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“Let go of me you meanie!“, Taehyung yelled at Jeongguk who carried him into his cabin once again, Taehyung was hitting Jeongguk’s chest with his fists. The pirate found it utterly adorable how the merman was tossing around in his grip, trying to get away from the raven holding him close.

“Be careful, Darling or you’re gonna hurt yourself”, Jeongguk sing-songed and the redhead glared at him trying to look dangerous but Jeongguk couldn’t take the boy serious since the beautiful prince looked like an angry puppy. Which he found super cute.

“Naaw, don’t look at me with your innocent puppy eyes, Darling”, Jeongguk cooed and slammed the door open, carrying the merman inside. He grabbed the thick flesh of Taehyung’s ass and the prince jolted up surprised by the unfamiliar touch.

Taehyung whimpered when his fragile back hit the soft mattress of Jeongguk’s bed and he pressed his fists fearful against his sun kissed skin when the pirate hovered over his tiny frame. “You hurt my Jiminie!“, Taehyung whined, tears brimmed in his eyes when he thought of Jimin’s pained face when he looked at him.

His best friend was in pain because of him. Because Taehyung swam away from home and let himself get captured by the one and only Jeon Jeongguk. The red-haired Prince released a high-pitched whimper when Jeongguk’s rough hands landed on his fragile shoulders, pinning him down to the bed.

"Your Jiminie?“, Jeongguk growled in a dangerous low voice. Taehyung gulped intimidated and his large brown eyes met the dangerous onyx eyes of Jeongguk. “Repeat yourself, princess”, Jeongguk growled again and grabbed Taehyung’s wrists, pinning them above his head and his powerful stare made the prince whimper.

Taehyung had flushed red cheeks and he was breathing heavily, he was scared of what the scary pirate would do to him. But what angered him, was that Jeongguk called him a princess. He was a prince!

“He’s my best friend and you monster hurt him!“, Taehyung piped, his voice just left him due to to his anxiety before Jeongguk and the said male chuckled before abruptly turning Taehyung around.

“Careful how you speak to me, little prince. I can be your worst nightmare, Sweetie”, Jeongguk warned the shivering merman under him and slowly sat on Taehyung’s tan legs. Taehyung squirmed under him and looked over his shoulder to Jeongguk. The redhead caught the other staring at his ass that was barely covered by the shirt wrapped around his petite torso.

Jeongguk licked his lips by the delicious sight. “How much I want to eat you out in this moment”, he mumbled while his other hand which wasn’t holding Taehyung’s wrists, roamed over Taehyung’s thick ass.

Taehyung heard what the male said and of course he didn’t know what Jeongguk meant, but he panicked. He could only think of all the horror stories his brother told him about the scary pirate captain. That he would eat him and Taehyung didn’t want to be eaten.

“A-am I gonna get cooked? Like in fish soup?“, he asked the pirate hovering above him with a fearful expression on his pretty face and Jeongguk looked up confused, towards the scared merman.

A sly smirk slowly appeared on his face when he thought about Taehyung’s words, the prince was so fucking innocent and Jeongguk couldn’t wait to ruin that. “Well, I’m gonna eat that pretty ass of yours so you can call it like that”, he told the shivering Taehyung.

Jeongguk slowly moved the shirt up, exposing Taehyung’s glorious ass and the boy squirmed around uncomfortable and screamed when something wet attacked his soft skin. It was Jeongguk’s pink tongue and the pirate possessively kissed every inch of Taehyung’s skin.

Taehyung whimpered helpless, the new feelings were overwhelming for the young sea prince, he didn’t know how to feel. He gasped for air when Jeongguk bit his left ass cheek with his teeth, teasingly slow and the prince couldn’t hold back the small moan, escaping his plump lips.

“What was that, Baby? Did you enjoy this? How I’m biting your fucking thick ass?“, Jeongguk teased the boy and slowly spreaded Taehyung’s ass cheeks, making the boy whine and burrying his head into the soft pillows. “A-ah”, a soft tiny moan escaped Taehyung when Jeongguk smirked and spreading his cheeks wider apart.

The raven had a perfect view on Taehyung’s puckered pink hole and he never saw anything more beautiful. “So gorgeous, Baby. I bet you’re tight as hell”, he mumbled and pressed a kiss on the hole.

Taehyung jolted upwards with a soft scream on his red lips and he tried to get out of Jeongguk’s grip. Jeongguk grinned widely by the adorable reaction of his cute prince and he kissed the hole again, loving the way it started to clench and unclench around nothing, waiting for him to fill it.

“S-stop”, Taehyung weakly begged, he liked the feeling too much and the fact that it came from his captor made him turn bright red. “Your slutty hole is saying something else, Babyboy”, Jeongguk teased and Taehyung moaned embarrassed.

“And I need to punish my puppy for misbehaving and yelling at me”, Jeongguk said and slowly pushed his tongue into Taehyung’s pink hole. Taehyung screamed and then cried helplessly into the pillows when the dominant started to rim him.

Taehyung was overwhelmed by the pleasure, he never felt this good before and he closed his eyes while tears slipped out of his eyes, tears of unbelievable pleasure. He grabbed the pillows hard, whimpering with every move of Jeongguk’s heavenly tongue.

His soft Baby moans turned Jeongguk even more on and he felt his pants tighten by the heavenly sounds. He pushed his tongue faster in and out and listened to Taehyung’s choked moans and sobs. When he felt how his Baby was slowly coming, he stopped.

Taehyung whined by the loss of Jeongguk’s tongue and Jeongguk slapped his ass in response. “Punishment, Baby”, he said and licked his lips, he loved the taste of Taehyung. “This is a reminder that you’re mine and no one’s else. I will devour you, Darling until you’re begging for me. You won’t want another man. This is my promise for you. No one’s gonna take you away, especially not that Jimin”, Jeongguk leaned down and placed a featherly kiss on Taehyung’s exposed shoulder.

“Now rest a bit, Darling. It was for sure a hard day for you”, with that, Jeongguk got up to leave and Taehyung sleepily looked up at the leaving pirate. “You’re so cruel”, he whispered with fresh tears visible in his eyes.

Jeongguk just smiled. “I know. And I’ll make you love this cruelness”, with that, Jeongguk left the exhausted merman alone.

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