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Marius Falls In Love

A/N: Hey everyone! So I got inspired after a night out with my mom and sister. We went to go see Warm Bodies, and let me take a moment to say... It was SUPER, AMAZING, TOTALLY, FREAKING AWESOME! I mean if you haven't seen it yet, you totally should! I really fell in love with the movie and every time I saw a skeletal creature in a scene I would say softly, "BONIES!" Totally worth the look my sister gave me! Plus Nicholas Hoult (plays R in the movie) just made my heart melt each time he came on the screen! *Sigh!* It was an amazing movie that just was put into my top 20 favorite movies of all time! Next movie to be seen is going to be Identity Thief, which comes out this weekend and we are going to see tonight!

So this chapter will have only a brief mention of Enjolras. (Please don't hate me for it!) Only because I want to make this story not only the relationship of Enjolras and Eponine, but also focus on Eponine's friendship with Marius, as well as Marius falling in love with Cosette. Because I know you all are waiting to read that! Well I think that is about it. Just remember that I am a Enjolras/Eponine fan so the only Marius/Eponine that will happen in this story will be is their aspect of friendship! So my fellow readers, Onto the next chapter!

Marius Falls in Love

Marius's POV

After Eponine's birthday, the days of summer flew by so quickly. I noticed how Enjolras watched her and how Eponine gazed at him with a hidden adoration. I began to open up more to Eponine, she became my best friend, who I knew needed someone to talk to about Enjolras. I found that behind all the demons of her past, she was so much more than what I assumed. She had helped out the Destrie brothers after their father died at sea and their mother passed away giving birth to their little sister, Annette. She often asked either me or Enjolras to accompany her to the slums to deliver supplies for the children there that Alita helped out, which is what we were doing today.

Eponine was dressed in her usual boy clothes, which didn't hide anything if you asked me, she carried the satchel filled with food, children clothes, and a small purse of money. I walked beside her as we neared the square that Alita agreed we should meet at ever since what happened at Axelle's house between Ponine and her father. Eponine did not know that Enjolras and I agreed that until the bastard was caught that she shouldn't be alone. We finally made it to the square, but Ponine stopped and made her way to the side of the street. I whispered, "Ponine, what is it? Why did you stop? I see Alita over there, why are we over here?"

She shushed me and pointed to Monsieur Thenardier and a wealthy man leading him to a makeshift building with a young girl, she looked at me and gave me a smile before her father made her runaway from the crowd as Javert finally arrived to take care of Thenardier. I watched as the blonde angel left the scene. I wished that I could follow her, but just as I took a step to follow her, Eponine pulled at my jacket and said, "Marius, come on! Now is not the time to follow them. We need to give Alita the supplies and get out of here. Before something else happened and do you not have to go to the meeting tonight? If you don't attend you know Dilan will give you hell for it." She had a point.

I then turned to Eponine who still had a scowl on her face. As we approached Alita, she didn't talk. Just smiled at us and gave us each a smile as she ran towards the group of gamins who were waiting for her. I looked at the way that the blonde girl disappeared to. I finally run after Eponine, she was already up the stairs just muttering, "It can't be her, why her? Why now?"

I try to catch up with her and she just yelled over her shoulder to me, "Marius, just go to your meeting! I'll talk to you later!" So that is what I did, my mind running back to the bright blue eyes and blonde locks that the angel. As I made my way to ABC café I can't help recall the events that led me to today.

Eponine's POV

I can't believe the events that came about today. The ghosts of my past have been coming back to haunt me the past month, driving my Dilan and friend Marius farther away. I haven't seen Dilan since last week when he left to live in his own apartment. He has been spending more time either at the University or at the Café planning a Revolution with the friends he has made at the University. Now the person I never thought I would see again was back and Marius was falling for her beauty and soft spirit.

I once again am all alone. And I'm getting tired of it! So I have to think of something to win back Dilan Enjolras' attention. Even if it means losing my life. His life means more to me then mine does. As Marius told me there was only 10 more days until the Barricades arise.

A/N: Sorry it's not longer, but this is just a filler chapter! I hope to update again either Sunday or early next week. So Please Review!

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