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Jeongguk left the sleeping merman in his bed, kissing his forehead lovingly before leaving the cabin after throwing some clothes on. He was lost in his thoughts, a soft smile on his lips which got noticed by the crew. They were all cheering for their captain and Jeongguk grinned widely.

“We all heard you two so wipe that smirk of your ugly ass face”, Yoongi snarled annoyed and shot Jeongguk a glare who only smirked back at him. “Didn’t get the dick last night?“, Jeongguk teased him while slumping down next to his friend who had crossed his arms.

“Shut the fuck up, Jeon”, Yoongi grumbled and Jeongguk laughed loudly, causing Hoseok and Jimin to turn around. The three seemed to be attached to each other. “You good?“, Hoseok asked while gripping harder on the wheel with one hand.

Jimin stared at him with heart eyes as well as Yoongi. Both were god damn whipped for the black-haired pirate. “Yup, I’m totally fine. But our lovely Yoongi here is dick-pressed”, Jeongguk grinned and received a hard slap from Yoongi. “I’m not shithead, shut up!”

And so, the childish bickering started of a man who claimed to be a devil in bed and another who is a devil in bed.

The scene caused everyone’s attention to the four pirate bickering loudly. Allowing two pirates to slip into the cabin of the captain, not being seen by anyone. It was Sehun and Wonho. The two pirates searched the room for a certain adorable merman.

And found him curled up in a bunch of blankets, sleeping tightly with his hands under his sleeping Baby face. “Gosh, he’s so pretty, look at him”, Sehun said and licked his lips. The two walked towards the oblivious sleeping Taehyung.

The petite boy was holding a pillow tightly in his arms, his slightly swollen lips turned into a cute pout while soft snores escaped Taehyung’s lips. He looked undeniably adorable yet really sexy. His curves were visible through the thin blanket, especially the gorgeous curve of his ass.

“I know right... and Kai allowed us to have some fun with him before handing him the babyboy”, Wonho smirked and tugged on the blanket. Both of them sucked a deep breath in when they saw that the beautiful merman was only wearing loose pants, Jeongguk dressed him in.

“Oh fuck”, Sehun breathed out and stared at the boy’s feminine and curvy waist. His beautiful golden kissed skin was covered in fresh and fainted hickeys from Jeongguk. He looked like an innocent angel but with that hickeys in his body, he looked like the definition of a sin.

“Shit, he’s so hot”, Wonho groaned and leaned down only to pick the sleeping little one up. “I wanna fuck him until he’s crying”, he announced and pressed Taehyung against his stone hard chest.

The boy’s head rolled back, his fluffy red hair fell into his eyes. Exposing his tan neck which was also covered in hickeys. “Look at that, Jeon is such an animal”, Sehun said and followed the gentle curve of Taehyung’s neck.

They continued to touch the sleeping merman, their hands wandered deeper and deeper, following every dip and curve on Taehyung’s perfect sculptured body. Until Sehun laid his hands on Taehyung’s ass, giving it a harsh squeeze.

Which caused Taehyung to whimper and slowly waking up. He fluttered his eyes open, being confused for a second. But once he recovered from his sleepiness, the pretty redhead screamed. he struggled so much in Wonho’s arms that the man dropped him, causing Taehyung to fall back onto the bed.

“W-what are y-you doing here?“, Taehyung yelled anxious while crawling backwards, staring at the two tall pirates with wide eyes and trembling body. “Y-you are n-not allowed to be here... J-Jeonggukie”, Taehyung whimpered and screamed in fear when Wonho grabbed his ankle, pulling him towards them.

“Well he’s not here, is he, Cupcake”, Sehun grinned and grabbed the boy’s slim wrists to stop him from moving. “S-stop l-let me go!“, Taehyung pleaded and squirmed around in ther grip, begging them to stop.

But the two horny pirates just laughed while tugging onto Taehyung’s pants, sliding them slowly over his plump ass, exposing the slightly red skin. “N-NO!“, Taehyung yelled and sobbed when Wonho slapped him hardly. “Sh sh, Babyboy, just lean back and enjoy. Two dicks up your gorgeous little ass are better than one”, Wonho purred while tugging into his own pants.

Taehyung whimpered, sobbed and begged them to stop but they were merciless. Fear built deep inside of him, his anxiety bubbling in his veins and he felt sick.

Just when the two wanted to start, Taehyung whined in a different, high-pitched voice, closing his eyes in pain. Then, he started to glow in a pure white which caught the pirates off guard. They stopped in their tracks, staring at the pained whimpering boy.

Then, a strong, invisible wave hit both of them, causing them to fly away from him, crashing into the cabin’s walls to slump down unconscious.

Taehyung weakly called out for his lover before everything turned back. He didn’t even see how Jeongguk ran into the room, panicked and screaming the boy’s name in fear.

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