Merman °Taekook


Jeongguk carried Taehyung on his ship again, the merman curled up in his strong arms while his head rested against Jeongguk’s chest. Taehyung was purring softly in pleasure because Jeongguk was caressing his back while carrying the light merman. The pirate king was smiling softly at the breathtaking creature in his arms and he completely ignored the lusted glances towards Taehyung and himself.

Because Jeongguk knew that Taehyung was his. And he would do anything to keep it that way. “Make the ship ready. I want to leave as soon as possible”, Jeongguk said with his typical blank face and the sailor nodded and bowed at his leader. “Yes, Captain!“, Sehun said and glanced to the pretty merman in Jeongguk’s arms who had his eyes closed.

His hands were holding a golden shell, tightly pressed against his chest. The shirt Taehyung was wearing sliding down when the small prince slightly shifted, exposing his delicious looking collarbones where Jeongguk had sucked multiple hickeys into the golden glowing skin.

On Taehyung’s neck were also multiple hickeys from the possessive male he was getting carried by. Taehyung was truly marked by Jeongguk which angered Sehun since he also wanted to get a taste of the sweet Merman.

Sehun watched his captain disappearing inside of his cabin and the sailor stared at them with hawk eyes. Especially at the cute little boy curled up in Jeongguk’s protective arms. “Still liking him, huh?“, Wonho, another member of the crew said who had been watching Sehun amused.

The said male groaned, looking towards his friend. “Of course... he’s so delicious, I just want to devour him”, Sehun moaned and scratched his neck while he started to pace around the deck. “Fuck, imagine feeling his ass against your dick, fucking his brains out... I bet his moans sound delicious”, Sehun groaned, while Wonho licked his lips.

“I know right... I can’t stop thinking about that too...“, Wonho said. “I want to take him away from Jeon so bad. He’s just another exclusive toy Jeon doesn’t want to share with us”, Wonho went on and Sehun nodded. The moon was shining down onto the two crew members when they were holding their dark conversation, the other sailors were already sleeping or still out. Leaving the two of them with all the work.

“Sucks that the captain got to claim him”, he said darkly, thinking about ways to snatch the delicious boy away from his captain.

“Need some help with that?“, they heard a deep, raspy voice and both turned around, taking out their swords. An unknown male leaned against the railing, looking amused at the two. His face was hidden from them since there was not much light on the ship but the two could clearly see his amused smirk.

“Who the fuck are you and how did you get on our ship?“, Wonho demanded to know. The man just chuckled before lifting his hand up. The swords flew out of the pirates’ hands towards his out stretched hand. “Relax, my friends. I’m here to help you with your little problem”, he chuckled amused and stared at the shiny material of the swords.

“I want to help you in killing Jeon Jeongguk”, the male said darkly and laughed evilly when he saw the shocked expressions of the two. “Don’t look surprised, you two talk very loud. Now let me tell you, I too have something against that so called king of pirates”, he said and wiped his silver hair out of his forehead.

“I want to suggest you two something, my precious friends”, he said and both, Wonho and Sehun looked at each other before turning to the male in the shadows. “And what is that?“, Sehun spoke up with suspicion in his voice.

The male grinned widely, exposing white, perfect teeth. “What are you willing to do to have Jeon gone?“, he asked instead of answering. “Anything”, both pirates replied unison and the man laughed happily but his deep voice made it sound creepy and scary.

“Excellent. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Now, I want you to kill Jeon. And I’ll give you some... special powers so you’re able to defeat him”, the male said and lightened his hand up that was holding the swords. A shimmer appeared around the swords, turning the silver material into a deep black color, absorbing every light around the blades.

“Now your blades can cut through everything. You can’t be stopped when you swing these swords”, the stranger said and send the two swords back to their owners with a snap of his fingers. “Why are you helping us?“, Wonho asked bluntly while Sehun stared at his sword.

“Oh”, the man just said. “Of course I want something in return”, he said and slowly moved into the light. They were greeted with a handsome face of a man, thick black eyebrows, pitch black eyes and silver hair. His upper body was naked and his hips ended in tentacles, making the pirates gasp.

“I want Kim Taehyung back”, the sea wizard said darkly and the two sailors stared at him wide-eyed. But Sehun’s lips formed an evil smirk. “It would be a pleasure. But first, I want to spend the night with him”, he said and licked his lips while Wonho nodded in agreement.

The sea wizard just smirked evilly. “As long as I get him, you can have some fun”, he replied. There was no way he’s gonna let these two filthy rats touch his precious Taehyung anyways.

“Bring me Taehyung, kill Jeon and I’ll give you everything you desire”, he promised them. Both pirates, blinded by the possible wealth agreed to the sea wizard’s plans, not knowing that in exchange for that pact, they gave him their souls as a pledge.

The sea wizard smirked evilly before turning around to leave the ship again since he wasn’t able, unlike his dear enemy Park Jimin, to be on land for so long time. But he turned around, grinning.

“Oh, and once you’re done call me. My name is Kai."

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