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Taehyung was swinging his legs fascinated, watching how his skin glistened a bit and the merman giggled by this. After Jeongguk brought him up with him, the pretty merman soon got bored so he began to play with the new legs. And he was totally fascinated with them. He wanted to really use them but he was too shy to ask Jeongguk.

Or anything else. It still was weird for the merman to be on the surface, with Jeongguk, the handsome yet confusing and kind of scary pirate king who confused Taehyung. And his feelings. The prince just didn’t know how to feel anymore, he felt attracted to the ravenette, but he knew he couldn’t let these feelings win over him.

Even if he liked the attraction Jeongguk and he had.

Taehyung sighed, stopping swinging his legs and he lifted his head, the red hair fell into his forehead once again and immediately, the crew members who had stared at the pretty captive turned away, trying to go back to work to not look suspicious.

The merman looked towards the middle of the ship, his heart tightened when he saw Jimin, his Jiminie tied to the main mast, blood dripped from one of his tentacles to the ground and Taehyung wanted to cry. How could he forget about his best friend?

Jimin looked miserable, head hung low while he had his eyes close, he didn’t want to admit that he was in pain. The seawizard could easily transform into a human since he knew the spell for it but he didn’t want them to see his powers. They’ll just use it for their own advantage. Which he wouldn’t want to happen. He still needed to protect Taehyung, his cute best friend. Who he was oblivious of that he was on deck, watching him with big innocent eyes.

Just when Taehyung wanted to open his mouth, screaming towards Jimin of how sorry he was, Jeongguk moved into his view. And Taehyung immediately bit his lip when he saw the ravenette, looking away flustered. The events from were still in his mind, making him giddy and somewhat excited. For more. But the prince still had the weird feeling that that what they did was wrong.

At least for now.

Jeongguk watched the flustered prince amused, how his cheeks were tinted red and he was chewing on his bottom lip like some candy. And oh, how Jeongguk wanted to suck on that lip.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Already missing my dick?“, he teased the tiny boy amused and Taehyung looked up shortly before looking away. He needed to hate Jeongguk, for doing all this horrible stuff, first to him and then to Jimin but yet he couldn’t.

Because he had the feeling that Jeongguk actually cared about him...

“Don’t ignore me”, Jeongguk hissed, now a bit annoyed about the additude Taehyung was giving him and he grabbed his chin harshly, causing Taehuyn to whimper softly so Jeongguk imediately regretted his doings. He felt soft for the beautiful boy, not wanting to hurt him.

“Jiminie...“, Taehyung mumbled pained, a small tear escaped his eyes. That was when Jeongguk lost it. The pirate totally lost it because the boy he desired was mumbling another man’s name. Not his, not Jeongguk’s name. Jimin’s.

“Oh no, you didn’t”, Jeongguk mumbled and Taehyung looked up confused, he blinked mutliple times, trying to figure out what he did wrong. He furrowed his eyebrows cutely and he looked up to Jeongguk with his brown coloured orbs. And Jeongguk couldn’t hold it anymore, he needed to.

He grabbed the merman out of the sudden, making Taehyung yelp and clinging onto his neck with his slim arms, making the pirate almost coo. Almost. If he wasn’t that angry and jealous, he would kiss Taehyung, shower him with kisses and love but now he was fucking furious. The boy he wanted, was thinking about another man!

Hell no! Taehyung was Jeongguk’s! Not anyone else’s and especially not Jimin’s!

“J-Jeongguk?“, Taehyung mumbled confused, looking at Jeongguk with big innocent eyes and Jeongguk growled, grabbing the boy’s thighs hard before storming towards his cabin, ignoring the soft yelps and whimpers escaping Taehyung’s throat.

Jeongguk practically threw Taehyung on his bed, growling when Taehyung backed away, slightly scared of the pirate’s behavior. Taehyung’s shirt slid up, revealing his cute and soft tummy, making Jeongguk groan again, slowly moving towards Taehyung who watched him anxiously.

“You’re mine, Taehyung! MINE! You aren’t allowed to think about other men and especially not Jimin! I own you, not anyone else! You don’t fucking understand and it drives me insane, you drive me insane with you´re beautiful face, that innocent puppy eyes that tempt me so fucking well and you don’t even realize what the fuck you’re doing to me!“, Jeongguk shouted angrily at the scared puppy.

The pirate grabbed Taehyung’s waist possessively, making the poor boy yelp when Jeongguk pulled him closer and Taehyung hit Jeongguk’s muscular chest weakly with his fists. Jeongguk’s dark, furious eyes stared into Taehyung’s big and scared eyes, the pirate licked his lips by the whimpering mess in his arms, not able to escape his hold.

“I need to really show you that you’re mine now, Kim Taehyung. After I’m done with you, you won’t want another man.”

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