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Taehyung woke up with a big lump in his throat. His thick, black eyelashes were glued together because of his tears and the merman looked around, trying to focus on his surroundings. When he realized, where he was, Taehyung sighed sadly, rubbing his face with a cute little fist.

The merman had pretty long fingers but when he made a fist, it was little and cute, just like him. It was already the next day and Taehyung immediately shot up from the soft underground he was laying on. Jimin. He totally forgot about Jimin.

But before he could get up, which would be impossible since the merman didn’t know how to use his legs but he didn’t know that, a strong arm was wrapped around his waist. Causing the prince to yelp.

“Where do you think, you’re going Darling?“, a deep husky voice asked the pretty merman and Taehyung shrieked when he got pulled onto a hard chest. Jeongguk’s hard and manly chest. The boy stiffened when he felt Jeongguk’s lips ghosting over his sensitive neck area and he sucked in a deep breath when they shortly came in touch with his skin.

Jeongguk growled as a reply and wrapped his arms tighter around the boy’s tiny waist, pressing their bodies even closer together. “U-uh”, Taehyung stuttered bright red, too embarrassed from their position with him on top of the pirate king.

“What are you doing here?“, he asked instead and almost slapped himself for the dumb question. Taehyung felt Jeongguk laughing against his back, utterly amused by the cute boy. “Well this is my bed and I’m sleeping in it. And where did you wanna go, hm?“, he asked the adorable blushing boy on top of him amused.

Taehyung huffed as a response. “Since you kidnapped me and my best friend, I wanted to see if he was alright”, Taehyung explained while looking everywhere but to Jeongguk’s arms around his waist. The prince felt extremely uncomfortable being this close to Jeongguk. And it was because his stomach was full of butterflies.

Butterflies because he liked the touch. And that made the redhead uncomfortable, he never was used to such feelings. Being hold away from the outside world made the young prince pure and innocent, he knew nothing about skinship or sexual intercourse. So of course he would get flustered.

Jeongguk on the other side enjoyed the power he held over the innocent beauty in his arms, he couldn’t wait to wreck Taehyung, so ruin his innocent mind until it was filled with erotic pictures of Jeongguk. The dark-haired male didn’t mind thinking like this, he imagined the boy moaning and screaming under him.

And he loved the thought, very very much.

So the pirate, being the tease he was, started to plant small kisses along the tan neck of Taehyung and the innocent minded boy shrieked by this, before closing his eyes in pleasure. Jeongguk smirked by this and started sucking on a special spot and Taehyung threw his head back, moaning in delight and arching his back beautifully.

When he did this, Jeongguk couldn’t help himself but to get hard. Because when would he had such a beautiful creature laying on top of him, moaning in pleasure just from a few kisses? “You’re so cute, Babyboy. I can’t wait to do all the dirty things with you”, Jeongguk smirked against Taehyung’s skin.

His hand traveled over the delicate hips of the boy, towards his chest. Jeongguk’s fingers came in touch with Taehyung’s pink bud and the boy released a high-pitched whimper when Jeongguk squeezed it softly. The pirate lifted one eyebrow by this, repeating the action and he watched how Taehyung was squirming on top of him, his plump ass pressed against his, now hard, dick and Jeongguk groaned.

Taehyung was unintentionally rubbing his ass against Jeongguk’s crotch and Jeongguk groaned because of the sweet pain in his crotch area. The raven wanted nothing but to flip them over and pound that tight little ass of the sweet merman.

“Babyboy, I would stop if I was you. As long as you don’t want my thick cock inside of your pretty ass”, Jeongguk warned and Taehyung blushed hard, embarrassed and turned on the same time. He bit his lip harshly, before wriggling abruptly out of Jeongguk’s arms.

Jeongguk just watched his pretty captive amused. How the beauty got up from the bed to stand up and ran away. But since Taehyung never had legs in his life before, he didn’t know how to use them. So the merman slumped down on the floor, whimpering when his fragile knees hit the hard wood of the ship.

“You obviously can’t walk, Babyboy. Seems like you’re dependent of me now”, Jeongguk exclaimed grinning like he won the grand prize. Which he had. The boy he desired had no chance to run away from him. The beautiful redhead was at Jeongguk’s mercy. And oh, how much the raven loved the power he held over the gorgeous boy.

Jeongguk slowly got up from the bed, walking towards Taehyung with teasing steps. When he reached Taehyung, he moved around the petite frame of him to face the merman. Taehyung looked up, with a adorable pout on his pretty pink lips and his big doe eyes staring hesitantly at Jeongguk.

But then he widened his eyes and he shrieked, pressing his hands onto his eyes to cover his sight.

“Oh my God, you’re naked!”

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