Merman °Taekook


“Well, thanks for stating the obvious, Babyboy”, Jeongguk said cockily and smirked at the flustered Taehyung in front of him.

The merman had adorable rosy cheeks and he was holding his hands in front of his eyes, not wanting to see the naked Jeongguk in front of him.

“I’m pretty sure you want to see”, Jeongguk smirked and moved in front of Taehyung, tapping his fingers. “I’m not gonna look”, the Prince shrieked, sounding oh so adorable in Jeongguk’s opinion.

“Baby”, Jeongguk called out, utterly amused by the cute boy in front of him and he bent down towards the puppy’s face, grabbing his hands.

Taehyung shrieked and struggled to get released out of Jeongguk’s firm grip. He closed his eyes tightly. Jeongguk had an idea popping up in his mind and he let go of Taehyung, stepping back a bit.

“Baby look, I’m wearing something”, he said, trying to hide his smirk. Taehyung, being the trustful little thing he was, peaked through his hands and screamed in a high-pitched voice when he saw...

Jeongguk standing right in front of him. Still naked. And Taehyung’s face was in front of Jeongguk’s dick. “What’s this?“, the blushing merman asked and Jeongguk lifted one eyebrow.

He was surprised at first but how could Taehyung know? He was living in the water his whole life after all. “That, Baby?“, Jeongguk asked and stroked his dick.

Taehyung blushed harder and shortly glanced at Jeongguk, well at his lower region and looked away flustered. “C-could you please cover t-that?“, he whispered shyly and Jeongguk smirked, an evil idea in mind.

“You can touch it of you want, Babyboy”, the pirate suggested Taehyung and practically shoved his dick into the merman’ s pretty face, lust has taken over him.

Taehyung shyly looked up and squeaked when he saw the huge and thick dick in front of him, glancing over to Jeongguk with big innocent puppy eyes.

“W-what is this for?“, the innocent Prince asked and Jeongguk smirked, giving his shaft a few strokes. Taehyung watched him innocently, he wanted to know what this organ was for. “It’s to pleasure you, Babyboy. And if you kiss it and lick it, it’ll give me pleasure to”, Jeongguk explained cockily while he watched Taehyung intensely.

The cute merman looked up at Jeongguk with huge eyes. “P-pleasure?“, he asked and looked at the strange object in front of him, now less scared. “Yeah, touch it, Baby and you’ll see that it’s nothing bad. And if you’re a good boy, I’ll pleasure you with my dick”, Jeongguk caressed the puppy’s fluffy hair, bringing the boy closer to his cock.

“Kiss it, Baby”, Jeongguk said and the young Prince hesitantly leaned closer to Jeongguk, taking the shaft in his hand. He then looked up to Jeongguk, waiting for further instructions.

“Go ahead, Darling, make me feel good”, Jeongguk said and tugged a bit on Taehyung’s fluffy red hair. Taehyung softly kissed the rosy tip, which was already wet of pre-cum and he slowly darted his cute pink tongue out of his mouth, flicking it over the sensitive slit.

“I-is this okay?“, the Prince asked unsure and Jeongguk nodded before releasing a throaty moan when Taehyung licked along the vein. “This is perfect, Baby, shit”, Jeongguk moaned and tugged harder onto Taehyung’s hair.

“Suck on it, Babyboy, c’mon”, he ordered and Taehyung obeyed. The merman liked this game, it was funny. And even though that Jeongguk was his captor, he kind of liked the expression of pleasure on his handsome face.

“F-Fuck Baby, so good”, Jeongguk moaned when Taehyung slowly took his dick into his mouth. And Jeongguk was right, the pink plump lips looked perfect, wrapped around his dick.

Taehyung released soft Baby moans around Jeongguk’s shaft, taking him deeper and deeper until the tip hit his throat. Tears slid down his rosy cheeks when Jeongguk started thrusting into his wet cavern.

The pirate was obsessed with the feeling of Taehyung’s plump and addicting lips around his huge member, sucking him off oh so well.

The Prince whimpered when Jeongguk came with a deep husky moan and he was surprised when he tasted the cum on his lips. “Be a good boy, Baby and swallow”, Jeongguk demanded and tapped Taehyung’s red bottom lip.

Some cum dripped down his lips but Taehyung obeyed, swallowing the sticky substance. “Did I do good?“, he asked the pirate and Jeongguk panted hard before smiling at the cute male sitting in front of him.

“You were perfect, Darling. Pleasuring your Master like the perfect little boy you are”, Jeongguk complimented the beauty and Taehyung blushed by the compliment, licking his lips.

“Thank you, Jeongguk”, he whispered shyly. Jeongguk smirked. “Now let me change, Darling and I’m gonna take you out. And later, I’ll make you feel good.”

The pirate shortly slides his thumb over Taehyung’s full lips and the merman blushed harder by this. “And thanks for the blowjob, Love”, Jeongguk said and Taehyung whined embarrassed.

He was oblivious to the fact what that really meant and that it was just the first step to having sex with the pirate.

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