Cold Love °Taekook°


In which Kim Taehyung can´t feel anything and Bad boy Jeon Jungkook is eager to change that and show him the good sides of life Collaboration story

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Jungkook’s POV

“Mhmm, Oppa that was wonderful”, the girl, I already forgot the name of, whispered seductively into my ear, she was panting hard while she leaned close to my chest. I scoffed, pushing her away. “Get out”, I snarled annoyed while standing up from my bed, walking into my closet to dress myself.

“Oppa...“, the girl’s annoying voice called out broken for me and I shortly glanced at her. “I give you ten seconds to disappear out of my bed, I needa wash the sheets”, I told her emotionless and she gasped outraged. “Why are you so cold out of the sudden, Oppa?!“, she screamed at me and got up from my bed. I crinkled my nose by the nickname.

“Stop calling me Oppa, girl, it’s annoying”, I told her coldly and she gasped, storming towards me. She was about to slap me but I grabbed her wrist, twisting her arm without mercy. She cried out in pain and I leaned closer to her.

“Ten seconds are over. Now get the fuck out before I make you”, I whispered into her ear.

I think I haven’t introduced myself properly. My name’s Jeon Jungkook and I’m 17 years old, Badboy and new on BigHit Highschool. I changed school cause of many reasons and I don’t wanna go on and on how I fucked basically the entire school, even some teachers. Yes, I’m a player, I admit this.

But what can I say? I’m simply too hot.

So it wasn’t a real surprise for me when girls started staring and giggling at me when I walked past them. Some looked really good and I smirked, maybe one of them was going to be my new victim. I was about to go to one of them to ask them for the way, when I bumped into someone.

It was a thin girl with short hair who was holding a book tightly pressed against her chest. “Yah”, I exclaimed irritated, grabbing her slim arm to prevent her from escaping. When she looked up I gasped shocked. She was as tall as me which surprised me.

And she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life. And trust me, I fucked enough pretty girls to know what beauty is. But that girl, oh snap. She was on a whole entire new level. She had big doe eyes that stared up at me, honey like gorgeous and unmarked skin, pouty red lips and a cute mole on her nose, as well as under one eye.

Her beautiful eyes held no emotions when she stared at me, her eyes slowly wandering towards my hand on her slim arm. “Let me go”, she demanded and the same moment, I let go of her like she hit me. Because that wasn’t the voice of a girl. It was too deep, too cold and too husky to be a girl’s voice.

“Wha- wait. Are you a boy?“, I asked ‘her’ shocked and the person scoffed. “Of course I am. What did you think?“, he asked me coldly, clicking his tongue. I was speechless. And never in my life was I speechless.

The beautiful girl was actually a beautiful boy. And the next thing that shocked me, was that he just left, without sparing me another glance. Only tugging onto his backpack while walking away. And I caught myself staring at his ass when he walked away.

The way his hips moved when he took a step crushed my entire being. Okay. Now that was a challenge. “Damn, Babyboy. I already want to fuck that plump ass of yours”, I mumbled to myself and stared after him until he was out of my sight.

It was just my first day and I already found someone for me. Especially when it was such a gorgeous little boy. I just needed his name. And then let the games begin.

“Welcome our new student, class! His name is Jeon Jun-”

“Wassup everybody! I’m Jungkook! And I hope we all can get along”, I interrupted the teacher, smirking at my classmates who stared at me in awe. Of course they would stare, I’m a full meal. I let my eyes wander across the room, taking my classmates in.

That was until I laid my eyes on a certain beautiful blonde boy in the back of the class. He wore his black hoodie like he invented the color. Right next to him sat a brown haired male who kept talking to him but the boy wasn’t answering, not even bothering to look at him.

“Why don’t you sit next to... hm let’s see... Namjoon and Taehyung?“, my teacher suggested, eyeing my well built chest with heart eyes and I smirked, nodding. “Taehyung, Namjoon please raised your hands”, the teacher said loudly and two guys raised their arms.

One being a grey-haired male and the other... being my unknown blonde beauty. Damn. That’s my lucky day. I slowly walked towards them, eyeing the feminine blonde with a smirk. He looked back at me with no emotion in his hazel eyes and I became somewhat irritated.

Why wasn’t that boy showing no emotion to me?? Everyone does! Even when they pretend not to, playing hard to get! But that guy was a whole new level. Well, I’m always in for a challenge. At the end of the month I have him moaning my name under me.

“What’s good, man? I’m Namjoon”, the grey-haired male introduced himself and extend his hand for me to shake it. “Jungkook”, I said my name again and he smiled, showing his deep dimples. Damn, these dimples are deeper than my future.

“Wanna hang out with me and my friends after that?“, Namjoon suggested me and I nodded, smiling slightly to him.

The rest of the class was with me spending my time staring at Taehyung next to me. That guy really was something else. He showed no emotions to anything, only staring blankly at the teacher who kept explaining some shit I didn’t bother to understand.

His pretty eyelashes fluttered every time he blinked and the way his frail chest moved up and down when he breathed fascinated me. How could someone be so effortless beautiful?

“Hey Namjoon Hyung”, I whispered towards the male next to me. He was older than me and offered me to call him Hyung. I guess everyone is older than me since I skipped one year. ’Coz I’m not only super handsome but also smart.

“What’s up?“, he asked me and looked up from his phone. “What’s wrong with him?“, I said and pointed towards the gorgeous boy next to me who was busy writing something into his college block.

“Oh you mean Blanky?“, Namjoon asked me and I furrowed my eyebrows by this. “Blanky? Why the fuck would you call him that?“, I asked him irritated and he laughed at my angry expression.

“Because he can’t feel anything.”

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