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“Good morning Baby”, a sweet voice greeted Taehyung when the merman groggily opened his eyes, rubbing them cutely with his fists while yawning. Jeongguk smiled softly at the adorable sleepy prince and he leaned forward to sweetly press a kiss on the corner of Taehyung’s lips.

“M-morning Gguk”, Taehyung mumbled embarrassed, hiding his red face under the blanket, only his fluffy red hair peaked out from under the blanket and Jeongguk laughed at the adorable sight in front of him, love filled his heart just by looking at the cute creature in front of him. The pirate leaned forward to ruffle Taehyung’s hair and the pretty merman gasped outraged.

“Not my hair you meanie!“, he whined, slapping Jeongguk’s hands away and the raven laughed huskily by this. “Tae Baby, be nice to me or else you’ll rot in this cabin until you’re crying”, Jeongguk teased and Taehyung gulped, looking down submissive.

Jeongguk lifted his chin, smiling down in content at the cute boy. “Good boy, Baby”, he complimented and kissed Taehyung lovingly, making the merman tilt his head back to get better access to the kiss.

“Mhm, I love the way your lips feel on mine”, Jeongguk mumbled and smiled down at the cute prince in his arms who looked up at him with big doe eyes, filled with desperation and need for the pirate king.

“I bet you’re hungry, Baby. C’mon, let me take you out for breakfast.”

“Ouch, what the actual fuck! You bastard that hurt like Mum’s fucking soup”, Jimin kept cursing at the man in front of him and the black haired male huffed, looking up at the sea wizard. He chuckled a bit when he tied the knot to the bandage that was securely wrapped around his tentacles.

“Soup can hurt?“, he asked Jimin amused and the said boy glared at the pirate. “Trust me it can fucking hurt. When your Mum’s placing poison into it”, Jimin spatted at him. “Ouch. Sounds like your Momma can’t really cook”, he commented and sat back, looking at Jimin.

“I know you probably won’t want to know my name”, the man started and wiped the purple bangs out of his head. “Exactly”, Jimin commented irritated and leaned his head onto the cold wall.

Jeongguk had ordered to take Jimin down into the ship’s prison since he didn’t want Taehyung to see his friend hurt. Because Taehyung would know that it was Jeongguk who had hurt his precious Jimin and Jeongguk couldn’t let that happen.

“I’m Hoseok, little guy”, the black haired male introduced himself while smiling gently at Jimin and the other male couldn’t help himself but to feel his heart flutter. “I’m not interested in your name”, Jimin growled at the man and looked away, trying to stop his heart from fluttering.

“Well not interested in your name, I’m happy to meet you!“, Hoseok exclaimed and threw Jimin a bright smile. Jimin looked at him bewildered, a small smile spread on his lips. “You’re hilarious”, it slipped through his mouth and Hoseok laughed loudly, clapping his hands together. “No, I’m Hoseok!“, he giggled and now Jimin was laughing too.

Both guys were surprised to get along with each other but they did. They talked. They laughed. And slowly, Jimin felt his anger cool down, all because of the smiling man in front of him. A human.

“So are you now gonna tell me your name?“, Hoseok asked, looking at Jimin and the said male sighed. “I’m Jimin”, he mumbled. “Great! Look, it wasn’t that bad now, was it?“, Hoseok smiled at the sea wizard in front of him. And then something unexpected happened. Jimin. BLUSHED!

“Naaw, you’re so cute! Are all the merpeople as adorable as you? You’re even cuter than Taehyung!“, Hoseok shouted, the same moment he realized what he just did and he blushed by this. “Sorry. Awkward moooment”, Hoseok stuttered and scratched the nape of his neck, totally embarrassed by himself.

Why did he find Jimin cute when he had Yoongi? And why did his heart flutter just by looking at him?

Fortunately, Hoseok didn’t know that Yoongi shared similar feelings about the sea wizard.

And fortunately for Jimin that Hoseok stood up, stumbling away after excusing himself.

So Hoseok wouldn’t see the dark red blush on Jimin’s face, his whole body tingling. Forgetting totally about his mission of saving his best friend.

Because of a certain black-haired pirate with a beautiful sun like personality and smile.

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