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Jimin refused to cry or show any weakness to the pirates who were forcefully pushing me against the head mast. It was a huge difference of how they were treating Taehyung, the fragile looking prince was so different compared to the muscular and dangerous seawizard and the pirates even feared Jimin. Well, his powers.

Jimin groaned in pain when the swords in his sensitive tentacles digged more into his skin. One pirate with dirty orange hair looked up and grinned at the seawizard, pleased to see him in pain. “Does that hurt, creature?“, he asked Jimin with a smirk and grabbed one of the swords, pushing it further into Jimin’s flesh. Jimin gritted his teeth, snarling at the pathetic attempt to make him mad.

“Fuck off, Shithead before I kill you”, he spatted and he was pleased to see the glint of fear in the man’s eyes. “Sehun, go back to your work”, a man’s voice snapped Jimin’s head towards a pale man with silky looking black hair. Sehun quickly followed the order, leaving the stranger alone with Jimin.

The two men stared at each other for a while, both were observing each other faces. Until the black-haired male broke the silence. “You’re pretty”, he stated and crossed his arms in front his chest, tilting his head to the side. “For a sea creature”, he added and Jimin snarled by this, looking away.

He watched how the pirate king, Jeongguk walked out of his cabin, looking back inside and then closing the door, locking it. Jimin watched him full of hatred when he placed the key into his pocket, smirking to himself. The male had locked Taehyung inside of his cabin.

And Jimin hated the way Jeongguk had touched his precious Taehyung, even the way he was looking at the pretty redhead made his blood boil. Taehyung was so fragile and innocent, Jimin needed to protect his sweet best friend. Especially of Jeongguk. The man wanted Taehyung, Jimin saw it clearly.

And the way Jeongguk took advantage of Taehyung’s weak state, how he used him... it scared Jimin. It scared him what the ravenette might do to the young prince. Taehyung was weak, Jimin knew this, he for sure wouldn’t be able to fight against the dominant male. The prince would easily give in. Especially now, when he had transformed into a human.

Jimin felt bad for not telling Taehyung the secret. The seawizard knew it for so long now, kept as a secret in front of his best friend, not being able to tell him. After all, his mother helped Namjoon by this.

“I’m Yoongi”, the black-haired male suddenly said, interrupting Jimin’s thoughts and the ash blonde male looked at him bored. The other male stared at him hopeful with a tiny smile. But it faded when Jimin spoke.

“I do not want to know this, human”, the seawizard said coldly and Yoongi almost jumped back by this. “For once in my fucking life I wanted to be nice”, he grumbled, looking at the seawizard again. There was something about the male that fascinated him. But he couldn’t tell what exactly.

But what he knew, that Jimin was extremely good-looking and Yoongi merely blushed by his thought, he had Hoseok for fuck’s sake. “Go away, human and let me suffer my fate alone”, Jimin snarled, closing his eyes demonstratively to show Yoongi that the conversation was over.

Yoongi sighed. “Fine. But don’t think I’m gonna be nice ever again to you”, he snapped angrily and Jimin chuckled by this. “As if I wanted that, Sweetie”, he commented. He didn’t see the blush that crept over Yoongi’s cheeks.

Jimin was busy thinking about how he could free himself and save Taehyung.

Deep down in the sea, Kai clenched his fists around the small fish which he had used as a messenger. “Jeon Jeongguk, huh? You dare laying your disgusting fingers on my Taehyung? On my fiancé? I’m gonna kill you for this, human boy.”

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