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Taehyung was still crying and whimpering on the floor of Jeongguk’s cabin, hugging his knees tightly to his chest. He rested his chin on his knees, tears still streaming down his rosy cheeks. All in all, the young prince looked like a pathetic mess and he hated feeling this exposed and vulnerable.

Jeongguk on the other side of the door enjoyed the power he held over his beautiful captive, the prince had caught his attention and Jeongguk even was able to keep Taehyung. It seemed to be the raven’s lucky day.

He was currently talking to Yoongi and Hoseok about Taehyung, how they should use them for their advantage, Hoseok was against using the merman while Jeongguk and Yoongi had a heated discussion about what they should do.

“We should just return him to his father, the boy is scared as hell and he’s just crying horrible, I pity the poor angel”, Hoseok said with a frown on his handsome features while Yoongi rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s state.

“Poor angel my ass, have you seen that boy? He’s a fucking sex god, I mean did you see his face? Holy fucking shit and that body tho? I would totally fuck him and wreck this innocence”, Yoongi exclaimed and Jeongguk huffed by his words, even if they were true and he felt the same.

“Yoongi, you’re a bottom”, he deadpanned and Hoseok laughed deeply when Yoongi blushed a deep crimson red. “I’m not a bottom”, Yoongi growled between grittened teeth and Jeongguk and Hoseok’s laughter were heard on the whole ship.

“Who you were just begging last night to ‘fucking fuck you harder’, hm?“, Jeongguk teased the small male and Yoongi crossed his arms, mumbling something under his breathe. Hoseok hugged his boyfriend while smiling widely.

“Isn’t he cute when he’s all grumpy?“, he asked Jeongguk and Yoongi shot both of them a death glare. “I hate you both”, he growled annoyed and wiggled out of Hoseok’s grip but stood pretty close to his lover. Yoongi might be angry but he still wanted to be touched by his lover.

“Now, anyways. Do you wanna sell him? I think that the japanese king doesn’t have a merman in his collection and a prince like him will for sure bring much money...“, Yoongi stopped talking when he saw Jeongguk glaring at him.

“I keep him, he’s mine”, Jeongguk deadpanned with a death glare towards Yoongi and the shorter male just shrugged. “Whatever you say, man. I mean, he’s hella cute so have your fun”, he commented and patted Jeongguk’s back.

Hoseok looked worried towards Jeongguk’s locked door. “Don’t hurt him, Gguk, he doesn’t deserve your weird little plays”, he said frowning and Jeongguk gave him a wicked smirk. “I can’t promise anything, he’s too tempting, I guess he’ll be my favorite. So beautiful, I think I won’t even share him”, he commented.

Wonho who eavesdropped the conversation, groaned. “Oh man”, he said towards Sehun who stood next to him. “Jeon won’t share that cute merman boy with us”, he told the other male and Sehun groaned annoyed. “he’s always keeping everything good for himself”, he groaned and Wonho nodded in agreement.

“Well sucks to be you, but he’s the captain and he can do anything he wants”, Yoongi growled towards them and Jeongguk next to him chuckled by this. Hoseok wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s waist, smiling down at him. “Calm down, Babe”, he kissed Yoongi’s temple.

Jeongguk just chuckled darkly at the sailors, not saying anything but glaring coldly at them. This was the only warning the two got and they hurried to get away from their captain before something bad happened.

Never make Jeon Jeongguk angry.

“I’m gonna see how my pretty prince’s doing”, Jeongguk said before walking towards his cabin. But right when he wanted to unlock the door, the ship was shaking hard out of the sudden and the raven turned around, his muscles were flexing under his tight black shirt when he grabbed his sword.

He heard a high-pitched whimper coming from the locked beauty inside his cabin and he quickly looked over his shoulder, seeing the door still locked. Screams were heard and Jeongguk’s dark, soulless eyes widened.

The pirate never was scared of anything, why would he?

But he was for sure shocked to see golden black tentacles wrapped around the railing and connected to them was seen a furious male with ash blonde hair, energy balls full of magic in his hands.

“Where the fuck do you lock Taehyung?! Return him immediately or you’ll have to deal with me!”

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