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You love each other, that much you knew. Unfortunately, fate would dictate that either of you belonged to another. There is a difference between who we love, who we settle with and who we’re meant for. But, was that the case for everybody? Or were you always fated to be together?

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Timing is a B*tch

Soulmates. A person ideally suited to another, as a close friend or romantic partner. You almost despised the word and its meaning.

Unlike most people, your heart beat for someone else, and had been lucky enough for his heart to beat for you. But fate - and the law, apparently - dictated that you may belong to another. It was a risk to be with each other, only to be separated later on. They also said it would hurt to love someone before meeting your soulmate. Unfortunately, it was too late for the both of you.

You were supposed to meet your soulmate once the both of you became of age. That had been almost three months ago for you, but there had been nothing. No sensations, no signs, no changes. Nothing. Your soulmate was either not of age yet, or worse - dead.

Even though you disliked the situation that you had been put in, you did not wish for your mate to be dead. You weren’t that cruel. So you decided to give him - or her - till the end of the year. Otherwise you’d have to seek advice.

It had been over six months since you attempted to throw your feelings for your non-soulmate away, albeit unsuccessful. You were reminded of that, when the man in question walked into the same grocery store that you were at. He was as beautiful as when you last saw him, and evoked the same feelings from you that had been dormant since you were last in his presence. Nothing about him seemed to have changed.

Was it terrible for you to hope that he hadn’t found his soulmate? Probably. But, it was his birthday today so he was bound to find her soon enough.

Too busy thinking, you failed to realise that he had noticed your presence until he called for you name uncertainly, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Hi, Yoongi,” you smiled warmly at him.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” he asked gently and you nodded. “How have you been?”

“As good as I can be. What about you?”

“Yeah, same,” he answered, scratching the back of his neck nervously, and you smiled. You were so attuned to each other, that you already knew what he was wanting to know.

“Just ask me already.”

“Have you met him yet?” Yoongi asked curiously.

“No, I haven’t,” you smiled wistfully, and attempted to change the attention back to him. “You should be getting a hint tonight, right?”

He stared at you confused and you just smiled and shook your head at him.

“It’s your birthday, tonight,” you explained.

“You remember?”

“Like I could forget,” you answered, avoiding his gaze. “You should be getting some sort of hint tonight, or a feeling. If she is of age, of course.”

“Yeah…” he trailed off as he continued to state at you.

Yoongi didn’t think it was possible, but you were just as beautiful as when he last saw you. Unbeknown to you, he was feeling the exact same was as you were. He had been unable to let go of his feelings for you and wasn’t sure how ready he was to meet his soulmate.

What if his mate didn’t make him as happy as you did? What if his mate, didn’t make his heart beat like you did? He remembered what the both of had agreed upon six months ago, but did he really want that? Would he really love his mate more than he loved you?

“I should go,” you interrupted his monologue, before placing a soft kiss on his cheek. “Happy Birthday, Yoongi. I wish you all the happiness in the world, because God knows you deserve it.”

“Wait!” he called out and caught up to you as you reached the corner. “I’m having a party at the company tonight. Come. Please?”

“I- I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?” he countered. “We’re still friends right? Plus, the guys miss you.” I miss you.

You contemplated for a moment as he stood there nervously, shifting his weight from foot to foot. Hobi - your best friend - did ask you to come to the party, but you had declined. You didn’t think the man of the hour had wanted you there, but now here he is, inviting you himself. Surely, it couldn’t hurt?

“Okay, sure. I’ll be there.”

You told Hobi about the news of your attendance, and he was ecstatic to say the least. They had all missed your presence and couldn’t wait to see you. He also reasoned, that there will be a lot of people there tonight, so you might meet your soulmate, as your love meets his.

You really didn’t want to think about that tonight, but you guessed that it was unavoidable. You just prayed that Hobi didn’t spend the night trying to set you up with guys, who could potentially be your soulmate, while in front of Yoongi.

You settled for a long, curve-hugging red dress and let your hair down. You had put no makeup on, just a red lippy to go with your dress. As you looked in the mirror, you realised that you weren’t playing fair.

This was Yoongi’s favourite dress on you.

It was his fault anyway, you reasoned with yourself. He was the one that invited you to this party where he could meet his soulmate while you watched from the sidelines. That fact made you decide to at least, leave an impression on him, so that he would never forget you.

“I see you didn’t come to play fair,” Taehyung smirked as he looked you over, after hugging you. “I very much approve of the dress.”

“I thought you might,” you smirked back, and linked your arms with his as he guided you through the room. “Life isn’t fair. I thought I might as well fight while I can.”

“Let’s drink to that then shall we?” he asked as you reached the bar and you nodded.

Facing outwards toward the crowd as Taehyung ordered your drinks, you noted that there were no tingling feeling or sensations yet. Hobi was definitely wrong on his prediction. You scanned the crowd for the birthday boy, but he was nowhere to be found.

“He’s talking to some executives on the other side,” Namjoon said from your left and welcomed you with a hug.

“So, we’re going for the “I’m-not-going-down-without-a-fight” look tonight, are we?” Seokjin asked as he approached.

“Am I that obvious?” you laughed to yourself.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Hobi exclaimed as he spotted you, Jimin and the maknae tagging along with him. “Are you trying to kill him?!”

“Yep,” Seokjin answered for you and you rolled your eyes.

“Hello, to you too, Hobi. Oh, and hi, Jimin and Jungkook.”

“Hey!” The latter two greeted and gave you a kiss on each cheek.

“Answer the question, missy.” Hobi prodded you.

“You’re the one who said I could meet my soulmate tonight,” you answered with a shrug. “I just dressed to impress.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game,” he warned which earned him another eye roll.

“Love’s not a competition,” you said as you grabbed the drink from Taehyung and downed it. “But, I’m winning.”

Yoongi finally managed to go through the formalities with the executives before prying himself away from their company, in search of you. He had to find you. He felt your presence as soon as you walked into room, even though he couldn’t see you.

He was never able to fully explain it, but his heart and body just always knew when you were around. A part of him wished that it was his bond to you, confirming you as his soulmate, but he knew better.

He was right about his gut feeling though because he had spotted you by the bar, in that fucking dress, during his talks. So he made his way there.

“She’s out by the balcony for some fresh air,” Namjoon directed him as he approached the bar and Yoongi gave him a nod.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” Hobi warned him.

“I invited her to the party,” Yoongi scoffed. “It’s too late for that.”

Yoongi walked out to the balcony and spotted you there, looking out towards the city skyline. He was thankful that there was no one else there, so he could stand there for a few moments to admire your figure.

“You came,” you heard Yoongi say. You already knew he was there, as soon as he walked out, but you savoured the feeling, just like he did.

“Well, it’s not like I could decline you on your birthday.”

“You even wore my favourite,” Yoongi stated as he approached, before settling behind you and placed his arms around you, with his hands settling on the railing in front. “You spoil me.”

“Consider it your birthday present.”

“Do I get to unwrap it later?” Yoongi whispered low in your ear, and sent a tingle down your spine. You turned around to face him, still surrounded by him.

“I wish,” you sighed and leant your forehead against his. “But, I’m not in the mood for heartbreak tonight.”

“You’re right,” Yoongi sighed back. “As much as I really want to kiss you right now, you’re right.”

You both laughed sadly before pulling away from each other. You hadn’t even realised you were crying until a stray tear entered your lips. You looked up at him to see him crying too.

“I really wish things were diff-”

“I know,” you interrupted and engulfed him in a hug. Yoongi breathed you in one last time before reluctantly letting you go.

“Are you ready to go back to the real world?” he held out his hand and you took it.

“Let’s go.”

You spent the next few hours at the party, with the rest of his group. You had sat next to Hobi while Yoongi sat on the opposite end. You stole glances to each other now and then, and nothing more.

You decided to leave just before midnight, knowing that as soon as that time came, Yoongi might get his hint and meet his soulmate at the party. You didn’t want to bare witness to that. You bid your farewells to them one by one and managed to give Yoongi one last hug before leaving.

You wished him happiness in his quest, and he really had to stop himself from kissing you.

The clock struck twelve, just as you were about to grab the doorknob to exit. You froze as you started to feel the tingle and a warm sensation run up and down your left arm. You stared at it wonder.

Your soulmate. He’s here.

You turned to look back at Yoongi, who was happily chatting with the boys, seemingly unaffected.

It isn’t him.

You closed your eyes and resigned to your fate, before walking out the door. You’ve found your soulmate but you certainly weren’t planning on meeting him at Yoongi’s party. You couldn’t do that to Yoongi. You’d have to meet them another time, which was now guaranteed, after what you felt back there.

Unbeknown to you, Yoongi had also felt the sensation run up his left arm. He just didn’t realise what it was at first. He only figured it out, once he started to feel warm. Yoongi stood up from his seat, breathing heavily as he stared at his arm.

She’s here. Could it be?

Yoongi looked up toward the door, just as you closed it behind you. It isn’t her.

Yoongi excused himself for a few minutes, making his way toward the Genius Lab. He sunk down to the floor, as soon as he entered, and allowed himself a few tears about losing you forever.

Soulmates. Just for tonight, you allowed yourself to despise the word and its meaning.

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