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My Dreams


Lola- The girl who dreams of her biases on a regular basis.

Bang Chan- Leader of Stray Kids, Ultimate bias

Park Jimin- Vocalist and dancer in BTS, ultimate bias 2

Mark Lee- Rapper in NCT

Kim Donghyuk aka DK- Vocalist and dancer in iKON ultimate bias 3

Song Mingi- Rapper and dancer in Ateez

Lim Youngmin- Leader and rapper in AB6IX

Jackson Wang- Rapper in Got7

Kim Youngbin- leader and rapper in SF9

Lee Minhyuk- Vocalist in Monsta X

Park Minhyuk- Rapper and dancer in Astro

Ashley- Lola's Best friend

Min Yoongi- Ashley's Ultimate bias

Kim Jiwon aka Bobby- Ashley's Ultimate bias 2

Mark from Got7- Ashley's Ultimate bias 3

How would you feel if you woke up from your dreams and saw your bias in front of you? Everything plays out exactly as your dream predicted. But what happens when all your biases realize that they love you at the same time?

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