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Big time rush big time rush Returns


It’s BTR fan fiction of Nickelodeon show Called Big Time Rush as Big Time Rush Returns

Lauren Breaux
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Big time rush Big time rush Returns

This is Anther BTR Fan fiction of the Nicklodeon Show Called Big Time Rush thats Big Time Rush Returns Of That it starts like this the BTR Guys Of Big Time Rush they Returned Back To the Plam woods Again that James Diamond he said to Kendall knight to him I think that the Plam woods might end up starting to Change ever since we showed up here from the start to become as Big Time Rush the boyband the Guyband Named Big Time Rush Togther From the start of that Kendall knight he looked at him he said to him I Don,t think that the Plam woods is Changeing at all Of That it’s still the Plam woods that when we showed up here from the start to become as Big Time Rush from the start of that they went inside the building there the teacher said to the class ok class one of you are gonna do a poetic Poem Of What one of you likes of each other Of That the class started to do the poetic Poem Of That James Diamond he was wondering if Anything was starting to Change the Plam woods Of That nothing hasn’t changed Of the Plam woods at all Of That the magazines showed in it that the Return Of Big Time Rush is starting to Happen Of That And the newspapers showed that as well of that James Diamond he couldn’t Belive it that all of thier Fans Of Them Really Want Them Back Again That Lauren she showed up wareing a Big Time Rush shirt on her that Gustavo rock played by Stephan glickmen he said to them Dogs come right now the changes haven’t started at the Plam woods there yet of that

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