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Eponine's Birthday Ball

A/N: Okay so I'm writing this at 3am! I'm sorry for not updating last week! I want to say thank you to all those who favorite, followed, and reviewed my last chapter! So as most of you know that I attended a show choir invitational a couple weeks ago (which I had to get up at 5:30 am to get ready, left the house at 7:30, and didn't get home until 10:30 pm.) It was AMAZING! I got to spend time surrounded by really talented kids, my friends, old teachers, and just having a really great time in a gym dancing up a storm between performances with my awesome friends! I danced sooo much that my whole body ached and I had to work that night! YAY! So, I was surprised when only one group did a short piece of "I Dreamed a Dream", I mean they had one girl come out and sang the first verse, then joined by the rest (an all girls choir!) for them to sing "Disturbia!" I turned to my friend, Steven and one of the show choir moms from that group and said, "I'll admit that was a good attempt at the song, but Anne Hathaway is still definitely in the number one spot of my favorites for this song!" They both agreed with me on that. Plus another all girl group totally rocked the music from the musical "Sister Act." And another group did music from "Grease." It all was amazing!

Plus, I got to see my best friends James, Jason, Andrew, and Bret attempt to dance "Gangnam Style" I totally out danced them on that one! Score one for Me and I was never in Show Choir in High School! They all bowed down on my endless supply of energy! I also got to see my best friend, James faces drop when one of the choirs sang an acapella version of "Let It Be" I swear this one girl was like jaw dropping! Plus I wore my page-boy hat there and a lot of people said that if I hadn't had blonde hair they would have mistaken me for Eponine! Fan girl moment! Then I met this little girl, who looked exactly how I pictured Eponine to look when she was about 12 or 13! Then I went nuts over Choralations performance and started laughing over Bret's face when he saw his little sister, Allison dancing the solo for their comedy number called, "Honey Bun" from the musical South Pacific!

Well, I hope I didn't bore you all with a recap of an AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC time that I had. But, the reason I didn't update last week was after I attended church on Sunday I had to sleep, then on Monday and Tuesday I was working, and then on Wednesday morning I got sick when I wanted to write this on Wednesday or Thursday, then I was trying to see if I could make my usual 2 chapters last week, I decided that I couldn't. So Let us return to the new chapter, I want to thank Allanna Stone for suggesting a part of what is going on in this story! And also thank JCBoLt and JetGirl1832 for suggesting some names of characters and where I could find some others! Also I wanted to include three really good friends in the story! Let me know if you like them and if I should add their five other siblings or not! Okay, So enough talking! Onto the Chapter!

Eponine's Birthday Ball

Eponine's POV

I stand at the top of the stairs that descend down where all the guests have communed for the celebration of my seventeenth birthday. Dressed in a navy blue silk gown, with a neckline that falls off my shoulders, with my new sapphire pendent and matching bracelet. I stand next to Esmee and Campbell, while Azelma and Gavroche were somewhere in the ballroom with their friends, Marie-Seraphine Fayette and Nolan Lima, and Dilan and Marius were talking to some other students from the University. I know a few of them from the parties in the past, Urbain Grantaire, the only student who chooses to spend more time in the bar then in a lecture hall and still manages to pass every final and paper. Fredric Joly, a medical student, who despite his father's objections, is paying for his own schooling. As well as, Gregoire Feuilly, Gabriel Courfeyrac, and Julien Combeferre, who all are going to be studying Law with Dilan. His features lit up with excitement as he spoke. Dilan was dressed in a black suit with a white dress shirt, while Marius was wearing blue britches, with a white dress shirt, and a blue coat.

Then finally Campbell and Esmee climb down the stairs. When they finally reach the bottom, the turned to the massive crowd that has gathered, Campbell said with a smile, "My wife and I would like to thank everyone, for being able to gather here for such a special day. Today we have all asked you here to celebrate my eldest daughter, Eponine, turning seventeen. As many of you know, my wife and I just adore our three children. Though it is safe to assume that we dote on Eponine more, for the fact that she has helped raise her younger siblings when we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce our eldest daughter, Eponine Axelle." I took a breath and remembered all my teaching from finishing school. I descended the stairs with grace and loveliness, a smile on my face as I saw everyone who came to the house for the party.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I spotted my cousin, Erick Dubois and his fiancée, Emphemie Daudet coming towards us followed by Emphemie's brothers, Enzo and Epaphroditus. Erick, my cousin from Esmee's side, stood out in any crowd with his red hair and clover green eyes. He has despised us since Campbell and Esmee brought us home. He was the next in line for the Axelle inheritance, as long as Campbell never had any children, and he made his feelings known to all of us about not being pleased about getting cut from the title, money, and the lands. Emphemie Daudet, a short girl with black eyes and jet black hair, who has always hated me since our first day in finishing school. Her brother's, with their taller stature and similar features like their younger sister, were standing behind her with their wives. Enzo's wife, Sandrine Meserve-Daudet, her snow blonde hair and crystal blue eyes shining in adoration for her husband. Along side her is her sister-in-law, Austine Adamo-Daudet, who's hazel eyes were harden from the two children she bore and lost in their three years of marriage and her black curls pulled into a tight bun on the base of her neck. Erick came up to me with a fake smile plastered to his face saying, "Oh happy birthday, my darling cousin! It has been too long, I was beginning to miss you. My Emphie and I were just discussing you the other day, about how the fist time I met you Ponine, you and your siblings. All I can say is, I am at least glad you finally stopped wearing boys clothes and trying to escape." That's what he thinks!

Suddenly, before I could retort, I heard a voice say, "I think that is quite enough, Daudet. Don't you think that your party should move it along. There are other people who would like to wish the lady a happy birthday." Pushing the group away was Javen Destrie, his black hair and blue-gray eyes sparkling, he was accompanied by two of his brothers, Karlitis and Mayne. They took turn taking my hand to give it a gentle kiss, before Mayne said, "Oh my darling, Ponine! It has been too long! I told my brothers that if we did not come today that they very well could just plunge a dagger into my heart for if my eyes did not gaze at your beauty soon, I would die a slow death." His long black hair hiding his dark brown eyes that I knew had a hint of mischievousness in them.

I just smiled at him and said, "Well humble Mayne, I must admit, I missed you as well. It has been too long since I last saw you, so my life has been a dreadful bore. And Karlitis, how is La Rose? She getting you the freedom of the open sea the way you dreamed?" I turned to the eldest brother, he was a captain of his own trade ship which he named after his youngest sister. Karlitis' eyes had the smile his face refuse to show, his black bangs a bit too long for his comfort.

He just looked at me and said, "Well Lady Eponine, La Rose has made a substantial success on the sea. So much so, that I am adding another ship. I will name it La Pivoine, because of when Curcio met you and thought that we were calling you Peony." I swore I almost saw the corner of his mouth twitch in a quick smile.

I then turned to Javen after giving Karlitis a small thank you and said, "Javen, you know that I can handle Erick and his coven of black, soulless rats. Though I appreciate the gesture, I can deal with my cousin myself." I spoke to them about their adventures at sea, of their brothers and baby sister, and of anything else under the sun. I circulated the room with them, as the guests came to wish me a happy birthday, I never let my eyes stray from Dilan's face.

I finally caught up with Aimée, Renée, and Juliette; along with the Destrie brothers and introduced them to each other. I saw how Aimée was shyly flirting with Karlitis. In the years that I have known them both, I knew that Karlitis was often too focused on getting his family safe after his mother gave birth to his baby sister and passed away only a short five years ago, and Aimée often never even noticed anyone of the opposite gender because she either had her nose in a book or thought bad of the man who approached her because of her stepbrothers thought it great amusement to keep putting the poor bloke up to it. What really shocked me was when Karlitis asked her to dance and she agreed.

Javen soon followed his brothers lead and asked Renée to dance, dragging her to the dance floor. Juliette took Mayne's hand and dragged him to the dance floor. I stood there watching my friends enjoy themselves, slightly hoping that Karlitis and Aimée would fall in love. I was just about to go and find Esmee when a hand grabbed me and pulled me outside. I looked at his face, in horror. I knew those cold eyes.

Enjolras POV

I was talking to the boys who would be my fellow University classmates, I found a great friend in Combeferre and Courfeyrac. Just as I was about to talk about my idea for a better Paris, I spotted Eponine coming down the stairs with such grace and she looked like she was floating to the end of the stairs to stand next to her parents. Her brown curls were framing her sweet, angelic face. Out of the way so that I was able to gaze into her beautiful chocolate brown eyes. I continued to talk to the men who would be my life line in the lecture hall for the next four years.

Somehow, I lost track of Eponine after she was approached by three mysterious men with black hair. So when I noticed that the gentlemen were dancing with her friends, and she was no where in sight, I went to search for her. I looked and saw that the door to the garden was open, so I exited the ballroom to search the darkened night. Suddenly, I heard a voice say, "Well. Well. Well, if it isn't my darling Eppie. So this party is for ya'? I guess it is also my birthday as well, because of you I can celebrate with my boys in style."

It was the man we heard in the alley back when Eponine and I went to the Slums, the man who had very little ground to stand on to call himself he father. "What was he doing here?" I thought. I noticed that Eponine was getting being held to one of the men that followed him. "Hey boss, wha' 're we gonna do wif 'er? I mean, we can't just leave 'er 'ere ta alert the rich bastards that we was 'ere." A smaller man questioned.

"I guess we just needs ta bring 'er along then. Then ask the stupid couple for ransom. How does that sound, Eppie? Would ya like ta go home? I think you'll like it much better than that hovel of a hotel that we had." He said.

Just then I saw that Eponine had enough and bit, the man holding her, hand that was placed over her mouth and kicked while she let out an ear piercing scream. Just then I ran and began punching men left and right, while the two of the black haired men that I saw her with joined me, as the third one held her as she tried to get back into the brawl.

When the last one finally fell to the ground, I told the one with the orange hair, "I NEVER, want to see you touching her AGAIN! By some miracle, if I find out that Javert doesn't arrest you tonight. Then you better pray that you don't run into me or anyone of Eponine's friends or family, because if you do. You will wish you had gotten the death penalty this night." I turned to Eponine as she had the look of flames of hatred in her eyes, looking like she was going to hit him. I dragged her away as Javert and his men came to take the gang away to jail.

After that Axelle had asked everyone to leave which everyone, but her friends, the three men, Marius, and I, did. Even Azelma and Gavroche got sent to their friends homes for the night because Eponine decided that it after the attack they would be safer there. Her father knelt down and asked the girl, who was still shaking with rage," Ponine, what happened tonight? Who were those men?"

She said through her teeth, "That Daddy, was the man who sold Roche, Zelma, and I to you and Momma. Also known as my birth father." They all looked at each other and could not stop asking questions. She answered them all and then asked to be left alone with her friends. So Campbell and Esmee, reluctantly, left the room to make up a place for the three men to stay.

"Dilan, Marius, I know you are wondering who these men are. So let me introduce to you, Karlitis, Javen, and Mayne Destrie. They are three of the eight heirs of the Destrie fortune. Javen, Karlitis, Mayne, these are the gentlemen that are staying for the summer, Dilan Enjolras and his best friend, Marius Pontmercy. They will be attending the University here in the fall, just like Mayne, except not in the medical field. Dilan will be attending for Law and Marius will be for Education." Eponine explained the Destrie's story and finally after she was done we all agreed it was time to go to bed. I then just remembered that in a few weeks Marius and I will no longer be living with the Axelle's and be moving into apartments across town closer to the University.

And then I also realized something else. I was falling in love with Eponine Axelle.

A/N: So what so you guys think? Any good? I'm sooo sorry it took me so long to post, but the chapter was just so hard to try and write. I spent a week just staring at the chapter only half done. So I would REALLY appreciate some ideas for the next chapter. Which I think will be the long awaited Marius and Cosette scene! I will also explore more of Marius and Eponine friendship as well in the next scene! So if there is no Enjolras in the scene don't hate me for it! I have an idea of where this story is going and about how many more chapters I will write. So PLEASE vote on what you want me to write next! There is a poll on my profile! So again I hope you enjoyed this chapter! And let me know if I should continue with the Destrie family, what you think should happen next, and anything else. Please Review on this chapter! Thanks ever so much!

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