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Merman °Taekook


Once upon a time... this is how fairytales start right? In fairytales, the princess always gets her happy ending. And lives happily ever after with her Prince... this is how it should be, it’s the romantic version. But what if, the princess or in our case the prince doesn’t want his happy ending with a prince? Meet Kim Taehyung, youngest son of Poseidon and soon to be engaged with Kim Jongin, the son of his father’s most trusted man. Being the youngest from his two brothers is already hard, but a rare gene mutation makes him even more wanted. Unlike other mermen, he’s able to transform into a human due to lack of water. And what if, his Prince isn’t a Prince but a King? Meet Jeon Jungkook, the King of Pirates, Defender of Freedom, Warrior etc. He doesn’t like all his titles, but they make him untouchable. How will he react, when he meets the stunning merman Taehyung? In which merman Kim Taehyung gets captured by the pirate king Jeon Jungkook.

Romance / Adventure
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"Kim Taehyung!”

The said red-haired male giggled when he heard the angry voice of his brother Kim Baekhyun and he quickly swam away from his furious brother, flipping his tail in the process. “Taehyung!“, his brother called out for him again and Taehyung looked back.

Baekhyun’s once blue tail was a bright red now and Taehyung giggled by the sight of his brother full of red, the same colour as Taehyung’s hair. He swam so quickly, trying to get away from his fuming brother, that he didn’t noticed in which direction of the ocean he swam.

The forbidden part of Poseidon’s kingdom aka Kim Namjoon aka Taehyung’s beloved father. Taehyung shivered in the now colder water and he stopped in the middle of a barrier reef, turning around in the water when he felt someone staring at him.

“Hello?“, the redhead called out and his big brown eyes scanned his surroUndings. His tail glistened in the water and he cursed lightly in his head. “I should have listened to Father and swam not too far from the palace”, Taehyung mumbled and turned around to swim back into the safety of Poseidon’s palace.

Right in that moment, something big and heavy landed on the young merman and Taehyung screamed in fear when his delicate back and tail hit the ground. The creature on top of the prince held him down and Taehyung whimpered in agony when he couldn’t saw the face of his captor.

Then he heard a laugh.

“Gosh, you should see your face”, he heard a voice right next to his ear and then the young prince was released from the tight grip around his petite frame and the merman jolted up. The creature in front of him transformed into a handsome male with ash blonde hair and black golden tentacles which almost hit Taehyung’s head playfully.

“Yah, Jiminie”, the redhead whined. “You almost scared me to death with your stupid attack”, the merman pouted afterwards and the aforementioned swam forward to comfort the younger. “I’m sorry, TaeTae. But shouldn’t you be in your Father’s palace?“, he asked slightly worried since it wasn’t the first time for the other to swim away from his home.

Meet Park Jimin, Son of the ‘evil’ Seawitch Ursula and ‘official’ enemy of Kim Namjoon, the king of the sea. He was supposed to be evil and apparently he was to anyone but Taehyung. You see, Taehyung and him met when Taehyung was swimming out if the palace in a fast pace, right after his engagement with Kim Jongin, the son of Jackson Wang, the best friend of Taehyung’s father Namjoon.

Taehyung was furious and hurt that he should marry a stranger, well for him since he didn’t talk to Jongin that much because he had this dark and scary aura around him. So he ran, well swam away from home and into the forbidden area outside the palace.

Jimin to that time was torturing some pathetic worms, in his opinion, but got stopped by the most beautiful creature in the world, also known as Kim Taehyung. The octopus-man was angered that someone stole him the opportunity of releasing his anger but when he saw the cute red-haired merman staring at him with big innocent eyes, he dropped his plan.

This was how the unequal friendship of Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung began.

“Yeah”, Taehyung grumbled and got up from the stone, smiling apologetic at some fishes who were scared away by Jimin’s sudden action. “I painted Baek Hyung’s tail”, he mumbled and watched how the fishes swam around him. A small smile spread on his stunning face. “You did what?“, Jimin asked stunned, then choked on his laughter.

“Oh no, Tae, again? He’ll kill you”, Jimin said after he took a deep breath to calm himself. One of his tentacles wrapped itself around Taehyung’s petite waist to pull him closer and Taehyung let Jimin hug him. “I know”, Taehyung mumbled and began to play with Jimin’s chain around on his neck. “You’re still wearing it”, the merman mumbled and smiled at the seawizard in front of him.

“Always”, Jimin whispered and squeezed Taehyung’s waist. The merman snuggled closer into the embrace of his best friend. “We won’t see each other for a longer time possibly”, he mumbled sad and hugged Jimin.

“Yeah”, Jimin mumbled into Taehyung’s fluffy hair that looked like a red halo around him. “I’m gonna miss Minnie”, Taehyung choked out a sob, he loved the male in front of him so much. He was the first real friend for the prince. It didn’t matter for Taehyung what others thought of Jimin.

He knew the real Jimin and that only counted.

“Tae you need a go back before they send someone who’ll search for you, they can’t see you with me...”

“Step back from the prince, Park. Now.”

“Ah snap”, Jimin cursed and turned around to was met with a weapon, hold by the one and only Kim Jongin.

“Hello Kai. Nice seeing you again”, he said casually and Taehyung stiffened in his arms when he heard the hateful name of his Fiancé. “Taehyung. Come over to me, now. Your father is worried sick about you”, Kai said in a soft but demanding voice and Taehyung looked back at Jimin.

“Taehyung, don’t”, Jimin said softly and removed his tentacle from Taehyung’s waist, giving Kai the chance to grab Taehyung. “I should kill you, Park but I don’t want Taehyung to see me touching dirt”, Kai spatted at the ash blonde male and Jimin smirked.

“Dirt? A new nickname, I’m so happy”, he replied sarcastically and Taehyung winced when Kai’s nails digged into the soft skin of his arm. “I’ll be fine, Tae, don’t worry”, Jimin called out for the small prince and Taehyung nodded.

He then wiggled out of Kai’s grip and hastily swimming back into the safety of the palace. Kai then turned to Jimin. “How are you still alive, Fucktard”, he said towards the other and Jimin smirked.

“Willpower, Kai. Just strong willpower.”

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