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Jeongguk forced the defeated crew members on their knees, they were all bleeding pretty hard and they were trembling in fear. Everyone but Shownu who stared at Jeongguk with hatred. His lips stretched into a cocky smirk when his eyes fell on Taehyung who was babied by Jeongguk and Yoongi.

The terrified prince was crying softly in Jeongguk’s chest while Yoongi treated his wound. Nothing but sobs of Jimin’s name left Taehyung’s red bitten lips and he clutched hard onto Jeongguk’s biceps while sobbing cutely. “Sh sh, Baby, please don’t cry. It’s over, you’re safe”, Jeongguk whispered, not knowing how to calm the petite boy in his arms down.

Taehyung sniffed loudly while Yoongi wiped the blood away from his wound. “I don’t care if I’m safe! J-Jiminie is h-hurt because of m-me! It’s all my f-fault”, Taehyung sobbed and buried his head in the man’s chest who caused all of this. But again, Jeongguk was too selfish to tell Taehyung. The pirate would do anything to keep Taehyung.

“You turned soft, Jeon.”

The words made Jeongguk turn around, still holding Taehyung close to his chest. He narrowed his eyes when he looked at Shownu who stared at Taehyung. “Don’t talk about things you don’t understand”, Jeongguk spatted and turned back to Taehyung who stared wide eyed at the raven in front of him.

“J-Jeongguk?“, Taehyung whispered his captor’s name scared while Jeongguk immediately softened his expression. He leaned forward to pick Taehyung up from his sitting position and the red-haired beauty wrapped his arms and legs around Jeongguk like a cute koala. Jeongguk walked towards Shownu, pointing his sword at him.

“You lost, Shownu. This was the last attempt of yours to overthrow me. This time, you won’t get away with it”, Jeongguk spatted and Shownu just smirked in return, not scared of his awaiting death. “Kill them all”, Jeongguk commanded his crew members and they all grinned, looking at the prisoners.

“Show no mercy”, Jeongguk finished with an evil smirk while caressing Taehyung’s hair. The small boy shivered by the touch, closing his eyes. Not wanting to see how these men would get killed. Jeongguk stroked Taehyung’s fluffy red hair with one hand which was still holding his sword ,while his other arm was under his legs, gripping the soft flesh of Taehyung’s thighs.

Taehyung was pressed against Jeongguk’s body and he sobbed shortly when he heard the screams, filled with agony and unbelievable pain. “This is what happens if you’re questioning Jeon Jeongguk. Never threaten me or my power!“, Jeongguk yelled over the screams so the pirates were still able to hear him.

The ravenette locked his eyes with Shownu. “And I’ll kill everyone who tries to steal Kim Taehyung from me”, Jeongguk snarled and watched pleased how two of his crew members attacked Shownu.

“You’re mine, Baby”, Jeongguk whispered and kissed Taehyung’s head while the puppy shivered, whimpering submissive. There was really no escape from Jeongguk. Not that Taehyung wanted to escape.

Since Jimin was on the ship too, he didn’t want to return to the sea. To the sea where he was forced to marry someone he didn’t love and where he was overprotected by anyone, especially his family. Of course Taehyung missed them. And of course, he missed his tail, he hated his legs which he couldn’t use.


Jeongguk fascinated him. Making Taehyung want something he never imagined he could want.

The screams soon stopped and Jeongguk smirked pleased while watching his crew members. “You were all excellent, my friends! And for celebration that we defeated our long lasting enemy”, cheers interrupted Jeongguk but he let them be with a proud smile.

“We’ll have a party!“, he announced loudly. The crew cheered, screaming Jeongguk’s name. “long live the captain!“, someone yelled and soon everyone followed the shout. Jeongguk stood in the middle of his crew who were chanting his name, with his precious Taehyung in his arms. And the male couldn’t be happier.

“Baby”, he called out for Taehyung and the boy turned his head to look at Jeongguk with curious big doe eyes. “Wanna go and see how Jimin’s doing?“, he suggested the merman and Taehyung nodded his head furiously, his fire red hair bounced by the movements. “Yes, please”, he whispered softly.

“Follow me”, Jeongguk said to Yoongi and the said male jumped on his feet, following his captain. They walked into Jeongguk’s cabin and Taehyung let out a soft scream of Jimin’s name when he saw his best friend.

Alive, in Hoseok’s arms.

“Jiminie”, Taehyung cried his best friend’s name relieved and Jimin groggily looked up, smiling warmly when he saw that his TaeTae was alive and well. “Tae, Sweetie”, he said weakly and hissed when he felt his body burn from the small movement.

“Are you okay? Where are you hurt, Jiminie?“, Taehyung asked worried and motioned Jeongguk to set him down. Jeongguk followed the plead from his prince, setting Taehyung gently onto the ground.

Taehyung immediately scooped Jimin out of Hoseok’s arms, holding his best friend like a fragile glass doll while crying heart broken. “I was so worried, Jiminie... I t-thought I lost you”, Taehyung sobbed and hugged his best friend tightly. Jimin shushed his crying best friend. “I’m fine, Tae, I’m fine... Hoseok took good care of me...“, Jimin whispered into Taehyung’s ear.

He glanced over to Hoseok who looked at him with love and worry. Jimin didn’t dare to tell Taehyung what happened between them. That Hoseok cried when he thought that he lost Jimin.

Jimin looked over to Yoongi, his heart beating in his chest loudly while looking at the attractive male. His black hair fell into his eyes. Jimin was attracted... to both, Yoongi and Hoseok. And the way, Yoongi stared at him with relief showed him that the ‘cold’ pirate might care more about him than he wanted to show it.

And when Jimin looked at Jeongguk, he smiled knowingly. Because Jeongguk looked at Taehyung with so much love in his eyes. Jimin smiled to himself.

Because he was finally sure that Jeongguk was in love with his adorable best friend.

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