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“Tae, it’s fine, nothing is going to happen, please don’t cry”, Hoseok pleaded the petite merman in his arms who was crying silently because he was scared. Chaos had exploded on the ship, the other ship was nearing pretty fast and everyone was preparing for a fight.

While Taehyung was left in confusion since no one dared to talk to him about the upcoming fight. The innocent prince sniffed and looked at Hoseok who was carrying him, his big brown orbs full of tears that fell down his rosy cheeks.

“W-what’s going on? P-please tell me”, Taehyung whimpered and Hoseok only sighed, moving around two pirates who were preparing their cannon for an attack against the other ship. Hoseok quickly shoved Taehyung’s head into his chest so the boy couldn’t see what was going on and Taehyung whined in response, clutching onto Hoseok’s muscular arms.

“I’m sorry, Sweetie, but I can’t tell you. It’s nothing serious, really. Don’t worry Petal”, Hoseok said and finally reached Jeongguk’s cabin, just in the same time when Yoongi came upstairs with a limping Jimin.

Yes, Jimin transformed himself into a human so he could survive on the surface, something he was able to do since he was a sea-wizard. “Jiminie!“, Taehyung shrieked shocked, seeing all the bloody wounds splattered over his smooth skin and the once white but now red bandages wrapped around his body.

Jimin’s eyes immediately looked at his best friend, his eyes widened when he saw Taehyung’s tear strained cheeks and trembling bottom lip. Anger overtook his body and he growled protectively when he saw that Taehyung was laying in Hoseok’s arms and he couldn’t help but feel a small tug on his heart.

Pain, that he wasn’t the one in Hoseok’s arms. But also pain that his precious Tae was hurt and he wasn’t able to protect him. “Tae...“, Jimin whispered and almost stopped walking but Yoongi growled as a warning, shoving him up the stairs and Jimin glared at him.

“Are you okay, Baby?“, Jimin asked the softly crying prince who looked like a mess and Taehyung almost laughed by the question of his best friend. “Yes, Jiminie. But what about you? Are you okay?“, Taehyung choked out worried, his teary eyes scanning Jimin’s injuries. “I am now, Baby”, Jimin smiled at Taehyung.

Hoseok grabbed Taehyung’s thighs harder and the merman whimpered shortly. Jimin scanned Taehyung worried, he wore clothes, that were too big for him, his red fluffy hair messy and lips bitten and dry. His slim legs dangled in the air because Taehyung didn’t know how to use them while his hands clutched onto the fabric of his shirt that obviously wasn’t his.

“Let’s get them inside, the other ship is coming closer”, Yoongi snarled and pushed Jimin who responded with a groan. “After you, Princess”, Yoongi smirked and Jimin glared at him, his tied hands grabbing the unknown trousers he was wearing. “I would fucking kill you for this disrespect, pirate but I don’t want Tae to be scared”, Jimin grumbled while Yoongi dragged him towards the cabin.

“I know”, he simply replied and pushed Jimin into the cabin while Hoseok carried Taehyung inside. Jimin hit the floor, not used to standing on legs and he groaned but immediately getting up to protect Taehyung. Which wasn’t necessary.

Hoseok carefully placed the beautiful prince onto the bed, Taehyung immediately sighed softly when he smelled the familiar scent of Jeongguk which comforted him. The black-haired pirate smiled softly at the cute boy in front of him and leaned forward to peck his forehead. Taehyung blinked multiple times, surprised about the friendly gesture and it kind of reminded him of his mother.

Taehyung missed Jin, more than he would want to admit.

“It’s fine, Tae, nothing bad is going to happen to you. Jeon would kill any of us if something happens to you”, Hoseok said to try the sniffling boy down and Taehyung looked down onto his lap, chewing softly on his lip. “I know”, he then whispered, shocking Jimin and making Yoongi smirk.

“Hey, tentacle boy”, Yoongi called out before he left the cabin. “Protect him”, he pointed towards the puppy-like prince before leaving and Jimin rolled his eyes at him. Hoseok smiled shortly at Taehyung and patted his hair, mumbling a ‘we’ll be back’ before walking to Jimin.

“Don’t fucking lie to me and say how bad it is”, Jimin said straight-forwarded and Hoseok bit his inner cheek to prevent him from smiling. “The other ship... their captain is our enemy, tried multiple times to get Jeon’s title. It’s going to be bad, not gonna lie. Do everything to protect Tae. That’s probably why Jeon let you out.”

Both males looked over to Taehyung who was staring at his toes while curling and uncurling him. Despise the situation he was giggling softly when he touched his feet and his red hair fell into his forehead.

Jimin sighed, of course Jeongguk would get attached to the beautiful little fluff ball he called his best friend. How could he not. Jimin just hoped that the fight would help them to get away from these pirates, somehow.

“Yeah... I figured that out too”, Jimin mumbled before turning to Hoseok. His gaze softened a bit when he looked at the taller male. He was not going to lie, he had a soft spot for the pirate. “Try not to get killed, okay?“, Jimin whispered and Hoseok halfheartedly smiled.

“I promise.”

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