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Jeongguk took Taehyung out of the cabin again, of course carrying the adorable boy in his arms. And of course not without glaring at everyone who dared to look at Taehyung. The pirate captain took his beautiful prince into the kitchen to give him his breakfast and Taehyung stared at the foreign food in awe.

Making almost every crew member near him coo at his adorable frame. The whole crew grew a soft spot for the cute merman even if they weren’t allowed to look at him actually. Some even were crushing on the pretty redhead but were of course careful to not let Jeongguk notice. Because the raven would for sure kill them.

Once Taehyung was done eating, with Jeongguk who was forced to eat too even when he said he wasn’t hungry, the pirate picked the merman up again. The cook looked at his captain and the prince with sympathy. But he was worried as well. Jeongguk couldn’t keep Taehyung, he needed to go back to his parents.

But the pirate king didn’t seem like he wanted to release the pretty male anytime soon. And even Taehyung looked like he enjoyed being with the other.

“Oh Jeon? You took him out for a walk?“, Yoongi asked with super high raised eyebrows when Jeongguk walked towards the platform where Hoseok was sailing the ship. Jeongguk just rolled his eyes while Taehyung was giggling cutely when Yoongi leaned forward to ruffle his hair.

“Hey Tae. How are you, Petal?“, Hoseok asked the merman kindly and smiled at the beautiful boy. Taehyung didn’t have the chance to response because Yoongi did. “How should he feel? I bet his ass is hurting like a bitch from all the fucking. You heard him screaming, I heard him screaming, hell I bet the whole ship heard him screaming. I’m surprised Jeon didn’t fucked his brains out already”, he said salty and glared at the raven.

Jeongguk scoffed in return before placing Taehyung on a chest, kissing his forehead softly and Taehyung smiled brightly up to him, leaning into his touch. “Yoongi, don’t curse! Taehyung’s an innocent bean”, Hoseok scolded his lover and Yoongi rolled his eyes at him.

“Don’t tell me what to do”, Yoongi growled and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I think someone’s horny, Hoseok”, Jeongguk commented while caressing Taehyung’s hair and the said redhead purred by the touch, closing his eyes.

“Yeah, I think so too. He wasn’t in the mood after hearing you too fuck. Damn, you were loud. Everyone was horny after hearing Tae’s moans. Well except my grumpy lovely here”, Hoseok cooed and Yoongi turned his glare towards him. “Fuck off, I ain’t talking to you no more”, he glared at the other and Hoseok’s gaze turned dark.

“Baby watch your mouth before I fill it with something”; he winked at Yoongi and Jeongguk fake gagged. “Guys please, my poor ears”, he said and Taehyung looked up to him with big doe eyes.

“Gguk, what’s horny?“, the innocent boy asked curious, tilting his head to the side and playing with his fingers in his lap. He was once again dressed in Jeongguk’s clothes since he didn’t have his own. And Jeongguk loved the sight of the adorable merman in his clothes.

“Oh shit”, Hoseok laughed and patted Jeongguk on his back. “Well good luck with that”, he commented and Yoongi snorted by this before looking at the cute merman. He needed to admit that the boy was really beautiful. But his heart was pounding from thinking of another sea creature... a cute and feisty sea wizard to be excact...

“That’s what you become when you think of... uhm... sex”, Jeongguk said straight forward and Taehyung blushed adorably when he thought of the past happenings in Jeongguk’s cabin, the thing the other had called sex.

“Horny”, the innocent prince mumbled and then looked up to smile at the raven with happiness. “I like the sound of that! It’s cute”, the merman exclaimed and earned laughter from the pirates standing around him. “How can you be so adorable, Baby?“, Jeongguk asked the boy smiling and kissed him gentle on his head.

“Uh, Jeon”, Yoongi called out for the pirate and Jeongguk lifted his head, irritated from the interruption with his cute lover. “What?“, he snarled annoyed and stepped closer to Taehyung who wrapped his slim tan arms around his torso, snuggling his head into Jeongguk’s hard abs.

“There’s a ship coming towards us”, Yoongi said and pointed towards the black painted ship that was coming close to them and Jeongguk cursed. Because the ship belonged to one of his enemies, Shownu.

“Fucking hell that bastard really wants to have this fight”, Jeongguk grumbled and gently smiled down at Taehyung to not scare the puppy. The said prince blinked his beautiful brown eyes multiple times while staring at Jeongguk.

“Tae, Baby, I’m gonna bring you back into our cabin okay?“, Jeongguk mumbled into Taehyung’s ear and the other boy sighed, he liked being outside the cabin but he didn’t dare to disobey the raven.

A explosion made all the crew members stumble when a cannonball hit the hull of their ship and Taehyung screamed anxious, clinging onto Jeongguk. “FUCK!“, Yoongi yelled angrily and took his sword out, glaring at the closer coming ship.

“Hoseok, bring Tae back into my cabin, Yoongi you get the other thing”, Jeongguk ordered while changing places with Hoseok. His expression dark and angry, his pirate side taking over. “I’mma show this bastard who he’s messing with.”

“The thing has a name”, Yoongi muttered while running downstairs to get Jimin out of his cell. Maybe Jeongguk wanted the two captives to be together so they could at least defend each other. Or maybe he wanted Tae to have some company. So he wouldn’t be too much scared.

“J-Jeongguk?“, Taehyung shakily called out for his lover when Hoseok walked closer to the petite merman, picking him up. The raven quickly looked over to his scared Baby, smiling warmly at him to calm him down.

“It’s nothing, Darling, the other members of that ship doesn’t like me pretty much. Don’t worry, Love. Just get safe into our cabin and wait for me there, alrighty?“, he said comforting while Taehyung clung onto Hoseok’s neck with his slim arms.

“O-okay”, he stuttered and let Hoseok take him away, the warm hands comforting him a bit and he listened numb to the cooing male that everything would gonna be alright.

But deep down, Taehyung knew that he was lying.

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