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Jeongguk was beyond satisfied when he stepped out of his cabin, leaving the now tightly sleeping prince behind in his bed, cuddled in a cute ball of fluff under the sheets. Taehyung might not know what sex was and to what he just agreed to but Jeongguk knew.

And he loved that Taehyung was his now. Only his and no one else. Especially not Jimin’s, the stupid seawizard who angered Jeongguk since the first minute with his existence. When he saw Jimin and Taehyung looking at each other, he felt so angry, so furious.

Unfortunately, he let all his anger out on Taehyung and Jeongguk felt bad for this, he never wanted to harm the cute redhead who he fell for hard. Jeongguk wanted Taehyung just for himself, not even thinking about letting the boy go. And he possibly didn’t even need to since his parents thought that he was dead.

The perfect situation to keep Taehyung.

The pirate softly closed the door but not without glancing in the inside where Taehyung was sleeping like a cute little angel and Jeongguk needed all his willpower to not step inside again to cuddle with his prince.

But he had something very important to do. And that included Park Jimin.

“Hey tentacle boy! The captain wants to speak with you”, someone kicked Jimin in his stomach and the said male groaned, peeling his eyes open to see the disgusting face of one of the pirates. Jimin sighed, he didn’t want to speak to Jeongguk nor to anyone else on this ship. He only wanted to get Tae back with him.

But that was unfortunately more complicated than Jimin imagined. The sea wizard was just hoping that Jeongguk wouldn’t hurt the cute fluff ball since Jimin was not able to protect Taehyung.

The devilish grinning pirate moved to the side, exposing Jeongguk’s muscular frame and Jeongguk smirked when he looked down to the tied Jimin. The ash blonde male had his fists clenched when he looked up to face Jeongguk, pure hatred in his eyes.

“Still not dead, fish?“, Jeongguk said amused and kicked one of Jimin’s bloody tentacles making the man hiss. Jimin didn’t answer but only glared at Jeongguk. “You know, Seawizard, I heard something really interesting about you”, Jeongguk started and smirked, his hand laid on his sword.

“Merpeople like you, fishy, can transform into anything they want”, Jeongguk grinned pleased and Jimin’s head snapped towards him. “I was wondering”, Jeongguk continued and took his long silver sword into his hand, sliding the metal softly over one of Jimin’s tentacles.

“If you gave Taehyung the power to transform in something else?“, Jimin refused to answer, his lips pressed together in a thin line. Jeongguk wasn’t pleased by this, he hated the man in front of him so much. So he plunged his sword into Jimin’s tentacle, creating circles with the tip of the sharp sword.

Jimin hissed, he bit his tongue pretty hard but refused to say something. “ANSWER ME!“, Jeongguk screamed angrily, clearly not satisfied with Jimin’s stubborn behavior. “Only seawizards can change into other creatures”, Jimin rasped out and Jeongguk smiled.

“Well isn’t that funny. Because my Tae was transforming from a pretty merman in a human. Not that I mind. I can fuck him now, what a sight to see him moaning under me. Totally satisfying”, Jeongguk teased Jimin and Jimin’s head shot up, his eyes full of rage.

“Tell me this is a fucking joke, asshole”, Jimin growled, his protective side taking over him. Everyone who came near his Baby Tae was a possible danger to Jimin. You see, Jimin hadn’t any romantic feelings for the sweet prince but he didn’t want to share Taehyung with anyone else. Taehyung was his only friend so of course, Jimin wouldn’t want to see him with others. Especially when it was a cocky smirking pirate named Jeon Jeongguk.

“It isn’t, fishy. But well, I’m gonna make you see my marks on his beautiful skin, maybe you’ll believe it then. Oh, of course when you survive this”, Jeongguk said and with that, he swung his sword, the sharp metal cut deep through Jimin’s tentacle and the pirate cut it off, along with three more.

Jimin screamed in agony and Jeongguk smirked by this, leaning forward to Jimin’s ear.

“You won’t get Taehyung ever again, Park Jimin. He’s mine now. And there’s no way I’m gonna share him, he belongs to me and I’ll do much more horrible things to you if you try taking him away from me”, Jeongguk whispered and smirked devilish at the pained creature in front of him.

“Maybe you’re going to die on this wounds, maybe not. I honestly don’t care. As long as you stay away from my Taehyung, we’re good. Oh, I forgot, that you an possibly transform into a human too”, Jeongguk sing-songed and Jimin glared angry at him, his chest was falling rapidly from the pain he was feeling.

His wounds were deep and the cut tentacles laid lifeless on the ship ground.

“I will destroy you, Jeon Jeongguk. Mark my words, I will”, Jimin promised with hatred and Jeongguk laughed, leaning down to his rival for Taehyung’s love. “I wanna see you try, fishy. Because if you harm me, you’ll make Tae really really sad”, Jeongguk said and lightly slapped Jimin’s cheek.

“You are nothing compared to me. Don’t think too high of yourself, Park, because you can’t win. Not if it’s about Taehyung. He’s mine and he stays mine.”

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