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Screams of pain filled the air and Jeongguk smirked by the satisfying sounds of metal against metal. The raven loved the fight, the rush of adrenaline through his veins. That was his drug, his way to feel alive.

So it was not surprising when he laughed evilly while slamming his sword through the waist of a pirate who coughed blood before falling onto the ground. Jeongguk turned around, his swords crossed with another attacker and he grinned. “Minhyuk”, he greeted the male in front of him with a smirk.

“Greetings from Shownu, Asshole”, Minhyuk said and snapped his sword forward, catching Jeongguk off guard and the male hissed angrily before attacking the other pirate. Their swords crashed together and Jeongguk snarled irritated.

“Does he still not understand? The title is mine”, Jeongguk growled and pushed Minhyuk roughly away, the male stumbled but caught his balance again. A smirk formed on his face and he pointed his bloody sword at Jeongguk. “Not so long anymore.”

Jeongguk growled angrily and was about to attack Minhyuk again when he saw from the corner of his eyes a red mob of hair. And he froze shocked in his tracks when he saw Jooheon and Kihyun stepping out of his cabin. With Taehyung over Jooheon’s shoulder.

“Oh hell no”, Jeongguk growled huskily, turning his attention towards Minhyuk who was about to attack Jeongguk but Jeongguk moved out of the way, causing Minhyuk to stumble forward. Jeongguk stabbed the man through his chest and Minhyuk coughed, eyes widened before turning limb.

The raven hurried to get to the two pirates who were about to get on their own ship with a struggling and helpless crying Taehyung over Jooheon’s shoulder. The poor merman was utterly terrified from the situation. He feared for Jimin, his Jiminie who was hurt and Taehyung didn’t know if he was alright.

He didn’t even care much about his own situation, he just wanted to know if Jimin was fine and alive. “He’s so light, I wondering if they even feed him”, Jooheon commented and Taehyung huffed, punching the man with his fists.

“Let me go! You have no right to take me!“, Taehyung yelled and moved around in the man’s iron grip only to get slapped hard by Jooheon and Taehyung whimpered in pain. “Nasty little thing”, Jooheon growled and Kihyun laughed, grabbing Taehyung’s chin.

The boy snarled in response, glaring angrily at Kihyun who only laughed amused. “He does look like an angry puppy. Shownu will have his fun with the boy”, Kihyun said with an evil smirk and Taehyung widened his brown eyes. “Don’t fucking touch me”, he hissed and spatted at Kihyun, the man screamed angry in return.

He was about to punch Taehyung in the face, his fist already in the air, when a sword plunged itself through his chest, the sharp end coming out of his chest, blood ran down his skin, soaking his clothes with blood. Kihyun coughed, sliding to the ground and Jooheon turned around surprised.

To see Jeongguk standing in front of him, his bloody sword pointed at Jooheon, the dead bod of Kihyun to his feet. “Kihyun!“, Jooheon screamed shocked and wanted to grab his sword before dropping Taehyung onto the ground and Jeongguk growled by this.

“You shouldn’t have touched what’s mine, fucktard”, Jeongguk growled and attacked Jooheon who was caught off guard but quickly started to attack Jeongguk himself. Taehyung was coughing for air, his legs laid useless next to him and the boy rolled himself away from the fighters when he caught his breath again.

Hoseok saw the petite boy struggling and he was surprised when Taehyung managed to crawl away. The black-haired pirate defeated his attacker, running over to Taehyung. The merman had blood running down his temple where his head had hit the ground harshly.

He whimpered in pain but managed to blink his tears away, gripping onto a chest near him. “Taehyung! Shit, are you okay?“, Hoseok asked the beauty panicked and Taehyung looked at Hoseok, he had his difficult to see Hoseok.

“Jimin”, Taehyung choked out. “S-save him, H-Hoseok.” Hoseok widened his eyes, nodding and calling out for Yoongi who was in a fight with two pirates. The male turned around to look at his lover who defended Taehyung from another attacker and Yoongi hurried to go to them.

“Stay with Tae, Jimin’s hurt and I have no idea if he’s safe”, Hoseok panted and Yoongi nodded wide eyed, worry took over him when he thought about Jimin being hurt. “H-Hurry”, he mumbled and Hoseok nodded, shortly pecking Yoongi’s lips before running away.

Jeongguk on the other side had killed Jooheon merciless, the blood splattered everywhere and he immediately searched for his Taehyung and he exhaled relieved when he found him. The fighting noises slowed down and turned down, Jeongguk’s crew was not the most powerful pirate crew without a reason.

“Baby”, he called out for Taehyung when he approached him and Yoongi who was protecting Taehyung with all he could. Taehyung was trembling, he was scared as hell and worried for his best friend, the merman was scared that Jimin was dead.

And it was his fault. Because he was so weak and couldn’t defend himself. “J-Jimin is h-hurt”, Taehyung whispered with tears in his eyes and looked to Jeongguk who felt a tug on his heart seeing his adorable prince crying. He felt bad. It was most of his fault that Jimin was so weak.

And he knew, Taehyung wouldn’t forgive him when he would find out.

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