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One More Day (In My Arms)

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So I really hope you enjoyed the last chapter, because it was so much fun to write. I'm sorry that this chapter has taken a while to post, but I had a seizure a couple nights ago and also had to go into work more. Anyway, this chapter will be mostly just the last prep chapter before the barricades rise. As you know, Marius and Cosette still have to meet, the meeting with the Destrie Brothers, and more Enjolras and Eponine in this chapter. Sorry it s so long, but I really wanted to get the whole story. Think of it as the last night before they all go off to fight. I really hope you enjoy the chapter, I know I had fun writing it! Okay! So off to the new chapter! Enjoy!

One More Day (In Your Arms)

Eponine s POV

As I began to awake, the sun shining in my eyes, I remembered the kiss that I shared with Dilan. He told me that he loved me. A smile grew on my face, I got out of bed and went to my mirror. Yesterday, I was just a girl with a past that the man that I loved knew, but he knew nothing about my feelings. Now, I see a woman that was in love with a man who was going off to challenge the government, possibly to die alongside his brothers. I began to dress in my navy blue gown, with it s high neck collar, silver buttons down the front of the bodice, long sleeves that had bit of lace on the cuffs. My black ankle boots laced and my hair down with just pins to hold back the bangs. I grabbed my satchel that held my book of parchment, a quill, and ink, as well as my almost full book of original poems and songs.

I made my way down the stairwell into the dining room, where I saw Campbell reading the newspaper, Esmee pouring herself some tea and fussing over sleepy Gavroche, who was slumping over his eggs in exhaustion, Azelma who was reading a book for class and eating a bit of toast and eggs. I sat down in my usual spot, when Esmee asked me, "Eponine, where were you last night? You weren't home by the time the lamp lights were on."

I picked up the milk and poured myself a glass and said, "Oh mother, you need not worry. I was with Dilan, he and I had a lovely evening catching up on what he has been up to since the last I saw him. Then we talked with Marius, who by the way is lovesick over some girl from the square. Dilan walked me home and made me promise that I would spend the day together. So I will not be home until late tonight."

Just then, Dilan entered the dining room greeting Campbell and Esmee. Gavroche mumbled his greeting, while sneaking off to lay back outside. Azelma finished her page, bid us a good day, and grabbed her satchel on her way out the door for school. Esmee got up, gave me and Campbell a kiss as she headed out for her day with her friends and her sister-in-law. I was just finishing a piece of toast and my last piece of bacon, drinking the last of my milk.

"Why don't you sit down and have something to eat, Dilan? Can't be escorting my daughter around all day without a decent breakfast." Campbell stated with a smile. I looked at him from my chair, smiling over my glass. He looked back at me, his blonde curls as unruly as ever, wearing his usual garb of his white shirt, red vest, and black trousers, minus the pin that the students wear during the meetings. His face did not smile, but I saw the sparkle in his deep blue eyes, making my heart flutter, remembering the kiss we shared yesterday.

"Thank you for the offer, Monsieur Axelle. Though I must decline, I have already had breakfast today with some friends. If you don't mind, I would really like to begin the day that I have planned with Ponine. I can't divulge much more then we will be together all day, since I want to surprise her. Though we might end up meeting Marius and seeing if he finally found the mystery girl that he met the other day." Dilan said to Campbell. He then turned to me and asked, "Are you ready to go, Ponine? We have a full day to get through."

I got up from my chair, grabbed my bag, and gave Campbell a kiss on the cheek, and reminded him that I wouldn't be home until late tonight. After that, Dilan ushered me out the door. He offered me his arm, walking towards the park near the Cafe. I saw many couples wandering around, both rich, poor, and middle class, looking at each other with a look I've only seen Campbell and Esmee wear. I pulled myself closer to Dilan as we walked to a blanket beneath a willow tree near the pond. I gazed at him, getting lost in those same blue eyes that I got lost in the first time I met him. He helped me sit down on the blanket, then sat beside me, grabbed my hand, and held on to it like it was lifeline. He brought my hand to his lips and kissed it before he said, "Ponine, you are everything I think that I have wanted in my life. I couldn't stop thinking about you at all last night."

I looked at him and smiled, "Dilan, you are the sweetest man I have ever met. I want you to know that I have not stopped thinking about kissing you again. In fact, it's so hard for me to think of you not kissing me now." With that said he leaned in, his soft lips teasing mine. Growing more urgent, giving into him as he wrapped his arms around me. Though as soon as the kiss started it ended, more so do to the fact that we are in the middle of the park.

He sat back up and smiled at me, then asked me, "So Ponine, would you like something to drink?" Pulling out a bottle of wine from the basket next to him.

Enjolras's POV

I stared at the beautiful woman that stood before me, she was talking to Alita. The sun hitting her chocolate brown hair, making it look like she had a halo. She was the reason I had something to live for and more reason to fight for a better Paris. Eponine glanced at me, her eyes sparkling with a look that said that she was thinking about me. Then Alita gave Ponine a note, gave her friend a hug, and then ran off to the gamines that were waiting for her. She made her way back to me saying, "Thank God, now Marius can shut up about how he feels tortured without Cosette. Alita had just found her address, we are going to the house later this afternoon."

I could tell she was scared about that aspect of the girl, or more so scared of the confrontation of what might be hidden in the past between them, though I could also see that even behind that she was wishing for forgiveness. So I took her hand in mine and asked her, "Why the resentment, darling? What does this Cosette girl have that you don't?" Giving her hand a kiss and offering her the strength to tell me what happened.

She hesitated, but decided to tell. Ponine opened her mouth and said, "When I was little, back before Campbell and Esmee came to adopt my siblings and I, I lived with 'The Bastard' and 'His Wife'. This was also when we had lived in Montfermeil. Anyway, we had a young girl that my parents took in after her mother asked them to take her in, while she went to find work in Montreuil-sur-Mer. So they took her in, her mother sent money for the girl, and if you knew anything about them you'd know that they took the money for themselves and worked Cosette to the bone. And as an impressionistic young child, I followed their lead and made her even more miserable. Then one day, a man came and told her that her mother passed away, then he settled the so called 'debt' that her mother left, and he finally took her away. Which then made my parents turn to me, since they were so used to having someone to hate. They ended up making me and my sister do the work that Cosette did, then they also had Gavroche, then followed by the twins Garon and Iven. Then when we lost the Inn. We made it to Paris, but it wasn't long after we had arrived here that he sold us to two different families." She paused and then looked at me and then continued as she looked at me, "I'm just afraid that once Marius learns of my past, he will be swayed to not want anything to do with me because of Cosette."

I look into her eyes and say this to her, "My darling Ponine. If Marius does let the past follow and color his choices of friends for him, then he is not a good friend. Though I think you will be surprised that he will not judge you." I saw in her brown eyes a glimmer of hope.

Just then Marius came walking up to us, he looked in pain, and he asked Eponine, "Eponine, have you found my beloved?"

Eponine just got up and urged us to follow. We went down alley after alley, until we came upon a dark street. She finally spoke and said, "Monsieur Marius, this is where your Lark lives. 49 Rue Plumet, go on Marius. Though I must warn you that it would be smarter to wait until dark because we cannot stay long, for we must go and meet the Destrie brothers for the oncoming battle. I will come with you tonight when you finally meet the one who is your destiny." With that final word, I noticed that it was almost time to meet the Destrie brothers, Joly, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, and Grantaire at the Cafe. So we agreed that after sunset and the after the meeting, we both would accompany them. So we went to the meeting with little hesitation from Marius.

Eponine's POV

I sat in the chair as the men just glared at each other. Karlitis was in attendance with his brothers Corbyn, Mayne, Ignace, Curcio, and Javen. They remained quiet until I whispered to Dilan, "Tell them what this cause is about, I know you believe in this cause. So tell them why they should support you."

Dilan looked at me and smiled before he said, "Thank you gentlemen, for meeting us today. We are grateful for your consideration to our cause. We want to be more then just a hand that hands out a few coins to a person who has none. I have seen how horrible the people of Paris live, what some have to resort to in order to feed their families. Women selling their bodies, Men joining gangs, Children on the street, and all the King and his advisers do is sit around watching it's people die from starvation, illness, and being imprisoned in it's jails. The people of Paris need more then just a government consumed by power and greed, they need a government who is willing to help these people not resort to such drastic measures to survive. So we ask that if you gentlemen hold these similar views that you join us tomorrow at Lamarque's funeral, where we will make the first move in freeing Paris from its fascist tyrant they call a king."

Corbyn looked at his brothers and asked me, "Eponine, you truly believe in what this boy is saying? How can you know for sure that they won't turn and run the first time they hear a cannon go off in their direction?"

I looked at Dilan, then back at Corbyn and said confidently, "Because Corbyn. When I hear Dilan speak with such conviction and passion about the people of Paris and the troubles that they face every day, even I want to go and fight against the government that forces her people to such lengths. The same government that did nothing to help you when your mother and father died, leaving you with six brothers and a baby sister to care for all on your own. I would think you of all people would be the first in line to help Dilan and his fight." Corbyn looked at his brothers and nodded, listening to what each of the student had to say on Dilan's leadership.

By 6 o'clock, we said our farewells to the Destrie's as they left to go home for the night. Fredric, Urbain, Julien, and Gabriel went to see the girls that they had met at my birthday. So as we left the Cafe, Marius was floating on air of happiness. Dilan held my hand as we walked down the alleys. He was smiling at me the entire walk there. Finally we arrived at the gate, Marius found Cosette and they were talking the entire time, he was introducing Dilan to Cosette when I was watching the surroundings. Then I saw the bastard who sold me and his gang of idiots making their way down the alley. I didn't know what else to do so I screamed and they took off into the sewers.

Marius saw me make my way to where he stood with Cosette and Dilan. He asked me, "Ponine, was someone on their way to harm Cosette? I saw them fleeing."

I replied, "It was the bastard that tried to harm me at my birthday, the same one that harmed Cosette, my brothers and sister, and myself when we were just children."

Cosette looked into my eyes and asked, "Eponine? Is it really you, Eponine Thenardier?"

I gave her a look and said in anger, "It's Eponine Axelle. Has been for seven years, since the man you call papa came and took you away, I had spent three years getting beaten, starved, and worked into exhaustion, until the bastard Thenardier got greedy and the woman he called his wife was dying, decided to sell his children to strangers. Though I guess the only good thing did come of it was I became a part of a real family. I became the daughter of Campbell and Esmee Axelle, plus I made friends with Monsieur Pontmercy and met the love of my life, Dilan. Though we will have to leave now, Cosette. For I fear I hear the police riding this way." With that I pulled on Marius's jacket to get him to follow me, as Dilan and I rounded a corner to hide away from the law.

Marius was in his own world as he mumbled something about his beloved, Cosette. While Dilan walked with me in uncomfortable silence, until he finally gave in and asked me, "Soo... I am the love of your life, Ponine?" I looked up to his eyes and they sparkled as he smiled.

"Yes, Dilan, you are the love of my life. I wouldn't have it any other way, my darling." I gave him a kiss on the cheek, then we continued down the way to my home, plotting how I was going to get to the barricades tomorrow.

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