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Jeongguk slipped into his white shirt with the biggest smirk on his face while Taehyung stared onto the ground with flushed red cheeks. He still couldn’t believe that he just got sucked off by his beautiful captive, the gorgeous prince right in front of him.

This was going to be a wonderful day. Especially when the raven walked towards Taehyung, another shirt and some boxers in his hands. He crouched down in front of the merman who was still sitting on the floor with his hands tightly clasped together in his lap.

“Look at me, Darling”, Jeongguk ordered and the cute prince looked up, his caramel orbs staring into Jeongguk’s charcoal eyes. “I want you to wear this, since you’re mine and I can’t have anyone else staring at what’s mine, right?“, Jeongguk announced with a cocky smirk and handed Taehyung the clothes.

Taehyung, familiar with the cloth called T-shirt, slid into the too big cloth, looking utterly adorable when he faced Jeongguk again with his big innocent eyes, his bottom lip captured in between his white teeth. His hair was a bit messy and Jeongguk leaned forward to fix the boy’s hair lovingly.

“And the pants too, Baby”, the pirate said and Taehyung tilted his head in confusion, his red hair fell into his eyes by the movement and he shook his head adorably to get rid of his hair. “H-how do I-I wear them?“, the shy boy asked the dominant in front of him and Jeongguk mentally slapped himself.

“Right, I forgot... you’re new to all of this thing... having legs”, Jeongguk mumbled to himself and lightly pushed Taehyung so the prince fell on his back with a soft thud. He blinked his beautiful eyes multiple times and shrieked when Jeongguk suddenly lifted his legs up.

“W-wait, what are you doing?“, he panicked when he felt Jeongguk’s large hands roaming over his unmarked skin and Jeongguk chuckled. “Relax Gorgeous, I’m just gonna dress you. For now”, he winked at the now blushing redhead and Taehyung watched curious how Jeongguk took the weird cloth out of his long fingers.

The pirate slid the cloth over Taehyung’s long, beautiful tan legs, moving his hands purposely over every inch of Taehyung’s skin and the prince’s breath hitched by this. Jeongguk finally slid the boxers teasingly slow over Taehyung’s ass, grabbing the thick flesh hard on purpose and Taehyung released a tiny moan.

“All down, Beautiful”, Jeongguk announced and shortly patted Taehyung’s ass before getting up from his crouching position. Taehyung watched him innocently, moving his bum over the floor a bit, getting used to the new feeling of wearing pants.

“Why am I wearing these?“, he asked the pirate interested when Jeongguk leaned forward to pick him up and Jeongguk cooed at the innocence of his cute prince. “Because no one besides me is allowed to see what’s underneath this”, Jeongguk explained, tugging onto Taehyung’s pants causing the boy to giggle cutely.

“You’re so silly sometimes”, he smiled and Jeongguk’s heart warmed by this adorable sight, the redhead had a very unique box smile which fitted him perfectly. Special and unique, just like him.

Jeongguk grabbed the boy’s glorious thighs harder, his arm possessively wrapped around the slim legs while his other hand laid on Taehyung’s waist, holding the boy close to him and Taehyung cuddle closer to him, smiling softly in content. And the pirate loved it. He was slowly falling for the young sea prince.

And he didn’t mind at all. Because he didn’t need to be scared about someone taking Taehyung away from him. He opened the cabin’s door with his foot, walking out of his cabin with Taehyung in his arms, carrying him bridal style.

As soon as the pirate king stepped outside, his crew turned towards him, greeting him. But they all stopped in their tracks when they saw the petite merman cuddled up against their captain’s wide chest. Taehyung’s head laid against Jeongguk’s chest, his hands tugged onto the pirate’s shirt and Jeongguk smiled shortly by this.

But his expression immediately changed when he looked over to his crew, dark charcoal eyes observing the man coldly. “Go back to work”, he commanded and they immediately obeyed, scared of their feared captain.

Jeongguk was not only scared on his ship, he wasn’t the king without a reason. But strangely, he had no more interest in showing his evil side to Taehyung. The cute merman was so pure and innocent, too innocent and Jeongguk wanted nothing but to protect the small boy.

Just in that moment, the prince looked up, facing Jeongguk so the pirate was able to admire his unrealistic features and Taehyung smiled widely at Jeongguk, making the other’s heart skip a beat. Yeah, the cute merman was totally a exception.

Jeongguk walked with Taehyung in his arms towards the other side of the ship, walking up the stairs which leaded to the platform with the ship’s wheel. The pirate shortly nodded and Yoongi who was sailing the ship and Yoongi glanced over to Taehyung.

Taehyung on the other side was oblivious to all the stares he received, not only from Yoongi but from every other crew member as well. The pirate placed the prince onto a chest and softly kissed Taehyung’s forehead, causing the merman to blush adorably.

But another male was watching the scene with envy and hatred, his tentacles were twitching every second. He was glaring at Jeongguk, for touching his precious Tae. The boy was his whole world and he treasured the merman so much.

How much he hated Jeongguk.

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