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“How long exactly does it takes to kill someone with a sword?“, Jeon Jeongguk, youngest captain of a ship and king of pirates asked the shaking man in front of him. The male was caught stealing from Jeongguk’s ship and Jeongguk wouldn’t let this slide.

The man gasped when Jeongguk’s arm suddenly snapped forward and the sword in his hand sank into the chest of the man. Jeongguk leaned forward with a devilish smirk plastered on his face. “Only two seconds”, he whispered into the man’s ear and the man gasped for air, air he wasn’t able to breathe anymore. Then he turned limb and Jeongguk quickly took out the sword of the man’s now dead body.

“This happened to someone who tries to steal from Jeon Jeongguk”, the raven said with a dark chuckle and got up from his crouched position, glaring into the crowd who watched him anxious.

“Don’t you have work to do?!“, he hissed irritated and immediately, the pirates began moving, getting back to their work and Jeongguk smirked satisfied. Yes, he was cold like ice and yes, he was cruel. But that was the only way to stay alive on a pirate ship.

Moreover, rule over them as young as Jeongguk was. Only 21 years old but already almost as powerful as Poseidon. While the god ruled over the area under the sea, Jeongguk ruled over the area above the sea and he loved the power he held in his hands.

“Sir, Sir!“, one of the sailors yelled and Jeongguk groaned annoyed, the man only wanted to go back into his cabin but that wasn’t possible obviously. “What?“, he asked annoyed and turned around and the man in front of him gulped.

Jeon Jeongguk was scary and dangerous and everyone knew this. The raven had worked hard to gain this respect and fear for his person and he did everything to keep it that way. He cocked one eyebrow, already losing his temper so the sailor hurried to talk.

“We found something that could be from use”, he informed Jeongguk and leaded him to the other side of the ship, to the rail and Jeongguk followed the man irritated. The sailor pointed towards the sea, where a small island was visible and Jeongguk’s lips parted in surprise.

On top of the cliffs sat a man. A merman to be exact. With fire red hair.

Jeongguk’s confused expression turned into a smirk. “Well done, Mr Choi. Get the net. I’m gonna go fishing.”

Taehyung watched as the tears fell down on his tightly clasped hands and he sighed. After he swam away, he searched for a quiet place to cry in peace. How cruel of his parents to call someone a monster they didn’t know.

Jimin was his best friend and he didn’t care about his reputation or Jimin’s. What counted was how kind the sea wizard was, how nice and what a lovely personality he had. Taehyung couldn’t understand why his parents say such things towards such a nice and warm-hearted person. The young prince loved his Hyung like he loved his elder brothers so it hurt him personally that his parents were so rude.

Taehyung wiped his tears away and flicked his tail in the water, splashing some onto his naked torso. He giggled because the drops tickled his sensitive skin and he sighed. “Maybe I should go visit Jimin”, the redhead mumbled to himself and looked into the water. His own face stared back at him and he quickly looked away.

He didn’t like to look into his face, a face so many admired and loved. But Taehyung didn’t feel loved, he felt caged from all the protectiveness. “I probably should swim back. Father will be more angry if he finds out I was on the surface.”

Which was true. Outside the water, there was even more danger for a young and beautiful prince like Taehyung. Namjoon had always told his son about the cruel and cold hearted pirate king and Taehyung feared the said male since he sounded really horrible.

His brother Baekhyun always scared him the most with horror stories about the king and that he’ll eat Taehyung as fish soup. Taehyung shuddered by the thought and was just about to slip back into the water, when a net was thrown over his tiny frame.

And the young prince released a scared scream when he got lifted up in the net, helplessly being pulled on a ship.

“Well well well, what do we have here?”

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