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Before Taehyung could protest, Jeongguk pressed his lips harshly onto the merman’s causing Taehyung to whimper. His hands well his fists, were pressed against his and Jeongguk’s chest, he was caged in the man’s strong arms, no way to escape.

The prince winced in pain when Jeongguk bit his bottom lip, causing the skin to break apart and Taehyung was able to taste the metallic taste of his own blood. Whimpering, he tried to back away, feeling very uncomfortable in this position but Jeongguk grabbed the nape of his neck, stopping him.

The pirate slid his tongue into the bloody kiss when Taehyung gasped because Jeongguk had grabbed his butt harshly, kneading the thick flesh with both of his hands. A tiny moan slipped out of Taehyung’s throat, making Jeongguk smirk and Taehyung blush. Th redhead’s lungs were screaming for air, his lips were still locked with Jeongguk’s and all his broken moans got swallowed by the dominant male.

“S-stop, Jeongguk, p-please”, Taehyung begged when the said male finally released him. The merman looked at his captor with big shiny eyes, full of uncried tears and Jeongguk softly wiped the blood away from Taehyung’s plump lip, chewing at his thumb afterwards.

He leaned closer to the pretty boy’s ear, sliding his tongue over the shell, making Taehyung shiver by the tingling sensation. “No”, Jeongguk growled into Taehyung’s ear and threw the boy onto the mattress again. Taehyung bounced a bit on the soft material, looking at Jeongguk with his big innocent orbs that were full of fear.

Taehyung’s lips left a yelp when his fragile wrists were grabbed by Jeongguk, the pirate straddled the tiny boy, his muscular legs left and right to Taehyung’s slim curvy waist. “I’m not gonna stop, Darling so you should get used to it or I’ll make you”, Jeongguk growled towards the frightened boy under him and Taehyung’s eyes widened.

“W-what are you gonna... ah!“, a moan escaped the boy when Jeongguk leaned down, attaching his lips onto Taehyung’s neck, sucking and biting the smooth skin, leaving possessive hickeys all over the tan area.

“I’ll need to show everyone that you’re mine, Taehyung”, Jeongguk said huskily, looking at Taehyung who had flushed red cheeks and was breathing heavily. Jeongguk’s hands slipped into the redhead’s pants, finding the smaller’s member and the pirate grabbed it roughly.

Taehyung jolted upwards by the strange touch, a sob slipped out of his parted red lips and he turned his head to the side, breathing heavily. Jeongguk smirked by this, knowing that the merman possibly never felt pleasure so it would be really easy to take advantage of this, of him.

And he was right, because when Jeongguk started stroking Taehyung’s dick, the boy released soft baby moans, relaxing his muscles and he stopped fighting against Jeongguk’s hold. Letting him do whatever he pleased to do to the redhead.

“Does this feel good, Darling?“, Jeongguk asked the merman huskily, sliding his thumb over the pre-cum leaking slit of Taehyung’s dick. Taehyung responded with a broken moan, his lips parted. The beautiful prince closed his eyes, enjoying the pleasure Jeongguk was giving him.

The said male chuckled by this, kissing Taehyung’s cheek softly. “I take that as a yes”, Jeongguk mumbled amused, staring mesmerized at Taehyung’s face. Taehyung was scrunching his nose adorably when Jeongguk continued to stroke his shaft harder and he was moaning in pleasure.

That didn’t leave Jeongguk without a reaction, he was satisfied to see the gorgeous prince whining and tossing around because of him, moaning in pleasure because of his hand on his dick.

“Tae Baby”, Jeongguk called out for the redhead and Taehyung looked up tiredly, just when his stomach started to clench. He gasped for air, staring shocked at Jeongguk who leaned down and softly kissed Taehyung’s bulge. Jeongguk then stopped pumping the boy’s shaft, earning an adorable whine from the merman who was squirming around.

“N-no, please...“, Taehyung begged the dominant male softly, looking at him with pleading puppy eyes. “Tell me what you want me to do, Baby”, Jeongguk ordered, kissing Taehyung’s inviting lips softly before looking at the panting boy who was searching for words, an explanation for something he wanted.

“M-make this feeling g-go away... h-hurts”, the smaller sobbed cutely and Jeongguk grinned by this, he finally had the pretty merman where he wanted him to be. “Promise me something first, Darling”, Jeongguk said, slowly stripping out of his shirt, exposing his toned chest and his glorious, perfect abs.

Taehyung whimpered by this, squirming under Jeongguk with a desperate look on his pretty face. “Yes, yes, anything”, he panted, he wanted this feeling to be gone, wanted to release the burning sensation in his tummy. Jeongguk laughed softly by the words of the needy boy under him.

“I want you to be mine, Taehyung. Exclusively mine and mine only. You won’t look at any man besides me, you won’t let anyone touch you besides me. Let me own you, Babyboy and I’ll fulfill your wish”, Jeongguk said while stroking the boy’s cock through his pants and Taehyung squeaked in pain and desire, pressing his thumb onto the slit to prevent the poor boy from coming.

“Okay okay, yes yes, I’m yours, I’m only yours, Jeongguk... now p-please!“, Taehyung whimpered and sobbed afterwards, the desire to release was so strong, he never felt this kind of pain.

Jeongguk grinned evilly by this. Taehyung said it himself. Jeongguk owned the boy now and would never ever let him go, Taehyung was blinded by the pleasure so he didn’t realized to what he just agreed to.

“Good boy. Now, Baby, you’ll get your reward”, Jeongguk groaned and got rid of his now way too tight pants, exposing his muscular and thick thighs and his rock hard, huge dick. Taehyung squeaked by the sight, he grabbed the bed sheets hard when Jeongguk started teasing his hole through the pants before harshly grabbing the material, destroying the pants.

“W-wait, aah, what are y-you doing?“, the boy panicked, trying to look up but Jeongguk slapped his inner thigh as a warning, spreading the boy’s legs with his free hand, the one that wasn’t holding Taehyung’s hands above his head.

Taehyung whimpered in fear, not knowing what Jeongguk was about to do. A moan of pleasure and pain slipped out of his red lips and he threw his head back when Jeongguk teased his pink little hole with the tip of his massive dick.

“Relax Gorgeous or it’s gonna hurt”, Jeongguk said, trying his best to not thrust into his delicate prince in order to wreck his cute little hole. “W-what are you doing? Wha...“, Taehyung screamed in agony when Jeongguk pushed his dick into his tight hole. The raven grabbed Taehyung’s thighs to stop him from trembling but with no use.

“I’m making love with you, Angel”, Jeongguk murmured and leaned forward, laying his lips carefully on Taehyung’s already swollen ones while giving the boy a slow thrust causing Taehyung to whimper against Jeongguk’s loving kiss.

The pirate king groaned, being inside of Taehyung was even better than he imagined, his tight velvet walls sucked his huge dick in so well. “So good for me, Baby, so fucking tight”, Jeongguk panted, picking up the pace a bit. And Taehyung screamed in bliss, throwing his head back, grabbing the bed sheets harder with his little fists.

The merman was whimpering and moaning from the intense pleasure Jeongguk was giving him, he loved the way Jeongguk’s dick would hit a special spot deep inside of him and Jeongguk smirked when Taehyung scrunched his nose, knowing he hit the boy’s prostate.

“A-ah... ngh... G-Gguk.... f-feels so good yes s-shit!“, Taehyung moaned and curled his toes when Jeongguk continued to hit his prostate. His stomach started to get warm again just when Jeongguk hardened his thrusts, pounding even harder into Taehyung’s little hole that was now swollen and red from the powerful thrusts.

Taehyung clenched around Jeongguk when he came with a high-pitched whimper leaving his pink plump lips and Jeongguk felt the warm substance shooting against his abs, rolling down the muscles and dripping onto Taehyung’s soft and flat stomach.

The pirate followed his Baby right after, filling Taehyung’s tiny hole with his massive amount of cum, moaning huskily while closing his eyes in bliss. Taehyung was trying to catch his breath, his cheeks flushed red.

Jeongguk opened his eyes again, staring lovingly at the wrecked creature under him. Taehyung’s chest was falling rapidly up and down, saliva was dripping down from his plump red bitten lips, his hair was messy and his neck was covered in bite marks and possessive hickeys of the raven.

“And that, Baby, was what we called Sex”, Jeongguk said and kissed Taehyung before pulling out of the wrecked little hole of his prince while grinning in victory. Taehyung whined when he felt the emptiness again and the cum that dripped down his golden thighs, painting them white. He weakly responded to the kiss, already drifting to sleep after the huge orgasm he just had, the first one he ever had.

Jeongguk smirked by the adorable sight of his exhausted Taehyung, closing his eyes tiredly. “Rest, my sweet beautiful Angel”, Jeongguk softly kissed Taehyung’s sweaty forehead, wiping his bangs out of his eyes before getting up.

“You’re mine now, Darling.”

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