What If?

She Leaves Me Breathless

I am sooo sorry to say that this is not an actual chapter. But somethings have come up that have made it impossible for me to actually sit down and write the chapter that I wanted to write. So besides work, my weekend is packed with helping out at the performances of the play that I have been volunteering to supervise and co-direct. My little sister Krista will be performing "I Dreamed a Dream" at Solo/Ensemble this Saturday as well as three other pieces in vocal and instrumental. So I'll be running all over the place on probably 5 hours of sleep as of Friday morning.

I also wanted to ask for you all to keep my friends in mind. They have recently had someone in their family get really sick (someone that is too young to be this sick) and as of right now I only know that they're on Life Support. So I ask that those of you who pray, keep them in your prayers. As soon as I know the outcome I'll try and let you all know, so that if the person is okay I'll be able to concentrate on this story and make it better then the last couple chapters have been. So I'll try and write a chapter for next week.

Until then, I just wanted to thank all of you who have kept up with this story, it means soo much to me that you all really like this story. So thanks to all of you who have favorited, reviewed, and followed this story and hopefully I'll have something really good to have for you guys to read next week.

~ DangerGirlRed2011

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