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As soon as Hoseok left, and locked the door, Jimin flopped down on the bed next to Taehyung, sighing loudly. The Sea-wizard shrieked surprised when a weight slumped down on his injured body, making him hiss shortly but then grin happy.

“Tae, Baby, I missed you so much”, Jimin whispered into Taehyung’s ear and Taehyung smiled softly before turning to Jimin. Hugging his waist tightly. “I missed you too, Jiminie... Are you hurt? Who did this to you? How did you transform into human form? Am I a sea-wizard too? D-did you tell anyone t-that you’re searching for me?”

“Woah, there Sweetie, calm down not so fast”, Jimin half laughed before sitting up a bit, making Taehyung squeak cutely. The redhead was sitting on Jimin’s lap, an innocent smile on his plump lips, not thinking about the way he was sitting on Jimin’s lap. “These are lots of questions you have there, pumpkin”, Jimin teased Taehyung and bopped his nose, causing Taehyung to giggle cutely.

“You aren’t a sea-wizard, Baby... It’s hard to explain and I’m gonna do it some other time, alrighty?“, Jimin said and played with Taehyung’s hair. The smaller purred by the touch, leaning into his touch and closing his eyes. “Okay”, he whispered softly, fully trusting his Hyung.

“I’m so sorry Hyung for not helping you... b-back then”, Taehyung whispered, a blush evident on his cheeks while he stared humiliated to the ground. He wasn’t there for his best friend. No, he let Jeongguk take advantage of him. And that was what killed Taehyung. He should have fight more.

“Tae... It’s fine. I’m fine. You couldn’t have help me...“, Jimin said softly, stroking Taehyung’s cheek softly.

Before Jimin could say anything else, they heard a loud thud. Then screaming and metal crashing against metal. Jimin instantly grabbed Taehyung protectively, showing Taehyung abruptly but gently off his lap, laying the petite boy onto the soft mattress next to him.

Taehyung watched his best friend with huge eyes, his whole face screamed fear and his bottom lip started to tremble. “J-Jiminie, w-what’s going on out t-there?“, he asked his best friend scared, clutching onto the bed sheets while watching how Jimin stood up.

The fighting sounds came closer to the cabin and Taehyung couldn’t help but to let out a tiny whimper when he heard someone screaming in pain. Jimin immediately turned around, seeing if Taehyung was alright.

The wizard couldn’t help but to feel bad for the small boy who didn’t know what was happening around him. He was helpless and Jimin hated seeing Taehyung like this. The prince couldn’t even run away from anyone.

“Baby, be quiet”, Jimin whispered towards Taehyung and the merman immediately nodded, pressing his palms onto his mouth and Jimin smiled shortly at the boy’s cuteness, his big doe eyes were looking so innocent at the sea wizard. Jimin turned to the door again when he heard heavy footsteps near it.

His palms lightened up when he created a lighting, causing Taehyung to gasp when he saw his best friend using magic. Jimin laid his pointer finger on his plump lips, signalling Taehyung to be quiet and the boy nodded anxiously, watching his friend scared. Taehyung never saw Jimin using magic and it was honestly terrifying for the poor boy.

A loud thud against the door caused Taehyung to jump, whimpering again. Jimin clenched his teeth while stepping in front of Taehyung, shielding the petite frame of the merman with his own body. His knees were wobbling, Jimin was incredibly weak from the beatings he received from Jeongguk and the use of magic and the use of legs. Yet, he needed to be strong.

For Taehyung. The merman was so helpless, open to attack and Jimin couldn’t let anyone hurt his precious friend. His cute little Taehyung who stood up for Jimin when no one else did.

Taehyung tried to back away on the bed, almost frustrating since he couldn’t use his legs, they were useless for the boy, he didn’t know how to use them. He could only drag them behind him like the useless weight they were to him. Clutching harder onto the sheets, the boy waited anxious for the next thing to happen.

And right now when he thought, nothing bad would happen, the door bursted open with a loud bang. Revealing two bulky looking men, covered in blood. Taehyung screamed in fear when they walked into the room. Only seeing Jimin at first who was still covering Taehyung.

“So this is the prince? A bit disappointing, don’t you think, Jooheon?“, the orange-haired male asked with a smirk while pointing his sword at Jimin. The so called Jooheon rolled his eyes, looking intensely at Jimin. Then his gaze wandered to Jimin’s hand and his eyes widened.

“That’s a sea-wizard, Kihyun you idiot!“, Jooheon growled and Jimin grinned. “Glad you know me”, he said and threw the lighting at the two pirates. Both groaned and jumped out of the way, Kihyun crashing into Jimin and throwing the weakened male onto the floor. Jooheon grinned and was just about to attack Jimin when his eyes caught something else.

Or someone.

Taehyung was watching the scene frozen in his spot, unable to move from the shock, watching his Jiminie getting hurt, beaten up. And he was unable to help.

“Kihyun, I think I found the real prince”, Jooheon stated, his eyes never leaving the beautiful boy in front of him. The beauty was laying on the bed, his slim tan legs laying in a weird ankle, but Jooheon assumed that it was nothing. What confused him was the fact that the boy had legs. Wasn’t he a merman? Where was his tail?

“Did Jeon somehow managed to turn him into a human?“, Jooheon asked out loud while piercing towards the red-haired beauty who turned his attention to him, shrieking when he saw the dangerous looking man walking towards him.

Kihyun on the other side managed to beat Jimin, holding his arms over his head. Jimin was bleeding hard out of his nose, cuts and bruises decorated his skin and he was panting pretty hard, already slipping in and out consciousness.

Taehyung on the other side tried to move away from the male who was coming closer and closer to him. The merman was whimpering anxious, his hands searched for something to help him. His only weapon was a pillow which he desperately threw at the man but Jooheon only laughed, grabbing the boy’s ankle.

Pulling the now fearful screaming Taehyung towards him while grinning. Taehyung tried to crawl away but hands on his waist stopped him and the cried out in pain when he felt nails digging into his skin, stopping him from escaping.

He got turned around forcefully and a huff left his red plump lips, immediately regretting the action when he looked up at the man with big fearful brown eyes. Jooheon grinned in victory, finally being able to see the beautiful sea prince from close.

“Look, what a pretty boy you are”, he cooed, caressing the prince’s soft cheek, the skin was so soft and smooth, it really surprised the pirate. He leaned closer to Taehyung, noticing satisfied how the boy’s breath hitched the closer he came. “You’re ours now”, Jooheon whispered, forcefully pulling Taehyung up and throwing the poor merman over his shoulder.

“Tae, no! Don’t fucking touch him!“, Jimin yelled angrily and tried to free his hands to hit the male on top of him but Kihyun was quicker, throwing a skilled punch to the ash-blonde’s temple, knocking him out. Kihyun grinned in victory, getting up.

He was surprised to see a beautiful, crying boy over Jooheon’s shoulder. “He’s the real prince?“, Kihyun asked Jooheon and he nodded with a smirk. “Yup. That’s the real Kim Taehyung”, Jooheon answered and Taehyung cried helplessly, hitting his captor’s back weakly with his small fists.

“L-let me g-go!“, he demanded crying, broken sobs left his rosy lips and both males laughed. “Nope. You’re officially the property of Monsta X, Beautiful”, Kihyun told the sobbing prince and Jooheon laughed evilly before following his team member outside the cabin.

To bring Taehyung on their own ship.

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