loaves of fresh bread that I had Filicia make last night, as well as the leftover ham, some cheese, and a small bottle of red wine. I put all of this in my satchel, as well as a small purse of coins. I shut the door quietly, making my way to the garden. I hopped the stone wall, finding my way to the place I knew would kill not only Campbell, Esmee, Dilan, and Marius, but Gavroche and Azelma as well from shock to where I dared venture off to at this hour.

Enjolras POV

I had a feeling Eponine would try to sneak out this morning. She was acting rather odd last night at dinner, more so than usual. I tried to tell Marius this, but he just put his pillow over his head in an attempt to drown out my voice so that he could sleep. So when I heard her shut her door, I waited until her foot steps quieted. Then I saw that she was packing some food in a bag dressed in a outfit to make her look like a boy. She began to shut the door, she took off for the garden. I was a few steps behind her, never letting her out of my sight.

I kept my eyes trained on her, as she made her way through the streets. Eponine kept walking until she came to a set of stairs, I hid behind the corner of the staircase as I saw her stop and look over her shoulder. When I felt it was safe to keep following her, I rounded the corner. As I took in my surroundings, I noticed houses that had shattered windows, people in rags that looked like living skeletons with skin tightened around their bones, children with bruises and starving to death, prostitutes with smudged, caked on make up and hair that was tangled mocking true beauty. The smell of garbage, human excrement, and death filled as on every other street corner, someone would just be sitting there and then taking their last breath, was finally set free from the horrors of this world. I had heard that the poor would live like this, that you should never carry anything of value if you ever were "unfortunate" enough to be chosen to give money to the people who inhabited these areas.

I finally focused on my mission. Find Eponine.

I wondered the streets when I finally saw the familiar looking hat, I was about to approach her when I suddenly heard someone say, "Ponine! Wha' ar' ya doin' 'ere? Ya 'now that yer... umm... Fabron will be comin' 'ome from a raid any minute! Ya should 'ave waited for me ta come 'nd find ya. Instead of riskin' a beatin'."

I saw Eponine and she just smiled and said, "Then how would I know how you really are doing, Alita? Here, I brought you something for you to eat and share with some of the younger kids I know you tend to. Also there is some wine and some money that should last you at least enough to pay for some medicine for when the children get sick. As long as HE does not get a hold of it." The girl looked older, around at least twenty-five, but probably no older then Eponine. Her hair was a tangled up mess with dirty white blonde curls. She was so tiny around the waist that if a gust of wind came through, even a light breeze, would be enough to knock her off her feet. Her eyes were sunken in, though they had an interesting shade of violet. Dirt, bruises, and cuts, as well as make up, covered her face. Also her arms. Her dress was only rags, but still brightly colored in a soft shade of yellow.

I spotted a man with orange hair coming down the road, I knew from talk that this man was dangerous, and was followed by at least five men. Forgetting that Eponine does not know that I am here I ran towards her and her friend, saying, "Eponine, we need to get out of here!"

Eponine just stared in shock and said, "Dilan Enjolras! Did you FOLLOW me here? Are you daft man! You could get killed!"

I just said, "Yeah! Well so could you! And we will if we do not get out of here! The Patron-Minette are headed this way!" I saw her face drop in fear, then she begins to pull me off down the alley next to the apartment building where we left her friend. We could still hear every word of what they were saying though.

"Ah! If it isn't my f-f-favorite lil' slut, Alita! How 'bout a quick poke, 'Lita? I promise that I won't throw up on you like last t-time." Thenardier slurred.

"Sorry luv, not tonight. I got a big client that is actually payin' me. Twice the price I 'm worf, but still... Hows 'bout tomorrow? If ya can stay sober enough ta actually get it up this time 'round." With that Alita walked down the alley that we were standing in. Stuffed in between two buildings too close together. So I could feel her body pressed up against mine. Though all I could think about was the thought that if we get caught, I would never get to do all the things I wanted to do. Go to the University, Travel the world, change the way people look at the government, change the living conditions where everyone can have homes and enough food to feed their families and not have to sell themselves. Then I looked into Eponine's brown eyes, I realized then and there that the thing I would regret most was never getting a kiss from the girl who has been haunting my dreams ever since she cornered me and Marius in her house. I was just about to lean in when...

"'Ello, Ponine, 'Jolras! The coast is clear! Thank god!" The blonde said with a sigh of relief, "Well Ponine, Aren't ya goin' ta introduce me ta yer lover?"

We had just managed to get out from the tight space when she asked the question, the look on Eponine's face was enough to get a chuckle out of me. She told the blonde, "Alita, Dilan and I are not lovers. Now nor are we ever going to be lovers. Though I guess I do need to introduce you both now. Alita Leclerc this is Monsieur Dilan Enjolras, Enjolras this is my oldest friend Alita Leclerc. We grew up together when I lived in Montfermeil, I am sure your parents must have told you that Gavroche, Azelma, and I were adopted by Campbell and Esmee. Though the correct term would be sold, I had two younger brothers that were barely two years old at the time that were sold before us. I was only ten at the time. The man you just met in a round about way was my "Father," if you could even call him that. He and my old mother owned an Inn. We got our alcohol from Alita's father, he and Alita's mother died in a fire when their building burned down. So when my father fled Montfermeil for Paris he brought along with Alita."

I was shocked at this news and said, "Is this the reason you did not want Marius and I to follow you around? So we would not discover your secret past? Or is it because there is more to the story?"

Eponine shook her head, "No Dilan. There is nothing else."

Alita said to Ponine, "Oh come off it, Ponine. Of course there is more to the story, Monsieur Enjolras. Before he decided to sell his kids, he would force his children to do all the work. Mostly Eponine though 'cause the younger ones weren't as strong as Ponine was, at that time. He would often only give them a crust of bread each. And even though she was starvin' as well, Ponine here would only take a bite before breakin' the rest in half for her siblings claimin' that she was no longer 'ungry. Whenever he got drunk or one of the children didn't do somethin' righ' he would try ta 'it them. Ponine here would not only take her beatin's, but her younger siblings as well. It got ta a point where 'Ponine could barely walk let alone work. I 'm sure she still 'as some scares left on 'er body."

I looked over at Eponine, her story, like so many others made me sick to my stomach that all the while I was growing up, I wanted for nothing. I never went hungry, I rarely got so much as a timeout, I always knew that my parents loved me. I asked them, "Where was their mother when all this was happening?"

Eponine said, "After the twins, Garon and Iven where born, my mother got so sick too easily. So she often was in bed for days before we would ever see her. Though she did not wish for us to be sold to the highest bidder, I am sure she knew that she was going to die soon and wanted us out of the bastards clutches. She died not even two days after we were sold."

I looked at the two strong women in front of me, that despite what life had handed them they were trying to be better then their past. I feel like scum for having everything and people like Alita and, before the Axelle's, Eponine. The world needs a change. And I think I am the person to do it. We said goodbye to Alita and headed back to the Manor.

After supper, I dragged Marius to our bedroom and said, "You were wrong about Eponine."

Marius looked at me and asked, "And how, pray tell, was I wrong about her? She has been nothing, but a little spoiled brat and obnoxiously rude to us." I explained the story of what had happened today. How she was treated, how she gave up eating more than a bite of bread to feed her starving siblings, take their beatings for them, as well as their own, and then when he finally saw how selfless she really was he asked me, "So what are we to do about this?"

I looked at him and smiled asking, "Marius, how do you feel about starting a revolution?"

A/N: Well there you guys go! Sorry it took so long! I hope you guys like it! And thanks again to Fanpire101 for giving me free reign on Alita's character. Hope I managed to pull her off, which you can almost bet to be seeing her in at least a couple more chapters! So I will be back next week with chapters 5 and 6, so watch for that! I will let you all know if I hear any show choirs singing Les Miserables songs tomorrow! Fingers cross! And remember I love to hear your ideas and incorporating them with mine to make the chapters interesting. I'm thinking about the next chapter being Eponine's birthday party. Then a in the near future skipping ahead to when Marius meets Cosette. Let me know what you guys think in the Reviews or PM me and remember to go to my profile and vote on what storyline you all want me to do after this is done. It won't be done for a while, but I always like to get an idea of what I will be looking forward to the future. Hope you all have a great weekend! Luv ya all!

~ DangerGirlRed2011

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