Passion - Taekook


"Si notre amour est un rêve, ne me réveille jamais." In which the Student Kim Taehyung and the Gang leader Jeon Jeongguk fall in love with each other.

Romance / Drama
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“Hey Ggukie!“, I smiled when I heard the voice of my best friend Taehyung. I turned around and saw the most beautiful boy running towards me. In my eyes, Taehyung was perfect. He was my best friend since childhood and I couldn’t imagine a life without him.

Taehyung stopped right in front of me and threw himself into my arms, hugging me tightly over excited. I hugged him back and inhaled his scent, feeling his fluffy silver hair on my chin, tickling me. You know, Taehyung was my crush since I was seven and I promised myself to marry him one day.

He leaned back and smiled his wide boxy smile at me, something that would always make my heart flutter. “I’m so happy that you’re back, Ggukie! I missed you soo much”, he said and pouted cutely afterwards. I couldn’t help myself but to peck his cheek.

When I moved back I saw him blushing and he hit my chest lightly. “Yah”, he said embarrassed and he took his red cheeks into his cute small hands. “I missed you too, Tae”, I said gentle and hugged him while going into our university.

Tae and I were college students at BigHit University. He was studying Arts and I was studying business management.

My father was a famous CEO and also very feared Gang leader. and I should take over both companies. I was already in both buisnesses since I was fifteen and of course Tae didn’t know about it. And I wanted that it stayed this way, he would be scared if he knew this side from me.

My sweet, beautiful, oblivious Taehyung. Tae next to me was babbling over something but I didn’t really pay attention to it. I was glaring at everyone who dared to look at him and there were a lot. Mostly guys looked at him since he had a breathtaking feminine figure, small waist, long beautiful tan legs and an absolut stunning face. They would always wanted him if they were looking at him and that was a big problem for me.

But also some girls were looking at him and me, mostly fangirling over us but some dared to glare at my Baby. I glared back to them and they looked away, flustered. Everyone is scared of me in the college because they know who I was.

Jeon Jungmin’s son and heir.

The only one who didn’t know anything about my dark secrets was Tae, and obviously I wanted to keep it that way too.

I had control over the university, hell over whole Korea. And everyone respected me and when they respected me, they did it to Taehyung too. Taehyung was my everything, my sunshine, my air to breathe.

And people knew that. And everyone who dared to lay a finger on him was dead. No one would talk to him about who I was because I threatened them. Taehyung shouldn’t know, I wanted to hide him from all the bad in the world because he had went through too much already.

My father knew from my uncontrollable love for Taehyung and surprisingly, he was totally fine with it, he liked Taehyung from the very first start because he believed that Taehyung was someone who could hold my demons in place. So he would hid his true self too when Taehyung was around and I was very grateful for it. He wanted to protect Taehyung as well, he already saw him as his son in law.

And damn was he right.

When Taehyung looked at me I smiled quickly changing my cold, dangerous expression and smiled sweetly at him. I would keep my blank expression to everyone else but Tae was different. Students we passed would look at us confused but i didn’t care.

One girl even dared to asked me what was so special about Taehyung. Let’s say, nobody saw her again.

When we reached Taehyung’s classroom he turned around to me and smiled widely. “I’m really glad, that you’re back, Kook. I was lonely without you”, he said and I smiled sadly. Of course he would be because I forbid everyone to approach him. Expect my own friends of course.

“You need to tell me where you are going, Gguk”, he then went on and I mentally sighed. “I will, Hyung, but now go to your class”, I lightly demanded and patted his butt. He flinched then hitted me on my arm.

“Yah, I’m your Hyung, respect me!“, Tae ordered irritated but smiled afterwards. He was such a sunshine. Hoseok Hyung, one of my gang members was the same as him, always smiling and looking at the bright side.

“Go or you gonna be late”, I teased and he scoffed, turning around and leaving but not after waving excitedly at me. I laughed at his cuteness then turned around to go to my own class. I took out my phone and saw a message from my father.

‘Come to the basement. It’s urgent.’

I sighed annoyed and called Jimin Hyung to watch over Taehyung, he was a close friend of mine and Taehyung and also in my gang. Someone needed to be with Taehyung while I was gone so nothing could happen to him.

“Jeongguk? What is it?”

“Hey, Hyung. Can you come to the college and watch over Taehyung?”

“Sure, I have classes today so no problem!”

Jimin went to the same college as me and Taehyung, along with his boyfriend Yoongi, or Suga who was a genius computer hacker. I thanked him and ended the call then turning around and walking out of the building again.

My blank and cold expression scared the students I passed away and I was satisfied with that. They should fear me. This was the right reaction.

Because I was a monster.

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