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His Other Half


Skylar is just a normal girl with a normal life. But that's how every story starts. She's just enjoying her last day of school with her two best friends. When she goes to bed something strange happens and she receives some unexpected news.

Fantasy / Adventure
Emmy Lee
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The Smiling Owl

“Geez Skylar, wake up! You’re gonna be late for school.” I hear my mom scream at me. It’s only 6:30 and school doesn’t even start for another two hours. It’s way too early for this.

I open my eyes to see an extremely bright light above me and immediately shut them. With my eyes still closed I get out of bed and somehow find my way to the light switch and turn the lights off. Much better. I suppose I should get dressed.

I pull out a nice pair of black ripped jeans and a blue cropped halter top with a sun and moon on it. Yea so, my mom will never let me wear this, so I throw it in my bag and put on a normal blue t-shirt and sweatshirt. I’ll just change into the top when I get to school.

I still need to do my hair cuz it looks like a raccoon is living in it. I guess I’ll straighten it.

I finish straightening it and it goes a couple of inches further than my shoulders. I quickly grab my contacts, wallet, and bag and run outside.

I skip breakfast and Rosie and her brother come to pick me up and we head to Black Dog (That’s the coffee shop me and my best friends hang out at). I’m here and I go inside to be greeted with... “SKYYYLAAAAR.” Cece comes running towards me.

“What happened to that blue crop top you just bought? I thought you were gonna wear it,” she says. I respond with

“I am I just couldn’t walk out of the house wearing it or my mom would destroy me.”

“Ohhhh that makes sense. Rosie and I will go order all of our Coffees and you can go change,” Cece says.

I go to the bathroom really quickly and change into the too, and it’s so freaking cute. I walk out and am greeted by...

“OMG, THAT TOP LOOKS AMAZING!” Rosie says very very extravagantly. “You look so good!”

“Thanks,” I say as I laugh a little.

“You want Marcus to see you all pretty?” Cece wiggles her eyebrows.

“Shut up you two,” I laugh, “And no I just wanted to feel pretty for the last day.”

“Fair enough,” they both say.

“Oh shoot! It’s 8:15!” I say, “We gotta go.”

We grab our coffees and dash outta there. Rosie’s brother Evan drives us to school. We get there at 8:35 but thankfully since it’s the last day of school it doesn’t really matter whether we’re late or not.

We all have the same first period which is Language, the best class cuz our teacher is amazing. Since it’s the last day of school our teacher lets us do pretty much whatever we want. Cece, and I Rosie just talk and drink our coffee the whole period. Pretty much all day is the same thing. Cece, Rosie, and I planned for them to come over after school so we all get on the bus together and go to my house.


“Sooooooo.” - Cece

“Sooooooooo.” -Me

We all laugh.

“Today wasn’t too bad since we basically got to do whatever,” I say.

“Yea it was pretty cool,” Cece says.

“Yo let's go down to the store and get some cookie dough,” says Rosie.

“Mk,” I say

We go ride our bikes down to the store and get Cookie dough, soda, candy, like 6 bags of chips, ice cream, chicken, and a bunch of those cheap desserts. And I am now broke.

We set up a blanket, some pillows, scatter our snacks around it and have a movie marathon. We decide that we’ll watch The Hunger Games and Cece is obsessing over Joannah.

“Guys, I don’t think all that food is a good idea,” Rosie says.

“Uh yea me either,” I say.

“Let's just hang out in your room,” Cece says.

We go to my room and it’s super hot so I open a window to just let some air in.

“It’s like 12 am we should try to get some sleep,” I say

“Yeah fair enough, but there’s literally no room in here can Rosie and I sleep in the guest bedroom?” Cece says.

“Yeah sure. Night,” I say.

“Night,” they reply.

It’s been a few hours since they went to bed cuz it’s 3 o’clock now but I can’t go back to sleep. As soon as they left I fell asleep but then I woke up because I had an extremely vivid dream of a dragon. It was horrifying. It was coming at me and there was a door at the end of the hallway. I kept running but the door wasn't any closer and then, I fell and woke up.

Suddenly I see something big fly into my room at top speed. I’m freaking out! Why did I leave the window open? I slowly reach over to turn on my lamp and what I saw, wasn’t what I expected. Standing at the foot of my bed was none other than, and owl. It’s honestly kinda cute. It looks like it's smiling at me. I grab my phone slowly and take a picture of it and put it into google. It’s just a baby Snow Owl. It’s so tiny. It's completely white but it’s got some black spots on its head and it has such deep blue eyes. I didn’t even know owls had blue eyes. Why would a baby owl fly into my room-? Wait it has a piece of paper. A letter. Two letters. Why would an owl be carrying a letter and why would it fly into my room at 3 AM? I slowly reach for the letter and take it from the owl. The owl doesn’t even react it just smiles again and flies over closer to me. I look at the front of the letter and it’s addressed to

Skylar K. Smith

The Upstairs Bedroom to the Right

6200 Big Ben Court Logansport Indiana

How do they know where my bedroom is? That’s kinda terrifying. I don’t know if I should open it. What if it’s got like a bomb in it or something. Wow, I’m being really stupid. You couldn’t possibly fit a bomb in a letter this small. Okay now I’m curious, maybe I should.

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