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“WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, KIM TAEHYUNG??!“, the queen of sea, Kim Seokjin yelled at his youngest son and the redhead flinched by the anger laced over Jin’s usually soft and caring voice. “Dad, I ’m sorry”, he spoke softly not daring to upset Jin even more.

“Don’t interrupt me”, Jin snapped and Namjoon next to him wrapped his arm reassuring around his husband’s waist to calm him down. “We were worried sick, Taehyung! First you are not at your lessons but with Baekhyun and then Kai finds you in the forbidden area! What were you doing there? Do you want to give me a heart attack??!“, Jin exclaimed dramatically, his pink tail flicked in the water.

Taehyung hung his head low, he hated feeling guilty, hated that his parents worried so much about him. He was eighteen after all and yet his parents treated him like a child who threw a tantrum.

“I did nothing there! And besides, what was Kai doing there anyways?“, Taehyung asked mockingly and glanced to the man by his side who brought him to his parents. Kai wore a blank expression on his handsome face, his arm around Taehyung’s tiny waist.

The prince hated skinship, especially with the sea wizard next to him. Everyone would want to touch him since it brought luck touching a prince of the sea and Taehyung’s body was even more tempting so more people, especially sea men would want to touch the boy.

He had a delicious curvy, delicate and feminine body and looked very fragile. That was the reason why his parents protected him even more, Taehyung looked so weak to protect himself and the redhead hated that everyone treated him like a fragile glass doll. He felt like he couldn’t breathe under all the protectiveness of everyone.

“Don’t be so rude, Taehyung! He will have a good reason why he was there”, Jin said outraged and Taehyung sighed annoyed, his tail flicked and green and turquoise sparkles appeared around it, when the light hit his tail.

“Taehyung”, Namjoon now spoke up, his voice calm but you can hear the anger behind it. His hand was wrapped around his powerful trident which was glowing golden. “We only want the best for you and protect you. But you always swim away, getting yourself in danger. That’s exactly why you’ll be marrying Kai, he’ll watch you when we can’t”, he said to his son and now Taehyung’s head shot to him, his cheeks red from anger and embarrassement.

“I don’t need protection! I was totally fine there, nothing happened! And I don’t want to marry Kai. It’s just your excuse so Jackson can become a part of our family!“, he yelled angry and pushed Kai’s arm away from his waist, swimming back a bit.

Kai watched the angry prince amused, he found him utterly adorable when he was angry. Taehyung would pout while talking and puffing out his cheeks and Kai couldn’t even be mad about Taehyung’s insult because the redhead looked so cute.

“And I’m eighteen now! Don’t you think I’m able to protect myself? This is always your excuse and I’m sick of this!”

“KIM TAEHYUNG!“, his father roared and slammed the trident to the ground, creating a wave that shut Taehyung up. “I won’t allow this disrespect from you anymore! You’re grounded for a month and your guards are doubled!“, Namjoon said angry and now it was Taehyung’s turn to become angry.

“What?! Why the fuck am I grounded?! Nothing happened, father why are you overreacting??!“, Taehyung exclaimed furious. “Be quiet if you don’t want him to be even more angry”, Kai said quietly to Taehyung and Taehyung turned to him. “Don’t tell me what to do, oilhead”, he snarled, meaning the silver hair of Kai.

“Taehyung, stop being rude”, Jin hissed now and Taehyung snapped. “WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM? Nothing happened, but you need to make a drama out of this! I was safe all the time, Jimin was with me and yet you’re angry at me when Kai was there too and no one knows why! Why is this not suspicious?”

“Jimin?“, Namjoon asked in a dangerous low voice and Taehyung closed his mouth. He was dead. “Did you say Jimin, Taehyung?“, he asked his son and Taehyung gulped nervously. “No...?“, he said unsure and Namjoon turned to Kai.

“Is it true? Was my son with the banned son of Ursula?“, he asked Kai and Taehyung was praying that Kai would deny it, even when a part of him knew that Kai would never lie to the king. “Yes, your Majesty”, Kai said and bowed his head in respect. His black silver tail shimmered.

“Taehyung! Why were you with that prick? He could have killed you!“, Jin exclaimed shocked while Namjoon stared at his son. Taehyung returned his glare. “He’s my friend, Dad and I won’t discuss about that! He needs friends, Appa”, he said to his father but that was Namjoon’s breaking point.

“Enough with that nonsense! You won’t see that boy ever again, Taehyung and you won’t leave the palace without a guard ever again!”

“How can you be so cruel?! You don’t even know him!”

“I have known his mother, he’s just like her...”

“You don’t even know him or gave him the chance to show that he’s different”, Taehyung cried out and looked at his father with teary eyes. The redhead was shocked how cruel his father can be.

“You are the monster and not Jimin!“, he screamed on top of his lungs and bursted into tears, then turning around and swimming out of the throne room. Jin called out after his son but Taehyung didn’t want to listen.

He was outside the palace before they could even react.

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