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Miraculously Inktober


Honestly, I have no idea where this will take me, but I think it'll be one fanfic that is updated everyday this month.

Action / Humor
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Day 1-Ring

Beep! Beep!
A tan hand quickly reached out from under a blue blanket and instinctively pressed the button that would cause the alarm to stop disturbing his Saturday morning. A black creature shot into the air with a snicker.
"Your school is still on!" the creature smirked. It seemed almost cat-like, with whiskers, ears, and a tail. His green eyes were a welcome change to the solid black body.
"I know, Plagg!" the boy moaned. "I want sleep! Go lie down or something!" The boy's name was Adrien Agreste, superstar and fashion model for his father, Gabriel Agreste. He maintained exceptional grades in school, spoke near-fluent Mandarin, and played the piano like it was a child's toy. Not that he banged loudly on the keys, he was just that good. By night, or whenever he was needed throughout the day, he would transform into his alternate identity: Chat Noir. Girls fauned over both sides of this boy, yet the beach blond was currently sporting an unfortunate case of bedhead and black underwear. Drool dripped down the side of his face while he shut his emerald green eyes off from the world, pushing his face further into the mess of pillows he had started to cuddle with. After a few sleepless minutes, he let loose a gutteral sound of defeat.
There would be no going back to sleep for him.
Plagg snickered after phasing through the blankets that were tossed in the air and inevitably heading in his direction.
"Hey, Sleeping Beauty," Plagg teased.
"Shut it," Adrien yawned half heartedly, throwing a pillow at the black creature as it hovered in the air. Again, Plagg phased through the projectile.
Adrien dragged himself to the bathroom and smothered his toothbrush with some toothpaste. He let water run over it for a moment before slopping it into his mouth and brushing doggedly. After humming to himself, he figured his mouth had to be clean so he began the process of spitting out the toothpaste. He splashed some water in his face and glanced at his tired image in the mirror. His heart skipped a beat before redoubling its pace. His eyes went wide.
His silver ring wasn't in place.
He sprinted back over to his bed, barely managing not to run into his desk seeing as he was still a groggy mess, and scanned the area. A glint of silver under his white bed caught his eye. He bent down and groped under the wood until he felt the metal in his palm. Gingerly, he placed it back on his right ring finger. A sigh of relief escaped his lips.
The ring was called a miraculous. When Adrien said a couple of words, Plagg would be sucked inside and a suit would form around the blond that resembled black leather. He also gained the power of destruction, but at a price. He would only have 5 minutes before his kwami, Plagg, was too tired to hold the transformation and needed to eat and rest. Seeing as the suit gave him a bell, cat ears, and a tail, he was quick to choose Chat Noir as his alias while transformed.
Plagg cackled at the teenager's antics."You should have seen your face!"
"Shut it, Plagg!" Another pillow was hastily launched into the air, having forgotten once again that the being in front of him could phase through matter.
He was still half-asleep. Who could blame him?
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