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Christian needs to win back his ex-girlfriend and you need a date for your sister’s wedding. But in the messy world of fake dating, everyone knows that unexpected things can happen. Will you and Christian be able to face the music?

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The Proposal

You took a deep breath and knocked before entering Christian’s apartment, hoping not to walk in to the same sight you’ve witnessed for the past three weeks. Once you crossed the threshold however, you realised how wrong you were. There were empty takeout boxes, empty beer bottles and paper strewn on the floor everywhere you looked. Sighing, you grabbed a black trash bag from under his kitchen sink and started your weekly clean up, cursing out your cousin Dabin at the same time.

When he informed you that Christian needed an assistant all those years ago, this was not what you signed up for. However, you realised that you were doing this out of duty as his good friend and not as his assistant, after a friendship blossomed between the both of you from working together for all these years.

“What are you doing?” Christian asked as he exited his bedroom in nothing more than a towel wrapped around his lower half, fresh from a shower. Most girls would’ve drooled from the sight, but this wasn’t something you haven’t seen before.

“Something you should be doing,” you scoffed, looking away to hide the blush that tinted your cheeks. You were still a woman after all. “Will you please put some clothes on?”

“You don’t need to do any of this and I was about to put some clothes on before I heard all this commotion.”

“I may not need to do it, but I have to do it. You can’t keep living like this forever, Christian. It’s been three weeks. Maybe, it’s time to let her go.”

Her. Soyeon. Christian’s ex-girlfriend.

She broke up with him three weeks ago after being together for three years, citing that their relationship had run its course. She couldn’t see them going anywhere, feeling that all he cared about was his job and his friends. She wanted to get married and have kids, all things Christian also wanted but it didn’t look like their timing matched.

He was devastated. He was so in love with her and couldn’t see a future with anybody else so he tried to talk her out of it, wanting her to give him a chance to change. Sadly, she declined. None of you had any issues with her; she was always very kind and polite to all of you. So, it had been a shock when you found out that she wasn’t willing to give him that.

“You know I can’t do that,” Christian smiled wistfully. “Besides, I have one last idea left. One thing I know would work for sure. I was actually going to talk to you about it because I need your help with pulling it off.”

“Well, you know I’m always willing to help,” you replied. “Just, please put some clothes on first. I don’t want to have to talk about this while staring at your chest.”

Christian wriggled his eyebrows at you, teasing. You rolled your eyes, throwing a tea towel directly at his face before going back to your clean up.

“Is this a joke?” you asked, half an hour later as you sat on the now clean couch in the living room.

“It really isn’t,” Christian assured you.

“It has to be. Where are the fucking cameras? Is Dabin hiding out in your room, ready to come out and yell out ‘you’ve been punked’?”

“I’m dead serious.”

You looked at him dead in the eye and knew he was telling the truth. “Christian, you can’t be serious? You and I? Fake Dating?”

“Think about it,” he pleaded. “You can help me showcase to her that I am a changed man and that she should want me back. Plus, you get something out of it, too.”

You sat there for a few moments, trying to think of how this would benefit you but came up with nothing. Christian rolled his eyes. “You really can’t think of anything?” he asked surprised. “I can take you shopping. Take you to dinner. Take you to the movies. Be a date for an event you have or something.”

You saw a million things wrong with this scenario. First, was the fact that you would be lying to everyone you knew and you weren’t sure you could live with that. Second, was the fact that you actually had to date Christian; albeit fake dating, you still had to go on actual dates with him and had to act as a couple.

Then the last reason, which you pointed out to him. “Say, it works and she wants you back,” you told him. “Do you really think she would pursue a taken man?”

Christian sat there and thought about it for a few moments which you were grateful for because you were hoping that it would talk him out of this crazy idea. “I think she would pursue me,” he concluded much to your dismay. “Then, I’ll just tell her the truth. That this was all fake just to get her to see I’ve changed.”

“Yes, but would she be fine with that? With you lying?”

“Why wouldn’t she be? My intentions are pure.”

“You’re still lying.” you begged for him to understand but from the look on his face, you knew he wasn’t done trying to convince you. Luckily, a text message from your parents, asking you to meet with them urgently, saved you.

“I have to go. My parents apparently need me.”

Christian furrowed his eyebrows in concern. “Is everything okay?”

“I’m not sure,” you sighed before heading to the door. “Christian, if you really want to do this then go for it. I just can’t help you with it, I’m sorry.”

“You said you were always willing to help,” he reminded you with a pout and you almost caved in. Almost.

“I know, but you’re asking too much of me.”

Christian approached, placing both his hands on your shoulders. “All I’m asking is for you to consider it. Please.”

Nodding, you closed the door behind you, drowning out whatever protest he was about to throw at you.

Christian stood there, staring at the door you’ve shut in his face. He decided that this was the last time he was going to allow that to happen. He was determined as he always was.

You should’ve known that he wasn’t going to give this up.

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