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Jimin was searching for his best friend, searching for a sign of the pretty merman but when he didn’t found him, he released golden lightnings onto the ship, getting screams and guns pointing at him from Jeongguk’s pirate crew.

“Well hello. And who might you be?“, Jeongguk asked with a smirk plastered on his face, he was amused how the creature growled at him, his tentacles flipping in the air. “Give me back Taehyung”, he growled angrily and Jeongguk chuckled by the command of the creature.

“And who are you to demand me?“, Jeongguk asked bored, he already got irritated by the sea creature in front of him. The sailors watched the tentacle boy interested, especially Yoongi and Hoseok who thought that the boy looked pretty cute.

“I’m Park Jimin you fishass and if you don’t give me back my friend I’m gonna drown you and your whole pathetic crew”, Jimin snarled. “I wanna see you try. Because if you’re gonna do this, you’ll kill the precious friend you try to save”, Jeongguk commented and Jimin growled by this, releasing his magic over the pirate crew.

The other pirates screamed and cursed at the boy, giving Jeongguk the chance to get into his cabin. The fight on his ship was angering the raven. If the boy out there wanted his Taehyung, he needed to get him by force.

Because Jeongguk wasn’t a man who shared his things with others, especially if it was a pretty and young merman prince who had caught his interest from the very start. Jeongguk found the petite merman rolled into a small ball on the ground, still sobbing softly.

Jeongguk approached the boy with fast and angry steps and Taehyung lifted his head from his knees, looking at Jeongguk with big, red eyes. He sniffled anxious when Jeongguk came closer and backed away whimpering from the man but with no use since he was too slow and Jeongguk too powerful and fast.

When Jeongguk reached the boy and crouched down in front of the sobbing and scared Taehyung, he smiled warmly at the boy and Taehyung watched him with terribly dry, red lips turning into an adorable pout and big brown eyes. “G-go away”, the prince whined and tried backing more away but his back already hit the wall of the cabin and he looked at Jeongguk scared.

The pirate didn’t say any word but only grabbed Taehyung by his petite waist, pulling him up. Taehyung screamed softly in fear and pain when his weight was put on his legs, which he couldn’t use, of course. Jeongguk cursed under his breath when he heard the rumors outside, he needed to hurry to bring Taehyung outside.

So he simply wrapped his strong, athletic arms around the boy’s fragile body and lifted him up. Taehyung shrieked by this and the prince hit desperately the arms of his captor, begging him in a high-pitched and scared voice to release him.

But Jeongguk ignored the pleads of his beautiful captive and carried him outside his cabin. When the two came outside, the gaze of the other sea creature fell on the horrible lookinng sea prince and Jimin gasped in terror.

Because Taehyung’s once beautiful turquoise tail was gone but instead, he had slim tan legs dandling in the air because the pirate king was carrying his fragile body. Taehyung breathed heavily in fear, he expected horrible things from the dark-haired male carrying him so he was shaking terribly in fear.

Small sobs and gasps left his throat once in a while when Jeongguk continued carrying him. Taehyung felt helpless and vulnerable since he couldn’t free himself from the man’s embrace and he hated the tingling feeling from where Jeongguk’s arms touched his exposed skin. He moved around in the man’s arms, a weak attempt to get released and Jeongguk noticed the weak struggling amused.

He walked with the captured prince in his arms to the middle of the ship, a bit distanced from Jimin who watched them with hawk eyes. “Tae!“, he called out for his best friend in worry and Taehyung lifted his head, his red hair fell into his forehead and he blinked his beautiful eyes multiple times when he saw the seawizard on the reiling, his tentacles wrapped around a man’s throat.

“J-Jiminie?“, Taehyung asked surprised and horrified. “Minnie...“, he mumbled and his bottom lip started to tremble when dry sobs left his red lips and he tried to get to his best friend, out of Jeongguk’s iron grip. But the stronger male didn’t let Taehyung move in any way, he wrapped his arms tighter around Taehyung’s slim waist and the merman winced in pain.

He tried pushing the arms away that held him captive but since he was hanging in the air, it was an useless attempt. “Let me go!“, he screamed at his captor angrily but Jeongguk just chuckled, looking to Jimin. The seawizard dropped the man in his grip to the ground and he coughed, crawling away from the dangerous creature.

“If you want him back, come and get him”, Jeongguk threatened Jimin and the seawizard clenched his teeth, looking worried to his best friend who was watching him also, helplessly crying in the pirate’s arms and squirming around.

Jimin was furious over the way Jeongguk touched his precious Taehyung, he was always very protective over the fragile prince, since he was the only friend of Jimin and Jimin loved him with his whole heart. He loved Taehyung so so much that he couldn’t stand seeing the redhead in any pain or scared. And Jeongguk made him hurt and scared the same time.

He growled inhumanly, lightnings crackled around his hands when he slid onto the deck, his tentacles spread around him. But he realized too late that it was just a trick of Jeongguk to get him out of the water, onto the deck. Because now he was in his territory.

Taehyung screamed Jimin’s name in horror when a huge net was thrown over his figure and he sobbed when he saw Jimin tossing around to get out of the net but with no use. “Tie him together with iron shackles and then bring him down into the prison. Or cuff him to the mast, I don’t care”, Jeongguk ordered towards his men and they bowed respectfully before getting to work.

“You monster! No! Let him go!“, Taehyung screamed furious and struggled in Jeongguk’s grip harder when the men approached Jimin who was squirming around. Taehyung screamed horrified when the sailors grabbed their swords and forced the metal through Jimin’s sensitive tentacles, pinning him to the ground. Jeongguk just chuckled by this because he found Taehyung utterly cute. In his opinion, the pretty merman looked like an angry puppy.

“No, please, stop! Don’t hurt him!“, Taehyung screamed and whimpered at the end when he saw the pained face of his best friend under the net, their eyes meeting each other. “Tae, it’s okay”, Jimin mouthed towards his friend and the redhead shook his head, crying.

“N-no Jimin! JIMIN!“, Taehyung yelled and tossed around when Jeongguk carried him away again, away from his best friend who released a pained scream when another sword was pushed through his flesh.

“Jimin...“, Taehyung whispered in horror. “Minnie I’m so sorry...”

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