Big time movie 2 Into the story of that


it’s Of the Big time movie sequel of that Fan fiction of that

Children / Action
Lauren Breaux
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Big time movie 2 into the story

This is BTR fan fiction of the big time movie sequel of that this is how it starts like this Carlos Garcia he had a Dream Again on the airplane with the BTR guys of Big Time Rush with Them it stars like this Lauren she was starting to grab the the Glowing orbe Thing there Of That for her to unacative it Of That And to keep it from destroying the whole world of that But All Of the sunden Sir adacaus Moon he shows up there he said wel well we’ll Lauren taking the Glowing orbe Of Danger And doom to keep it from causeing Doom And Danger To the world of that your not gonna take it this time of that she started to hear him say My evil henchmen of mine Get After her After her tie her up on a chair in my evil Lair mine Of That Don,t let her get away though Of That Lauren she ended up being all tied up on a chair in his evil Lair of his Of That Lauren She Looked At Sir Adacaus moon in a Angery way of that she said to him Your never gonna get away with this Of That What wore Planning to Do Of your second evil plan of yours what your gonna do Of That Glowing orbe Of Danger And Doom Destory the whole world of it that Sir Adacaus Moon he said to her Yes I am gonna use it to ruined the whole world of that so now Lauren tell me the code on this Glowing orbe Of Danger And Doom so I could use it to rule the world Again that you could be my Princess and Rule the World with me that Lauren she said out loud Help anther Beatles song played it was Sos one that The BTR Guys Big Time Rush they showed up as spy’s to Save Lauren Her From Sir Adacaus Moon And his second evil plan of his from happening of that it was all of Carlos Garcia Dream Of his anther dream he had on the air plane of that it was like that they became the hero’s and Spy’s that Kendall knight he was driving a spy car that was very amazing Of that Logan mitchel he was on something on water in a cool spy way of that James Diamond he jumped off of a air plane up in the sky in a cool spy way of that it all happened Of That Of Them as Spy’s Again That But the BTR Guys Big Time Rush they didn’t know that Lauren she might end up becoming as a female spy her herself of that Lauren she didn’t know that they are Spy’s as well that they showed up in his evil lair his to stop him that James Diamond he went all the way towards him and hit him on his head ladanding right there in a cool spy way that it’s like they started to be as hero’s to her that Lauren she came to them and she said to them you guys saved me from Sir Adacaus Moon Him you guys are like hero’s as Spy’s to me Thanks Carlos Garcia he said to her your welcome Lauren you are saved from him and save now that Lauren she said to him Oh Carlos Garcia And then Carlos Garcia Dream ended he heard someone say to him Carlos Garcia he woke up he screamed awwwww out loud on the air Plan that Evan everyone on the air Plane heard it Kendall knight he looked at him he said to him anther spy Dream Carlos Garcia said to him it was so Real and very epic to me that Logan he said to him yeah it was Real and very epic I just want to not hear of it at all evan though it was very epic like pigs floating up at outer space that at anther air port there they decided to go on anther air plane Guastavo rock played by Stephan glickmen he said to them you guys aren’t going anywhere stay here the BTR guys Big Time Rush they heard Lauren crying in a sad way she said why did Livia leave me Mom I am having the worst day of my life I am sad I am alone James Diamond he said to them does anyone hear crying they came to her cheered her up Lauren she Had no idea of what’s going on and what’s happening her being with Them that

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