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It was finally evening and the whole ship was celebrating the defeat of their long last enemies. Jeongguk was wearing a cocky smirk whenever his crew was cheering on him, his muscular arm wrapped around Taehyung’s waist, holding the petite merman close.

He kept caressing Taehyung’s sides, his hands inside of Taehyung’s oversized shirt and the merman leaned into his touch, purring softly in pleasure while closing his eyes. Taehyung felt peaceful, his best friend was alive and the terror of the other attack was over. He was with his Jeonggukie who kept holding him near him, never leaving his side and watching Taehyung with hawk eyes.

The pirate captain was super possessive over the cute merman, his prince and he even growled at any who tried approaching Taehyung. He was watching his crew members with hawk eyes, knowing that drunk pirates were really dangerous and would get horny very easily.

So Jeongguk felt the need to protect the fragile prince next to him. The raven held him close, but letting Taehyung sit on his own. The prince had almost demanded that he was a big boy and able to sit alone and Jeongguk had watched the boy with an amused smirk placed on his lips.

Jeongguk watched the happy dancing and weirdly singing pirates with an amused smile, he was satisfied to see his crew this content. “Are you enjoying your first party, Baby?“, Jeongguk asked Taehyung softly, stroking his cheek and Taehyung turned his head towards Jeongguk, the lights of the candles reflected in his eyes. His hair was glowing in the soft light and it looked like Taehyung was wearing flames on top of his head.

He truly looked like a prince. Taehyung was unbelievably beautiful, so stunning that Jeongguk couldn’t believe that this ethereal angel belonged to him and to him only. He would fight anyone who would try to steal his Baby away from him.

Jeongguk had finally admitted his feelings for Taehyung. What was a light attraction before had turned into something deeper, deeper than Jeongguk ever expected it to be. He at first only wanted to have fun with the redhead, breaking him apart as revenge for Taehyung’s father, maybe killing the boy after using him.

But it was so different now. Jeongguk didn’t know what love was. His mother was a prostitute and his father a pirate, merciless and cold. He never was taught what love was. But Jeongguk truly believed that it was love he felt for Taehyung. Pure love. And it made his heart beat faster.

“It’s not my first party actually”, Taehyung said while watching the drunk pirates who were dancing. Jeongguk and he sat on a large table where everyone sat before, they were having a huge banquet as a celebration.

“As a prince, I needed to attend lots of banquets”, Taehyung explained, his voice trailed off at the end. “It was always boring, but this... this is fun actually”, Taehyung said and turned his head to smile softly at Jeongguk.

“Jeonggukie, I wanna sit on your lap”, Taehyung cooed and Jeongguk followed his Baby’s command, lifting his light body up so Taehyung could sit on his lap. His heart was beating fast from the happiness that spread through his chest when Taehyung snuggled closer to him, laying his head onto his chest.

“You wanna know something?“, Taehyung said after a while of comfortable silence and Jeongguk hummed in response. “I hate it underwater. I mean, I don’t wanna be somewhere where I’m forced to marry someone I don’t love or where everything I do is under control”, Taehyung said sadly and Jeongguk stiffened.

“You’re... engaged?“, he asked shocked, a wave of jealousy crashed his heart, making him imagine already how he would kill the one who dared to take his Taehyung away from him. “Yeah... his name is Kim Jongin but everyone calls him Kai. He’s the son of father’s best friend”, Taehyung explained quietly.

Jeongguk could only focus on the deep soothing voice of Taehyung, completely forgetting about anything else. “Kai’s a sea wizard like my Jiminie... but he’s bad. He’s doing bad things but no one believed me... they all call me oblivious and protect worthy but I don’t want to be this. I want to be free, deciding over my own life, making my own decisions”, Taehyung said.

“Like you. You’re free. You can decide what you want to do, you’re the captain of a ship... Sometimes I felt like I’m locked in the palace... my father controls the whole sea, but he was scared to let me out...“, Jeongguk didn’t feel jealous when Taehyung called Jimin his, because this was how the two of them were.

They were best friends, soulmates even. They had such a deep and lovely friendship and Jeongguk was happy for them. He wished he had someone he could care for. But he had already and that was a certain, doe eyed merman...

“I swam away the day you... kidnapped me”, Taehyung said and Jeongguk felt guilt rushing through his veins. “Father forbid me to be friends with Jiminie and I couldn’t... I couldn’t live in a world where I wasn’t allowed to see my best friend”, Taehyung whispered, a tear rolled down his cheek when he thought about it.

He could never leave Jimin.

“I’m sorry, Baby”, Jeongguk finally whispered and Taehyung looked up, facing him confused. “For what, Ggukie?“, he asked the pirate confused and Jeongguk looked at him with a pained expression. “For taking you. I never... I first wanted to use you... But I can’t use someone that is so pure, so kind. Even to a cruel pirate like me”, Jeongguk whispered.

Taehyung’s lips parted in surprise. “I’m actually glad that you took me... You made me realize that what desire is, Jeongguk. You woke something up in me... And I’ll... I’ll never be the same without you.”

Taehyung leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss onto Jeongguk’s lips and the pirate king was taken back by this, before slowly melting against Taehyung. He wrapped his arms around Taehyung, pulling the petite merman closer to him.

They shared a kiss, full of love and unspoken promises.

Jimin on the other side watched his best friend with tears in his eyes. He had wished nothing but happiness for Taehyung and it seemed like he could find it with Jeongguk. Even when Jimin disliked the pirate, he wished the two the best.

The sea wizard turned his head to stare up to the stars, smiling softly. “I may be a failure in your eyes mother... but in moments like this I really enjoy that I turned this way”, Jimin whispered up in the sky, not sure if his mother could hear him. She wouldn’t care anyways.

“I’m sure she’s even proud of you when you’re not like she wanted you to be”, a soft voice suddenly said and Jimin turned his head to see Yoongi leaning against the railing, a soft expression on his face.

“Yoongi”, Jimin stuttered, embarrassed that he was caught talking to his dead mother. “Your mother is Ursula, right?“, Yoongi asked and Jimin nodded timidly, watching how Yoongi walked closer. Jimin sat on the top floor of the ship, he wanted to be alone for some time.

“I’m... glad you’re not like her”, Yoongi whispered and stroked Jimin’s cheek. And Jimin wondered why the hell his heart was beating so fast.

And why it was beating for not just one, but two handsome pirates.

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