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Taehyung was holding Jeongguk’s hands tightly in his while staring at the handsome raven wide-eyed. “Ggukie, I don’t think this is a good idea”, the beautiful merman whined, causing Jeongguk to release a throaty chuckle. “I’m here, Baby, nothing can happen”, he assured the boy, smiling warmly at his prince.

“I-I’m scared”, Taehyung breathed out and tightened his grip around Jeongguk’s hands before getting up. Standing shakily on his legs. The redhead looked down, his bangs fell into his eyes when he focused on his legs.

They were wobbling and weak but Taehyung was not willing to give up, holding onto Jeongguk’s hands. “Wow, Tae, look at you! You’re standing”, Jeongguk exclaimed proudly and caressed Taehyung’s hands with his thumbs, smiling at the boy.

Taehyung sent him his box smile. “Thank you!“, he exclaimed. “Think you can do a step, Pretty?“, Jeongguk asked Taehyung carefully and Taehyung nodded, chewing concentrated on his bottom lip.

“You can do it, Tae!“, Jimin shouted, he was sitting on Hoseok’s lap which Taehyung had noticed confused but was too shy to ask what was going on. Yoongi was next to them, staring into space while he played with Jimin’s fingers. Something had happened between the three back in the harbor but no one dared to ask them.

Not even Jeongguk. Since all his attention was on his beautiful prince. “Let’s get it!“, one sailor shouted, they all were watching the cute prince who kept chewing on his lip, trying to convince himself to walk.

“Okay”, Taehyung mumbled and slowly lifted his feet up, elegantly placing it onto the ground. Leaning onto Jeongguk for support when he took a shaky step forward. He grinned widely when he managed to keep his weight on his feet, smiling up to Jeongguk.

The sailors started clapping and applauding, yelling Taehyung’s name while tears brimmed in Taehyung’s eyes from happiness. “I did it, Ggukie!“, he exclaimed happily and jumped into Jeongguk’s arms, taking his face into his slim golden hands.

The merman attacked Jeongguk’s lips with innocent pecks, giggling cutely while pressing his plump lips on Jeongguk’s. The raven growled warningly before sliding his hands all over the feminine shape of Taehyung’s slim and curvy body.

Cheers interrupted their sweet moment and Taehyung moaned embarrassed against Jeongguk’s lips when the pirate pulled him closer. His hands rested on the boy’s butt, giving it a possessive squeeze. “I want you”, Jeongguk growled and Taehyung giggled, pressing his forehead against Jeongguk’s.

“Then take me, mylord“, Taehyung whispered seductively, giggling cutely when Jeongguk moaned huskily by this. “You’re such a tease and that right in front of my crew”, Jeongguk growled, grabbing Taehyung by his thighs to carry him away.

Jeongguk quickly carried Taehyung into his cabin, Taehyung was giggling and smiling at the crew members that congratulated him. All of them already had a soft spot for the cute merman. Since Jeongguk wasn’t taking him out quite often, Taehyung would use any chance to smile at the other pirates, not realizing how he was capturing their hearts.

“Now now, my little prince”, Jeongguk growled against Taehyung’s lips when he slammed the door shut to their cabin. “Let’s have some fun now, shall we?”

“A-ah!“, Taehyung released a beautiful high-pitched moan when Jeongguk licked his hole seductively, two of his fingers already pushed inside, fingering him open. The raven had regretted to not prep Taehyung the first time and he wasn’t going to do the same mistake again.

The long slim fingers of the red-haired prince were buried in Jeongguk’s pitch black hair, gripping onto the strands when Jeongguk fucked his hole faster while pecking the wet glistened entrance softly.

“Your moans are like heaven, Baby”, Jeongguk grumbled against Taehyung’s exposed skin. His other hand was holding one of Taehyung’s ass cheeks, squeezing the thick flesh from time to time harshly before slapping it, adding pleasure for the petite male.

“G-Gguk hah!“, Taehyung whined, he squirmed around not able to stay calm and quiet, he needed to touch Jeongguk as well... “P-please”, Taehyung whimpered and arched his back beautifully when Jeongguk pushed his fingers deeper into his tight pink hole, fingering him to a point where Taehyung couldn’t even register his own name.

“Please what, Darling?“, Jeongguk said, smirking when he saw the crying mess Taehyung was. Taehyung tried to say something but the same moment, Jeongguk curled his fingers, hitting the boy’s prostate.

“I can’t give you what you want when you aren’t talking to me, Baby”, Jeongguk smirked devilish, knowing pretty well what he was doing to the poor, helpless moaning merman under him. The pirate looked down with a smirk, watching how he fucked Taehyung’s tiny red hole with his fingers, going faster and faster on the poor sobbing boy.

“P-please... f-fill me u-up...?“, it came more like a question than a plead since Taehyung wasn’t quite sure what all of this meant. “You’re so cute, Baby, I can’t”, Jeongguk cooed before getting up from his position in between Taehyung’s legs, taking out his fingers.

He shortly licked them, smirking when he saw how Taehyung gasped by the sight. Jeongguk was quick to pull the boy into a heated kiss, parting his slim legs. The poor prince had no time to adjust and gasped for air when he felt Jeongguk’s massive dick sliding into his prepped hole.

“A-ahng”, Taehyung whimpered just when Jeongguk started to move deep inside him, grabbing his legs to part them even more, lifting one of his legs up to pepper kisses over his skin. “I am so in love with you, Kim Taehyung you have no idea what you’re doing to me”, Jeongguk panted but Taehyung didn’t quite catch his words.

He was in pure bliss, moaning with every powerful thrust of Jeongguk who kept admiring his beautiful lover curled beneath him. Taehyung was so beautiful, his eyes were closed and his hands grabbed onto Jeongguk’s biceps when the strong man leaned forward, attacking Taehyung’s soft addicting lips while fucking him harder.

Taehyung was rocking back and forth from the immense trusts, breathing heavily into the kiss, his nails scratched over Jeongguk’s back but the pain only turned Jeongguk more on. He was like an animal now, rough and hard. But Taehyung loved it, throwing his head back, squirming, whining.

Showing Jeongguk that he owned every cell of his body.

“G-Gguk, I f-feel weird”, Taehyung panted while Jeongguk fucked his clenching hole harder, knowing that his beauty was about to come. “You’re coming Baby, that’s okay”, Jeongguk said, sweat dripped down his upper body, his abs flexed from his powerful thrusts and the hard muscles rubbed against Taehyung’s lower tummy, making the boy squeak.

“I give you permission to come, Babyboy. Come for me”, Jeongguk demanded and Taehyung’s body immediately obeyed, the merman arched his back, his hands gripped onto Jeongguk’s biceps which he held a kink for. He came with a beautiful scream of Jeongguk’s name on his swollen plump lips.

Jeongguk almost came by the sight but he wanted to feel Taehyung’s walls around him much longer. Taehyung looked at his lover with half-lidded eyes, his hair wet from his sweat. “Gguk, come f-for me”, he pleaded with raspy voice and Jeongguk smiled, leaning down to kiss Taehyung lovingly.

Taehyung whimpered when he felt Jeongguk’s come shooting into his insides, filling him up. “Does that feel good, my Prince? My cum in our tight hole?“, Jeongguk asked huskily, pulling out of Taehyung’s red abused hole.

His cum dripped out of Taehyung’s hole and Jeongguk slowly digged his finger into Taehyung, stretching it to watch how more cum dripped down. Taehyung whined, feeling the sticky substance running down his hickey abused thighs.

“Taste some, Baby”, Jeongguk said and stretched his finger out for Taehyung to suck on it. The puppy obeyed, eagerly sucking on Jeongguk’s finger, moaning around the digit. Taehyung slowly fell asleep and Jeongguk was surprised but quick to get next to Taehyung, pulling him close.

Jeongguk pecked the boy’s forehead and Taehyung smiled by this. “I want this moment to never end”, Taehyung whispered sleepily, cuddling into Jeongguk’s sweaty chest, feeling the muscles moving under him. Jeongguk just stared at Taehyung with love in his eyes.

But of course, the boy didn’t saw this. He was already drifting to sleep.

“Me too, Baby. Me too...”

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