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The Things We Do For Love


GOT7 and BTS are two rival gangs that have ruled over Gangnam peacefully for years and lived with the same code: no drugs and no sex trafficking, everything else was fair game. So why is the biggest gang in Seoul suddenly banging on their doorstep? Why is everyone willing to burn the whole town to the ground and spill everyone’s blood? All answers lead to YOU.

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Leader: Im Jaebeom | Weapon of Choice: Guns


# Mark Tuan | Right Hand Man | Inside Man/Seducer | Weapon of Choice: Apart from his face, Mark is skilful with a knife

# Jackson Wang | Negotiator/Weapons Smuggler | Weapon of Choice: Guns

# Park Jinyoung | Treasurer | Sniper | Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle

# Choi Youngjae | Tech/Hacker | Weapon of Choice: Guns if he needed one

# BamBam | Assassin | Weapon of Choice: Knives

# Kim Yugyeom | Assassin | Weapon of Choice: Guns

Business: Weapons. You need it, they got it. Owns a few strip clubs where they put the girls that they save from traffickers. Strictly dances only and the girls are there by their own volition.


Leader: Kim Namjoon | Weapon of Choice: Guns


# Kim Seokjin | Inside Man/Seducer | Weapon of Choice: his face, but if you really piss him off, he would shoot you.

# Min Yoongi | Right Hand Man | Assassin | Weapon of Choice: Guns, but you wouldn’t want to test his knife skills

# Jung Hoseok | Tech/Hacker | Weapon of Choice: Knife

# Park Jimin | Inside Man/Seducer | Weapon of Choice: Poison but can handle a gun

# Kim Taehyung | Assassin | Weapon of Choice: Knife

# Jeon Jungkook | Assassin | Weapon of Choice: his fist and guns.

Business: Knowledge and Killing. You want information? They got it. You want someone killed? They’ll do it. Also owns strip clubs for the same reason as GOT7.

GOT7 runs the North district of Gangnam while BTS runs the South. The two gangs have come to a mutual respect and understanding and that’s why it’s been peaceful for so long. They have the same principles including loyalty. The two have even assisted each other in missions when it comes to stopping sex trafficking.

Other gangs have tried to take them out before but had never succeeded.

Until now.

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